The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Edinburgh, National Library of Scotland, Advocates’ 19.2.1 [Auchinleck MS]
Number 3082-1
1.   ff. E1-E2vb   Light burn that angel bright
Vite Ade et Eue’ — a fragment in couplets
Number 370-3
2.   ff. 1-6v   All that I in word and deed / I thank hit God all folks king
Gregorius — in 8-line stanzas
Number 1789-3
3.   ff. 7ra-13vb   Harkeneth now both old and young / For Mary love that sweet thing
‘þe Kyng of Tars and þe Soudan of Dammas’ — 1228 lines in 12-line stanzas (aabaabccbddb)
Number 364-1
4.   ff. 16va-21ra   All that been in deadly sin and think with mercy to meet
The Life of St Margaret — in long-line quatrains
Number 1882
5.   ff. 21ra-24vb   He that made heaven and earth sun and moon for to shine
Life of St. Katharine — in long monorhyming quatrains
Number 524-1
6.   ff. 25ra-31vb   And lived in deadly sin
Owayne Miles, a version of St. Patrick’s Purgatory — in 6-line tail-rhyme stanzas
Number 605-7
7.   ff. 31vb-35ra   As I lay in a winters night / In a darkening before the day
‘þe disputisoun betwen þe bodi and þe soule’ — 61 to 74 eight-line stanzas (abababab) sometimes written as quatrains with medial rhyme
Number 1838-2
8.   f. 32v   He maketh himself great in richesse
A couplet translating ‘Hic bene se ditat qui semper inania uitat
Number 334-2
9.   ff. 35vb-37ra   All harkeneth to me now / a strife will I tellen you
The Harrowing of Hell — in couplets
Number 474-1
10.   ff. 37vb-38vb   An angel she sent to him anon
The clerk blinded by the glory of the Virgin Mary — 200 lines in 12-line stanzas, ababababcdcd
Number 1782-9
11.   ff. 39ra-48ra   Harkeneth all to my speech
Speculum Gyde Warewyke’ (also entitled ‘Speculum Mundi’ and ‘Speculum vtile istius mundi’) — in couplets
Number 1350-4
12.   ff. 48vb-61ara   For Gods love in Trinity
Amys and Amiloun — in 12-line stanzas
Number 526-1
13.   ff. 62ra-65vb   And Martha kept swith well
Life of St Mary Madgalene — in couplets
Number 6380-10
14.   f. 66ra   When men hear tellen of that they love they haven joy and bliss [When men here tellen of thing þar thai louen Ioie thai]
South English Legendary
Number 376-6
15.   f. 66ra   All that the prophets told while in their prophecy
Lines on the Prophets, used in the South English Legendary as prologue or headlink to a number of legends (4196, 3452, 6380, and 6690) — four or five lines in couplets
Number 2914-1
16.   ff. 70ra-72ra   Jesu that for us would die
On the Deadly Sins, Ten Commandments, Pater noster, Creed, Ave Maria, and the Hours of the Cross — 308 lines in couplets
Number 367-1
17.   ff. 72ra-72ara   All that ever gone and riden
‘þe Pater noster vndo on englissh’ — in couplets
Number 6596-1
18.   f. 73   Whoso beareth palm the token is this
The Assumption of the Virgin — in 736 lines in 6-line stanzas (aabccb)
Number 3116-6
19.   ff. 78rb-84ara   Listeneth lordings gent and free
Sir Degare — 1076 verses in short couplets
Number 4984-5
20.   ff. 85ra-99vb   Sometime there was a noble man
The Seuyn Sages of Rome — in short couplets; ‘A’ text
Number 3686-4
21.   ff. 100ra-104vb   Ne thirst man never in land
Floris and Blaunchfleur — in couplets
Number 3046-2
22.   f. 105ra-105rb   Len puet fere et defere
The Abuses of the Age: On the King’s Breaking the Magna Charta — English lines in varying stanzas, with alternate Anglo-Norman lines at the beginning
Number 4907-3
23.   ff. 108ra-146vb   Sith the time that Christ Jesu
Guy of Warwick (First version) — 11,095 lines in couplets.
Number 1557-1
24.   ff. 146vb-167rb   God grant them heaven bliss to meed / That harken…
The Romance of Guy of Warwick: the story of Guy after marriage — 299 12-line stanzas.
Number 2907-1
25.   ff. 167rb-175vb   Jesu that art of might most / Father and son and holy ghost
Reinbrun Gy Sone of Warwike — 127 12-line stanzas (aabaabccbddb)
Number 3250-4
26.   ff. 176ra-201ra   Lordings listeneth to my tale / That is merrier than the nightingalee
Sir Beues of Hamtoun — 4620 lines in 6-line stanzas (lines 1-474) and couplets (lines 475-4620)
Number 2807-2
27.   ff. 201rb-256vb   Jesu Christ heaven king / All us grant good ending
Arthour and Merlin — 9938 lines in couplets
Number 2705-1
28.   f. 256vb   It befell whilom Ich understand
‘þe wenche þat [lov]ed [a k]ing’ — 24 lines in couplets
Number 4123-1
29.   ff. 257ra-259rb   Of a chance I will you tell
‘A Penni Worthe of Witte’ — 400 lines in couplets
Number 3030-3
30.   ff. 259rb-260vb   Lady sweet and mild / for love of thine child
A miracle of the Virgin Mary, how Our Lady’s Psalter was found — in 6-line stanzas
Number 6173-1
31.   ff. 261ra-262a   We readeth oft and findeth I-write
Lai de Freine — in couplets
Number 1353-1
32.   ff. 263ra-267vb   For he it saw with sight
Roland and Vernagu — 880 lines in 12-line stanzas
Number 1784-2
33.   ff. 268ra-272vb   Harkeneth both young and old
[The Romance of] Sir Otuel — in couplets
Number 1131-2
34.   ff. 278ra-279rb   Diverse is this middle earth
Kyng Alisaunder — 8021 lines in couplets
Number 5052-2
35.   ff. 279va-b   Summer is comen with love to toun
The Thrush and the Nightingale
Number 5215-5
36.   f. 280ra   The blessing of heaven king
The Sayings of St. Bernard
Number 3201-1
37.   ff. 280rb-280vb   Lord God to Thee we call
A paraphrase of the Fifty-first Psalm — forty-three couplets
Number 2305-1
38.   ff. 281ra-298vb   I was at Erceldoune
Sir Tristrem — 3344 verses in 11-line stanzas
Number 6172-3
39.   ff. 300ra-303ra   We readen oft and find I-write
Sir Orfeo — in couplets
Number 5460-1
40.   ff. 303rb-303vb   The sicker sooth who so says
The Four Foes of Mankind — seven 16-line stanzas (aaabcccbdddbeeeb)
Number 1786-7
41.   ff. 304ra-317rb   Harkeneth hitherward ye lordlings
The Anonymous Short Metrical Chronicle of England — in couplets
Number 3622-1
42.   ff. 317va-323vb   My lief friend dear
Horn Childe and Maiden Rimhild — 1136 lines in 12-line stanzas (aabaabccbddb)
Number 901-1
43.   ff. 324ra-325vb   But false men make their fingers felt
Praise of women (?by Lynne) — in 11-line stanzas , ababababcdc, with the first ‘c’ a short ‘bob’ line
Number 3231-6
44.   ff. 326ra-327vb   Lord thou king of glory
Richard Coer de Lion — 7262 lines in couplets
Number 6677-3
45.   ff. 328-334v   Why war and wrack in land
Þe simonie, on the Evil Times of the reign of Edward II — in 6-line stanzas including wheel and bob