The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Hereford, Hereford Cathedral Library O.3.5
Number 6844-1
1.   f. 48   Ye that sing him beware of guile
A couplet paraphrase of St. Matthew 3.2
Number 6140-1
2.   f. 48rb   Versioun treason
Admonitory lines on treason, dread and mede, in a Latin sermon — three couplets
Number 5170-1
3.   f. 48rb   That poor thing is mans brood
Couplet describing the offspring of sinful man, in a Latin sermon — one couplet
Number 1825-1
4.   f. 48rb   He is a bird that sings of sorrow
The ephemeral nature of man — two couplets
Number 107-1
5.   f. 48rb   A man is a mirrour of sorrow and woe
The ephemeral nature of man — two couplets
Number 2031-2
6.   ff. 48rb-48va   His colour blacketh
Signs of Death — four lines
Number 6470-1
7.   f. 48v   When thou lies under the stone
The sorrow and woe of death — three couplets
Number 6346-1
8.   f. 48va   When it is young it has no might
Man compared to a summer flower — three lines
Number 2402-1
9.   f. 48va   If thou feast him deliciously then he will sleep
The nature of Man — two couplets
Number 1153-1
10.   f. 49ra-49rb   Dread of living
Aphoristic list of four things dreaded — one monorhyming quatrain
Number 5960-1
11.   f. 49rb   To a fowl singing
On the transitoriness of Man’s life — four mnemonic rhyming lines
Number 6472-1
12.   f. 49v   When thou might no longer speak
The death of man — two couplets
Number 1107-1
13.   f. 49va   Death of friends maketh fon
Dread of dying — two couplets