The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Oxford, Magdalen College Lat. 93
Number 1872-1
1.   f. 136   He that is dead and hence go
A couplet on the afterlife
Number 6151-1
2.   f. 148   Walk and have bliss withouten sorrowing
Number 4447-1
3.   f. 148   Readily withouten letten
Three lines in a Latin sermon — three monorhyming lines
Number 2631
4.   f. 148   In the way of penance of bitterness
Three monorhyming lines
Number 3625-2
5.   f. 152   My life I end in sorrow and woe
Christ’s sufferings to save mankind, in a Latin prose homily, ‘Amore langueo — one couplet
Number 5404-2
6.   f. 152v   The mind of Thy sweet passion Jesu tears it tells
Effects of Passion Longing — 1 x 2 in Latin homily, ‘Amore Langueo
Number 2228-2
7.   f. 152v   I mourn for love thou may see
A couplet in a Latin homily ‘Amore Langueo
Number 1367-4
8.   ff. 152v-153   For love I mourn and sorrow make
Amore langueo’ — two couplets as introductio thematis in a Latin homily, Dominica in passione vel in die parasceue, perhaps by John Bromyard
Number 1371-3
9.   f. 152v   For love of Jesu my sweet heart
A couplet in a Latin homily, Amore Langueo (and repeated passim)
Number 1371-4
10.   f. 153   For love of Jesu my sweet heart
A couplet in a Latin homily, Amore Langueo (and repeated passim)
Number 1837-2
11.   ff. 153-153v   He loses His might and waxeth wan
Christ’s suffering for humankind in a Latin sermon (by John Bromyard?), dominica in passione vel in die parasceue or Amore langueo — six lines in couplets
Number 880-2
12.   f. 153v   Blood sweating
The seven torments of Christ in the Latin homily, Amore Langueo — seven short monorhyming lines
Number 3228-2
13.   ff. 154-157   Lord that sufferedest hard torment
A series of eight prayers to Christ, each beginning ‘Lorde’ (except 4) scattered throughout a Latin Good Friday homily, ‘Amore langueo’: ‘Sermo de passione Cristi in die parasceueus facienda’, possibly by John Bromyard — in quatrains
Number 2112-2
14.   f. 154   I am diseased and all forshend
A single couplet in a Latin homily for Good Friday
Number 847-3
15.   f. 156   For thee man I suffer shame
What Christ suffered — one couplet in a Good Friday sermon on Amore langueo, possibly by John Bromyard
Number 2606-2
16.   f. 156v   In the land of life I hope to see
A single couplet in a Latin homily
Number 2178-1
17.   f. 191v   I have forgive take heed thereto / I charge that thou no more do so
English verses in a story from the Gesta Romanorum — six couplets