The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Longleat, Marquess of Bath MS 258
Number 1403-10
1.   ff. 1-32   For thought constraint and grievous heaviness
John Lydgate, The Temple of Glas — 1403 lines in couplets and rhyme royal stanzas
Number 406-4
2.   f. 32   All women have virtues noble and excellent
Richard Hatfeld, A ‘punctuation’ poem against women (two interpretations according to the punctuation adopted) — one stanza rhyme royal
Number 1518-8
3.   ff. 49-54v   Gladeth ye fowls of the morwe gray
Compleynt of Mars
Number 4375-9
4.   ff. 55-57v   Pity that I have sought so yore ago
Compleynt unto Pite
Number 2575-3
5.   ff. 58-75v   In September at the falling of the leaf
’The Boke called Assemble de Damys’, ascribed to Chaucer — 755 lines in rhyme royal stanzas, including eleven introductory stanzas and three concluding stanzas
Number 5823-9
6.   ff. 76-84   Thou fierce god of arms Mars the red
Geoffrey Chaucer, Anelida and Arcite — 357 lines in 45 stanzas of various forms, mostly rhyme royal
Number 5373-14
7.   ff. 85-101   The life so short the craft so long to learn
Geoffrey Chaucer, Parlement of Foules — 98 stanzas rhyme royal
Number 2603-1
8.   ff. 102-119   In the first week of the season of May
’A Lytel Treatyse called the Dysputacyon or Complaynt of the Heart thorughe perced with the Lokynge of the Eye’ — 103 eight-line stanzas (ababbcbc)
Number 1761-7
9.   ff. 120-136v   Half in a dream not fully awaked
La Belle Dame sans Mercy
Number 4420-11
10.   ff. 137-147   Problems of old likeness and figures
John Lydgate, ‘The Chorle and the Birde’ — fifty-four stanzas rhyme royal including 2-stanza envoy, plus one 8-line ‘Verba translatoris’ (ababbcbc)