The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
London, St Paul’s Cathedral Library MS 8 [formerly 9.D.xix]
Number 2634-1
1.   f. 28v   In thee is all my bliss
Inscriptions on a chest made by a usurer and a priest — three (four?) lines in an exemplum
Number 6444-1
2.   f. 47   When the hills smoken
A prophecy of the End of the World, attributed to Daniel — two long couplets
Number 1870-1
3.   f. 70   He that is all-wielding hath taken a little inn
Miracles of the Incarnation — three long lines (aaa)
Number 6008-1
4.   f. 76   To the child making
On Education — five lines
Number 5645-1
5.   f. 86   Think on the doom that now is mine
A warning of death — two couplets
Number 2159-1
6.   f. 121v   I die for sorrow I pain for thought
Words of a dying sinner — three lines
Number 4241-1
7.   f. 200v   Of wisdom I have most plaint
Dialogue between a king and four philosophers — four couplets
Number 24.5-1
8.   f. 208   A coming in right for to slake sin
Rewards of virtue, in three lines
Number 1810.5-1
9.   f. 221v   Have mind man of thy wretchedness and think how thow shalt end
Number 96.5-1
10.   f. 239   A littling of wickedness
A couplet on good and evil
Number 4389-1
11.   f. 264v   Praise to God sorrowfully to forgive you your sin
[Prayer?] in two verse lines and one long prose line
Number 2271-1
12.   f. 265v   I shall pray for his soul that God give him rest
On prayer for the souls of the dead — two couplets