The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Göttingen, Göttingen University Library Theol.107
Number 3474-10
1.   ff. 1va-114v   Men yearnen gestes for to hear / And romance read in diverse manner
Cursor Mundi — in couplets
Number 2945-3
2.   f. 114va-134ra   Jesu was of Mary born / For sinful man that was forlorn
A Dialogue between Christ and Man — 76 lines in couplets
Number 6363-8
3.   f. 134   When Jesu Christ was done on rood
The Assumption of Our Lady, added to the Cursor Mundi (3474) — 784 lines
Number 5020-4
4.   ff. 159-163rb   Spell yet I would speak if I could
Dialogue between the Virgin Mary and St. Bernard on the Passion (incorporated in the Cursor Mundi — in 104 6-line stanzas preceded by a six-couplet introduction
Number 3092-4
5.   ff. 163va-165ra   Listen goodmen with your leave
Founding of the Feast of the Conception (in Cursor Mundi)
Number 1574-3
6.   ff. 165ra-165vb   God o love has His cleping
An Exposition of the Creed, in some MSS of Cursor Mundi — 58 couplets
Number 1296-4
7.   ff. 165vb-167va   Father ours that is heaven
Pater noster, followed by Exposition — 134 couplets
Number 1285-4
8.   ff. 167va-168ra   Father and Son and Holy Ghost / To Thee I cry and call most
A prayer to the Trinity — seven 12-line stanzas
Number 2931-3
9.   ff. 168ra-169ra   Jesu that would after midnight / Thy sweet face that was so bright
The Hours of the Cross — in 6-line stanzas(aabccb)
Number 1687-1
10.   f. 169ra   Hail be thou Mary maiden bright / Thou teach me the ways right
A Song of the Five Joys of the Virgin Mary, found in one MS of the Cursor Mundi (lines 25619-83) — 58 lines in stanzas of varying length
Number 1155-5
11.   ff. 169rb-169vb   Drightin dear with blissful bields
‘The Book of Penance’ (Prologue and three parts), appended to the Cursor Mundi (3474) in some MSS — in couplets