The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Oxford, Jesus College 29
Linguistic note: McIntosh, Samuels, and Benskin (1986) and Benskin, Laing, Karaiskos, and Williamson (2013) LP 7440; Grid 372 244 (Herefords); Laing and Lass (2007) Index # 1100; Grid 372 244 (E Herefords: Part II, ff. 144-195, 198-200v).
Number 3681-1
1.      Ne hath my soul but fire and ice
On the need to pray God for forgiveness of sin before death — ten lines, mostly cross-rhymed
Number 6182
2.   Part II, f. 79v   Weal thou art a waried thing uneven canst thou deal
On Fortune — four long monorhyming lines
Number 1896-1
3.   f. 143v   He that steals this book / shall be hanged on a crook
Motto for a Book Plate (each version shows slight variations) — three couplets
Number 2431-2
4.   Part II, ff. 144-155   I-heareth of one little tale that I you will tell
The Passion of Our Lord — 706 lines in couplets
Number 3444-1
5.   Part II, f. 155   Master John you greeteth of Guildford tho
Song in praise of God, attributed to Master John — two couplets
Number 2307-1
6.   Part II, ff. 156-168v   I was in an summery dale
The Owl and the Nightingale — 1794 lines in couplets
Number 2113-2
7.   Part II, ff. 169-174v   I am elder than I was of winter and of lore
Poema Morale’ — 398 lines in couplets
Number 5698-1
8.   Part II, ff. 175-178v   This holy ghosts might
Verses warning Sinners to beware — fifty-nine six-line stanzas (aabaab or aabccb)
Number 5874-1
9.   Part II, ff. 178v-179v   Though Jesu Christ on earth was
De Muliere Samaritana’ — seventy-seven lines in couplets
Number 3370-2
10.   Part II, ff. 179v-180v   Man may long lives ween / Ac oft him lie the wrench
Admonition to prepare for Death — five 10-line stanzas
Number 4270-1
11.   part II, f. 180v   On Her is all my life i-long
An orison to the Virgin Mary — five 10-line stanzas (ababababab)
Number 3019-1
12.   Part II, ff. 181-181v   Lady for their bliss
On the Five Joys of the Virgin Mary — seven 8-line stanzas
Number 6528-1
13.   Part II, ff. 181v-182   While was Saint Peter I-cleped Simon
Against simony — eighteen couplets, or stanzas of 4-6 lines monorhymed
Number 6339-2
14.   Part II, f. 182   When I think on doomsday full sore I me a-dread
On Doomsday — eleven monorhyming quatrains
Number 5640-2
15.   Part II, ff. 182v-184v   Think of the latemost day when we shall faren
On Death — in monorhyming quatrains
Number 6475-1
16.   Part II, f. 184v   When thou seest on leode
The Abuses of the Age — fourteen lines roughly rhyming in some pairs (couplets)
Number 1773-1
17.   Part II, f. 185   Harkeneth all good men and still sitteth a-down
‘A lutel soth Sermun’ — fifty-four long lines in couplets, with occasional medial rhyme
Number 6672-1
18.   Part II, ff. 185v-187   Why ne serve we Christ and seek his saught
Exhortation to serve Christ — seventy-eight lines in nine stanzas of varying length, carrying the same rhymes throughout
Number 2047-1
19.   Part II, f. 185v   Holy Thomas of heavenriche
Antiphona de sancto Thoma Martyre’ — five couplets
Number 104-1
20.   Part II, ff. 187-188v   A maid Christ me bid yerne
Thomas de Hales, ‘A Luue ron’ — twenty-six stanzas abababab
Number 1467-1
21.   Part II, ff. 188v; Part II, ff. 181   From heaven in to earth God greeting he send
Fragmentary poem on the Annunciation — eighteen lines in triplets, corrupt in middle
Number 714-2
22.   Part II, ff. 189-192   At Salford [Sifford] sat theigns many / many Bishops
Number 1157-1
23.   Part II, f. 189   Each day me cometh tidings three
Three Sorrowful Things — six lines in couplets
Number 6462-2
24.   Part II, f. 189   When thine hue bloketh
Signs of Death — eighteen lines in couplets
Number 3676-1
25.   Part II, f. 189   Naveth my soul but fire and ice
May the Lord preserve us — last ten lines of a religious poem, possibly in 8-line stanzas (abababab)
Number 5479-1
26.   Part II, ff. 192-194   The sooth love among us be
A homily on ‘Sothe Luue’ — fifteen 8-line stanzas
Number 3190-1
27.   Part II, ff. 192-193   Lord Christ I Thee greet
An Orison of Our Lord — thirty-two couplets
Number 6112-2
28.   Part II, f. 198   Unseely ghost what dost thou here
The XI Pains of Hell — 290 lines, with some prefatory lines in Anglo-Norman