The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
New York, Pierpont Morgan Library M775
Number 2037-2
1.   ff. 14-15   Hold up our young king Ave benigna
On the Coronation of Henry VI (1429) — 59 lines in couplets
Number 3151-6
2.   f. 15   Lo here two kings right perfect and right good
The ‘Sotelties’ at the Coronation Banquet of Henry VI (1432), by Lydgate — three 8-line stanzas, each preceded by the menu for the accompanying course
Number 3841-1
3.   f. 24   O blessed Lady Christs Mother dear
John Lydgate, Verses for the coronation of Henry VI, written to accompany the second course — one eight-line stanza
Number 5980-2
4.   f. 121v   To him and to us all God grant
A benediction serving as a book tag — four lines
Number 1544-21
5.   ff. 139-195   God almighty save and confirm our king
John Lydgate and Benedict Burgh, Secrees of old Philisoffres — 390 stanzas rhyme royal
Number 4390-3
6.   ff. 200v-274   Praising be to God at this beginning
Dedicatory prologue to Stephen Scrope’s version of Christine de Pisan’s Epitre d’Othéa (addressed to Humphrey, Duke of Buckingham or to Sir John Fastolf) — in couplets (with succeeding verse introductions to each of the 100 chapters, one quatrain for chap. VI and following)
Number 6321-19
7.   ff. 293-294   When I advertise in my remembrance / And see how fell
Parvus Cato (Burgh)
Number 1418-29
8.   ff. 294-320   For why that God is inwardly the wit / Of man
Cato Major
Number 6798-8
9.   f. 320   Worship women wine and unwieldy age
Four things that make a man fall from Reason, perhaps by Lydgate — one stanza rhyme royal
Number 1108-13
10.   f. 320   Deceit deceiveth and shall be deceived
A single stanza (Bk. II, lines 4432-8) from Lydgate’s Fall of Princes (1904) — rhyme royal.