The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Library 205
Number 5871-3
1.   ff. iiva-iiirb   Though feigned fables of old poetry
Robert Henryson, Fables — a prologue and thirteen fables, mostly in rhyme royal
Number 3349-1
2.   f. 87ra   Man have in mind and mend thy miss / While thou art heir…
Memor esto nouissima — six 8-line stanzas (ababbcbc) with this refrain
Number 2678-3
3.   f. 87rb   In-til one garth under an red rosier
Robert Henryson, The Praise of Age — four 8-line stanzas (ababbcbc) with refrain, ‘þe moyr of agis þe nerar hewynnys blyss’
Number 1734-1
4.   f. 87rb   Hail Mary Gods Mother full of grace
Ave Maria — five monorhyming lines
Number 434-1
5.   f. 87rb   Almighty God our Father of heaven above
A paraphrase of the Pater noster — eight lines
Number 2297-1
6.   f. 87v   I trow in God the Father almighty
The Creed — three stanzas rhyme royal
Number 6298-4
7.   f. 181   When fair Flora the goddess of all flowers
Robert Henryson, ‘The Ressoning Betuix Aige and Yowth’ — nine 8-line stanzas, ababbcbc including alternate refrains, ‘O ȝowth be glaid into þi flouris grene’ and ‘O ȝowth þi flouris sedis fellone sone’
Number 4515-4
8.   f. 183v   Rose Mary most virtue virginal
William Dunbar, ‘Ane ballat of our lady’ — six 8-line stanzas with refrain, ‘O mater Ihesu salve Maria
Number 1356-41
9.   f. 190   For health of body cover for cold thine head
John Lydgate, ‘Dietary’ — ten 8-line stanzas
Number 1771-3
10.   ff. 200v-201   Harken words wonder good / How Jesu Christ was done on Rood
The Complaint of Christ on the Cross