The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
London, Lambeth Palace Library 78
Number 4786-3
1.   f. 79va-79vb   Say me wight in the broom
Tell me, Wight in the Broom — one 6-line stanza, couplets
Number 5235-5
2.   f. 143va1   The cock sayeth in his tongue
Rhyming comment of the first cock in the story of the Three Cocks in the Gesta Romanorum — one couplet
Number 3596-5
3.   f. 143va2   My fellow for his sooth saw / hath lost his life and lieth full low
Rhyming comment of the second cock in the Story of the Three Cocks in the Gesta Romanorum — one couplet
Number 4798-20
4.   f. 143vb   See and hear and hold still
A tag in the Fasciculus Morum, and as comment of Third Cock in a story in the Gesta Romanorum; see Whiting (1968), H.264
Number 3402-2
5.   f. 206vb   Many man singeth
A six-line stanza from The Proverbs of Hendyng
Number 6011-1
6.   f. 216va   To the fiend of hell I am betaught
Exclamation of a damned soul — three couplets
Number 265-13
7.   f. 219vb   Alas alas that I was born
The Sinner’s Lament, a tag in the Fasciculus morum, Version B
Number 5354-1
8.   f. 221ra-221rb   The king is wood and foul doth fare
Summation of an exemplum from the Life of Kentigern — two couplets
Number 2881-1
9.   f. 223vb   Jesu my spouse good and true
Prayer of a virgin to the crucifix (6 lines) and lament of the devil (4 lines) — five couplets
Number 6106-2
10.   f. 225va   Understand what thou were and what thou art
A bishop reminds himself of his humble origins — one couplet in an exemplum
Number 3492-36
11.   ff. 245rb-245vb   Might is right…Light is night
Sentences of the Four Philosophers on the degeneracy of the times in a Latin exemplum incorporated into the Speculum Christiani (Sexta Tabula) — twelve rhyming phrases in four monorhyming stanzas
Number 5081-1
12.   f. 264va   Sweet Jesu where was thy guilt
A prayer to Jesus — in quatrains
Number 6733-1
13.   f. 266va-266vb   With mine own heart blood
Inscriptions appear on a crucifix in an exemplum — six lines (ababcc).
Number 321-1
14.   f. 271ra-271rb   All day we preach
Verses against swearers — thirteen couplets
Number 3167-13
15.   f. 277ra   Long sleepers and overleapers
On clerics lazy in their liturgy, a tag in the Fasciculus morum, normally seven lines, aabcbcb
Number 5367-12
16.   Part V, f. 282rb   The lady dame Fortune is both friend and foe
Lady Dame Fortune, 4 lines, a tag in the Fasciculus morum, also found separately