The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Aberystwyth, National Library of Wales Peniarth 356
Number 5241-1
1.   p. 44   The cricket and the grasshopper wenten here to fight
The Miller and the Grasshopper, nonsense verses — six quatrains, English
alternating with Latin
Number 6441-1
2.   p. 195   When the fox preaches
An English proverbial tag in a Latin and English collection
Number 835-7
3.   p. 196   Better is to suffer and fortune abide
The Golden Mean — a couplet
Number 5420-1
4.   p. 196   The nightingale sings
The message of the song of the nightingale — two short couplets
Number 3173-1
5.   p. 196   Look ere thou speak
A moralizing tag preceding the proverbial tag (835), in one MS only
Number 6606-1
6.   p. 297   Whoso had a leopard at his bidding
Five improbabilities (Evils of the Age) to restore the dead to life — four couplets, with a Latin version
Number 5532-3
7.   f. 297   The wood hath ears the field sighest
Proverbial warning to watch what you say — one couplet
Number 110-1
8.   p. 297   A man that hath a wart above his shin
A proverb — one couplet
Number 5139-3
9.   p. 298   That I eat and drink may have
Gifts come back to God — two couplets translating a Latin distich Sunt mea si qua dedi…
Number 1306-1
10.   p. 298   Fellow if thou hast thee kid
Proverbial lines in a Latin and English collection — two couplets
Number 595-1
11.   p. 299   As I came fro deuys dall[?]
On the good use of provisions — two couplets