The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Nottingham, Nottingham University Library Mellish Lm 1 [olim Mellish; olim Hadsock Priory nr Worksop]
Number 1356-47
1.   ff. 1ra-1va   For health of body cover for cold thine head
John Lydgate, ‘Dietary’ — ten 8-line stanzas
Number 5731-32
2.   ff. 1va-2va   This mighty William Duke of Normandy
Verses on the Kings of England (Lydgate)
Number 1326-21
3.   f. 2va   Flee from the press and dwell with sothfastness
Number 1108-12
4.   f. 2vb   Deceit deceiveth and shall be deceived
A single stanza (Bk. II, lines 4432-8) from Lydgate’s Fall of Princes (1904) — rhyme royal.
Number 5277-11
5.   f. 20ra   The first stock father of gentilesse
Geoffrey Chaucer, ‘Gentilesse’ — three stanzas rhyme royal
Number 883-1
6.   f. 20ra   Bolning of brooks breaks the brinks
Aphoristic advice on causes and effects and on forethought — four monorhyming and alliterative lines
Number 1867-18
7.   f. 20rb   He that in youth no virtue used / In age all honor him refused
A proverb — one couplet, here isolated, also found incorporated into longer texts
Number 6600-1
8.   f. 20rb   Whoso can good hath good
On wealth rendering ability to do good — one couplet and concluding line
Number 4108.5-1
9.   f. 20rb   Who that will be holy healthful and rich
Proverbial advice for holiness, health and wealth — one couplet
Number 4830-1
10.   f. 20rb   Shoe thine horse and hear thy mass
Aphoristic advice for making the journey best — one couplet
Number 5531-1
11.   f. 20rb   The wise man the fire shall beat
On good governance of a household — three couplets
Number 5202-1
12.   f. 20rb   The beginning of all wisdom is
Proverbial warning about God’s righteousness — one couplet
Number 4878-1
13.   f. 20rb   Sit down Robin and rest thee
Advice as if given to Robin Hood — three couplets
Number 4781-1
14.   f. 20rb   Sapiens to man sayeth in his youth
Advice from Sapiens for youth — one cross-rhymed quatrain
Number 4436-1
15.   f. 20rb   Qui plus expendit then his plough may till a twelvemonth
Proverbial statement about expending too much — one long macaronic couplet
Number 1646-1
16.   f. 20rb   Good potage half meal
Domestic advice — three lines
Number 5743-1
17.   f. 20v   This present book legible in scripture
Three eight-line stanzas (ababbcbc) written on a chained Psalter belonging to John Harpur, who established the parish of Rushall, Staffordshire