The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Oxford, Corpus Christi College 155
Linguistic note: McIntosh, Samuels, and Benskin (1986) and Benskin, Laing, Karaiskos, and Williamson (2013) 1.152 (Lincs: ff. 150-180); LP 197; Grid 458 485 (NRY: ff. 239-250); LP 7; Grid 458 485 (NRY: ff. 252-260); 1.152 (Lincs: ff. 260 seq.).
Number 2511-6
1.   f. 149   In Heaven shall dwell all christian men
Follow the Commandments — a single couplet introducing the Ten Commandments (5845) in the some MSS of the Speculum Christiani (Secunda Tabula)
Number 5845-11
2.   ff. 149v-154v   Thou shalt love God with heart entire
The Ten Commandments — ten quatrains; usually occurring in the Speculum Christiani (Secunda Tabula), sometimes occurring separately
Number 6643-9
3.   ff. 161-164v   Whoso will have hell
The Seven Deadly Sins, in the Speculum Christiani (Quarta Tabula) — seven quatrains with an introductory couplet
Number 2245-10
4.   ff. 173v-177   I pray you all my friends dear
A rhyming exhortation (119 lines broken up by prose) in the Speculum Christiani (Septima Tabula)
Number 671-3
5.   ff. 237-248   As that a great clerk shows in his books
The Lay Folk’s Catechism, by John de Gaytryge (or Gaysteke, Caterige, etc.), in alliterative unrhymed verse
Number 2295-1
6.   ff. 248-248v   I trow in God Father of might that all has wrought
The Creed, with the clauses assigned to the Apostles — ten couplets (twelve Apostles named)
Number 1683-1
7.   ff. 248v-250v   Hail be Thou hend heaven Queen
A hymn to the Virgin Mary, with a word-type acrostic (Aue Maria) — twelve 8-line stanzas
Number 5537-1
8.   ff. 250v-258   The worthiest thing most of goodness
The Lay Folks’ Mass Book