The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Oxford, Merton College Lat. 248
Linguistic note: Laing and Lass (2007) Index # 169; Grid 483 389 (NW Lincs).
Number 5141-1
1.   f. 63rb   That I have been long about
Speech of a frustrated devil — one quatrain
Number 6082-1
2.   f. 65v   Turn thee to our Lord
Burden or refrain and three couplets, based on Eccles. 17:21: ‘Convertere ad dominum et relinque peccata
Number 5040-1
3.   f. 66ra   Straight shall be the ways on him that beth sinful
On the Terror of the Judgment — six couplets
Number 2902-1
4.   f. 66va-66vb   Jesu that all this world hath wrought
A prayer to Jesus for mercy occurring in a Latin homily — thirty-six lines in irregular stanzas, possibly a round
Number 5600-1
5.   f. 74   There was cast a stone that no man might lift
Tres mira — three lines
Number 5359-1
6.   f. 74rb   The Kings banner began to spread
Vexilla regis prodeunt — four rhyming lines
Number 5036-1
7.   f. 78va   Stones been hard and heavy and wight
A couplet
Number 6706-1
8.   f. 120ra   Wiseman Wrangler
A list of the Abuses of the Age — 6 monorhyming lines
Number 6069-1
9.   f. 131va   True love is a law that seemeth he had not right
On God’s Love — three monorhyming lines in a Latin sermon for Corpus Christi by Lawrence Bretoun, OFM
Number 5091-1
10.   f. 132ra   Swines hall / Fiends falle
Rhyming headings in a sermon on the failings of women, 9 lines, first two rhyme together, the rest are monorhyming
Number 5282-1
11.   f. 132ra   The fool nice cackler
Seven Hindrances to Love, in sermon, ‘Panem de celo prestitisti eis’ by Franciscan Lawrence Bretoun — six short monorhyming lines in a Latin sermon
Number 5863-2
12.   f. 132rb   Thou us hast shend through foul looking
Debate between the Heart and the Eye, in a Latin sermon for Corpus Christi by Franciscan Lawrence Bretoun — five couplets
Number 184-1
13.   f. 132rb   A ware wise looker / A ware wise keeper
On true love — three monorhyming lines in a Latin-English sermon
Number 5944-1
14.   f. 133   Thy lust that lasteth but awhile
On voluptas carnis — two long lines rhyming aa or a quatrain rhyming abcb
Number 6613-1
15.   f. 134vb   Whoso is stiff against his foe
A single couplet
Number 2261-1
16.   f. 139va-139vb   I saw him with flesh all bespread
How Christ shall come, in a Latin sermon — twenty long lines with ‘I sayh’ and ‘I come’ anaphoras, followed by 16 lines
Number 4264-1
17.   f. 141va   On early morning the daylight springeth
Four couplets on the Harrowing of Hell, paraphrasing the hymn Aurora lucis rutilat
Number 50-1
18.   f. 146v   A girdle of guile
The refrain of a dance-song, quoted in a sermon — three lines
Number 4506-1
19.   f. 146va   Rightful doom is over cast
On the Evils of the Times — four lines
Number 3678-1
20.   f. 146va   Ne be the day never so long
A couplet in a Latin sermon
Number 2785-1
21.   f. 148va   Jankin of London
A dance-refrain — two lines
Number 3018-1
22.   f. 148vb   Lady blissful of mickle might
A paraphrase of the hymn ‘O gloriosa domina excelsa’ — twelve lines
Number 3767-1
23.   f. 149ra   Now is my robe I-shape forsooth all amiss
On the Defilement of Sin — four monorhyming lines
Number 6479-1
24.   f. 166   When we were unmighty He strengthened us
On Christ’s assistance to man — four lines
Number 547-1
25.   f. 166   And took me
On God’s mercy in accepting us into heaven, in a Latin sermon — six monorhyming lines
Number 2644-1
26.   f. 166ra   In this tree is all His might
Satan’s reply to Adam and Eve — six lines
Number 1844-1
27.   f. 166ra   He sent me fro above a overcomer mightiest
Carmen de Christo’ — four lines in a Latin homily
Number 3471-1
28.   f. 166vb   Men them bemoanen of little truth / It is dead and that is ruth
On the degeneracy of the times — two couplets translating ‘Heu plebs conqueritur’, etc.
Number 4427-2
29.   f. 166vb   Quant homme deit parleir videat que verba loquatur
On the Evils of the Times — thirty-six macaronic lines in Latin, French and English
Number 2293-1
30.   f. 166vb   I think all day I think of nought
De Cupiditate‘ — four monorhyming lines
Number 1310-1
31.   f. 166vb   Fire cold and tear shedding
On the pains of hellfire, titled ‘De penis inferni’ — eight lines in couplets
Number 1257-1
32.   f. 166vb   Falseness I understand
De Falsitate’ — two couplets
Number 1256-1
33.   f. 166vb   Falseness and covetise are feres
De Falsitate’ — two cross-rhymes quatrains with the same two rhymes
Number 6341-10
34.   f. 167ra   When I think things three
Three sorrowful things — six lines
Number 5906-1
35.   f. 167ra   Three ways must with thought
Three sorrowful things — one quatrain
Number 2420-2
36.   f. 167ra   If thou wise be will / Six keep thou which I thee ken
Six rules against the sins of the tongue — one quatrain translating two Latin hexameters inserted in two MSS of the Book of Vices and Virtues, and also occuring separately
Number 3597-1
37.   f. 167ra   My flesh that wroght was in Mary blood
Caro mea vere cibus’ — three 3-line stanzas
Number 1694-1
38.   f. 167rb   Hail be thou star of sea / Gods mother blessed you be
Ave maris stella — seventeen couplets
Number 5032-1
39.   f. 167rb   Steadfast Cross among all other
Paraphrase of the hymn ‘Crux fidelis’ — six lines