The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
San Marino, CA, Henry Huntington Library HM 64 [olim Phillipps 6883]
Number 1
1.   f. 13v   Beware how thou the body cut
Warnings about when to and when not to let blood — seven couplets
Number 5451-24
2.   ff. 72v-79   The right pit of hell is amid the earth within
A collection of pseudo-scientific material incorporated as Part III in the legend of St. Michael
Number 1593-8
3.   ff. 83va-93va   God that all this world hath wrought
Storia Lune
Number 32.3-1
4.   ff. 94-95   A-comen good and windy winter a dry summer
Prognostications based on the dominical letter — in couplets
Number 3122-3
5.   ff. 94ra-95rb   Listeneth now and ye shall hear / Talking of a good matere
Prognostics from the day on which Christmas falls, with a 16-line prologue — in couplets
Number 492-1
6.   ff. 94ra-95ra   An hot winter a tempestly summer
Prognostications for the coming year based on the Dominical Letter — nineteen couplets
Number 2343-5
7.   ff. 113va-114va   If a man or woman more or less / In his head have great…
A collection of medical receipts — in couplets
Number 5114-1
8.   ff. 114vb-115ra   Take worms that been together gone
Three medical recipes — in couplets
Number 4322-1
9.   f. 145ra   Our Lord Jesu Christ
Charm for sprained or dislocated wrists or ankles — rough couplets and a triplet
Number 789-1
10.   f. 145ra-145rb   Before the gate of Galilee
Charm for sore teeth — six couplets
Number 5251-1
11.   ff. 145va-146ra   The dropsy is well marvelous
Four medical recipes for dropsy — in couplets
Number 5094-1
12.   ff. 146rb-146va   Take doves dung and honey well ground
Four medical recipes for women’s ailments — in couplets
Number 1355-1
13.   f. 147rb   For head and saucefleme and wicked humors
Two medical recipes — in couplets
Number 2154-8
14.   f. 163ra   I conjure the wound belive
A charm against a wound — fourteen lines in couplets