The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Longleat, Marquess of Bath MS 30
Number 2863-8
1.   ff. 1-6v   Jesu Lord for Thy holy circumcision
John Lydgate, ‘Kalendar’ — fifty-one stanzas rhyme royal and concluding 8-line stanza (ababbcbc)
Number 4083-11
2.   ff. 7-10v   O vernicle I honor him and thee
Meditations on the several instruments of the Crucifixion — couplets, rhyming roughly
Number 2290-5
3.   ff. 10v-11   I thank Thee Lord that Thou me wrought / And with strong…
A prayer of thanksgiving for the Redemption, at the end of (4083) — forty-eight lines in couplets
Number 6744-8
4.   ff. 11-11v   With sharp thorns that beth keen
The Wounds of Christ as Remedies against the Deadly Sins — eight quatrains
Number 5196-3
5.   f. 11v-12   The arms of crist both god and man
Indulgence for the Arma Christi devotions (2291, 4083, and 6744); seventeen irregular couplets.
Number 3941-3
6.   ff. 12v-13v   O Jesu Christ of everlasting sweetness
The Fifteen O’s of Christ — thirty-four stanzas rhyme royal
Number 3947-1
7.   ff. 13v-16   O Jesu that madest the heavens clear
The Fifteen O’s — nine stanzas rhyme royal
Number 1519-7
8.   ff. 17-19   Glorious cross that with the holy blood / of Christ Jesu
A Litany (to the Cross, God the Father, the Trinity, the Virgin Mary, angels, apostles, saints, etc.) — the complete text comprising sixteen stanzas rhyme royal
Number 3723-1
9.   ff. 19-19v   Now Christ Jesu soothfast priest and king
A prayer to Jesus — five stanzas rhyme royal
Number 2869-16
10.   ff. 19v-20v   Jesu lord that madest me / And with thy blessed blood hast bought
Richard de Caistre’s hymn — twelve quatrains
Number 3433-41
11.   ff. 21v-22v   Mary mother well thou be / Mary maiden think on me
An orison to the Virgin Mary in the Speculum Christiani (Octaua Tabula) — twenty-seven couplets
Number 1493-1
12.   ff. 22v-23v   Gaude of virgins the freshest flower
Septem gaudia beate Marie’ — seven 8-line stanzas
Number 3432-4
13.   ff. 23v-24   Mary Mother well Thee be / Mother and Maiden think on me
‘An Orisoun to þe fyue Ioyes of vre lady’ — eight 6-line stanzas
Number 4308-2
14.   ff. 24-25   Our glorious Father that art in heaven
John Lydgate, paraphrase of the Pater Noster — seven rhyme royal stanzas with Latin refrain in stanzas 1-6
Number 1712-2
15.   ff. 25-26   Hail glorious Lady and heavenly queen
John Lydgate, ‘Salutacio Angelica’ — eight 8-line stanzas (ababbcbc)
Number 3207-10
16.   ff. 26-46v   Lord in Thine anger up take me not / And in Thy wrath blame thou not me
Maydestone’s version of the Penitential Psalms — in 8-line stanzas (abababab)
Number 3016-1
17.   ff. 46v-48v   Kyrieleyson have mercy good Lord
A Litany — twenty-five 8-line stanzas
Number 2915-10
18.   ff. 49-51v   Jesu that hast me dear I-bought
A meditation on the Passion — 154 lines in couplets
Number 2901-2
19.   ff. 52-53   Jesu that all this world has wroght
A Meditation on the Passion — eight 8-line stanzas with refrain: ‘ffor þus þou sched þi blood for me’
Number 3786-4
20.   ff. 53-53v   Now now Jesu for Thy circumcision
A prayer by the Seven Times Christ shed his Blood — four 8-line stanzas (ababbcbc)