The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
San Marino, CA, Henry Huntington Library HM 144 [olim Huth 7]
Number 4312-12
1.   ff. 1-9v   Our gracious God prince of pity
William Lychefelde, ‘Complaint of God’ — sixty-eight 8-line stanzas (abababab)
Number 4080-44
2.   ff. 11-20   O thoughtful heart plunged in distress
Life of Our Lady
Number 1613-2
3.   ff. 67-80v   God that shaped both heaven and hell
‘The Stasyons of Ierusalem’ — in couplets with occasional quatrains
Number 4080-45
4.   ff. 77v-79   O thoughtful heart plunged in distress
Life of Our Lady
Number 2316-47
5.   ff. 100-110v   I will bewail in manner of tragedy
Geoffrey Chaucer, the Monk’s Tale of the Canterbury Tales — 776 lines in eight-line stanzas.
Number 6321-20
6.   ff. 114-114v   When I advertise in my remembrance / And see how fell
Parvus Cato (Burgh)
Number 1418-30
7.   ff. 114v-135v   For why that God is inwardly the wit / Of man
Cato Major
Number 4420-14
8.   ff. 135v-144   Problems of old likeness and figures
John Lydgate, ‘The Chorle and the Birde’ — fifty-four stanzas rhyme royal including 2-stanza envoy, plus one 8-line ‘Verba translatoris’ (ababbcbc)
Number 1075-11
9.   ff. 141v-145   Controversies pleas and all discord
Hors, Goose and Shepe
Number 2729-1
10.   ff. 145-145v   It is full hard to know any estate
Proverbial verses showing the influence of Cato’s ‘Distiches’ — in rhyme royal stanzas.
Number 5534-7
11.   f. 145v   The world so wide the air so remevable
A single stanza rhyme royal, occurring separately and in combinations
Number 5411-7
12.   f. 145v1   The more I go the farther I am behind
The first stanza (ababbcc) of ‘Tyed with a Line’ (5410), standing alone or directly following 5534.
Number 6775-5
13.   f. 145v2   Woe worth debate that never hath peace
One stanza pronouncing curses, occurring separately — one stanza rhyme royal