The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Glasgow, Glasgow University Library Hunterian 230 (U.3.3)
Number 3743-1
1.   f. 246v   Now good sweet heart and mine own good mistress
Pastime of Pleasure
Number 4023-1
2.   f. 246v   O painful heart that lies in travail
Introductory lines of a song otherwise lost, appearing to indicate melody to be used with another poem — fragment
Number 2728-1
3.   f. 247   It is folly to buyen a beggar if it be well bought
First of a series of ten disconnected proverbial couplets — one couplet
Number 836-1
4.   f. 247   Better it is a lie be mold by Reason
Proverbial couplet comparing a lie based on reason and truth spoken out of season — one couplet
Number 2727-1
5.   f. 247   It is folly a man a thing to begin
Proverbial couplet about the folly of attempting what one has not intelligence to do — one couplet
Number 102-1
6.   f. 248   A lords purpose and a ladys thought
Proverbial couplet on the changeability of lord’s purpose and woman’s thought — one couplet
Number 190-3
7.   f. 248   A wild beast a man may tame / A womans tongue will never be lame
Proverbial couplet comparing man’s ability to tame a wild beast and his ability to tame a woman’s tongue — one couplet
Number 118-11
8.   f. 248v   A man without mercy mercy shall miss
On mercy — one couplet
Number 1892-1
9.   f. 248v   He that of waste takes no heed / he shall want when he has need
A proverbial couplet included in 2728
Number 3017-1
10.   f. 248v   Labor in youth whilst health will last
Proverbial couplet urging one to work in youth, rest in age — one couplet
Number 3353-3
11.   f. 248v   Man have this in thy mind
Advice on marriage — one monorhyming quatrain