The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Dublin, Trinity College, Dublin 432
Linguistic note: McIntosh, Samuels, and Benskin (1986) and Benskin, Laing, Karaiskos, and Williamson (2013) LP 4074; Grid 474 260 (Northants); Laing and Lass (2007) Index # 267 (Part 1, f. 22: ‘text language not placed — too little to go on’).
Number 6337-1
1.   f. 22   When I Thee on rood see
A meditation on the Passion — ten lines
Number 4354-14
2.   f. 59   Peace maketh plenty
Gnomic verses — three couplets (texts show slight variations)
Number 4990-15
3.   f. 59v   Some time this world was so steadfast and stable
Geoffrey Chaucer, ‘Lak of Stedfastnesse’ — four stanzas rhyme royal, including one-stanza Envoy
Number 5742-1
4.   f. 59v   This Palamon in his bed lay
Palamon and Ersyte — five quatrains (abab)
Number 5745-1
5.   ff. 60-61v   This royal King Robert of Sicily land
A story of Kyng Robert of Sicily — one stanza rhyme royal and eighteen quatrains
Number 6039-1
6.   f. 61v   To you beholders could I say more than this
‘The vij scoles’: instructions to children — introductory couplet and eight quatrains
Number 2655-1
7.   ff. 62-63   In token that death should the lust of man refrain
A story of King Palaan — one introductory stanza rhyme royal and nine quatrains
Number 3913-1
8.   ff. 63v-64   O glorious queen of all flowers flower
‘A miracle of oure lady done to ser Amery knyght’ — one stanza rhyme royal and twenty couplets
Number 6601-1
9.   f. 64v   Whoso can read may tell by mouth
A story of an unhappy boy — one introductory rhyme royal stanza and 18 lines in quatrains
Number 3143-1
10.   f. 65   Lo Carmentis this lady that ye see
Carmentis, Tubal Cain, and Saturnus — three quatrains
Number 294-1
11.   ff. 65-66v   Alas my child how have ye dight
‘A lamentacioun of our lady for sweryng’, with examples of typical oaths, swearers’ lamentations, and concluding moralization — 83 lines in quatrains, couplets, and rhyme royal
Number 4134-1
12.   ff. 67-69   Of all mens disposition natural
On the Battle of Northampton (1460) — twenty 8-line stanzas (ababbcbc, abababab)
Number 738-1
13.   ff. 69v-70   Awake lords awake and take good heed
On the Policy of the Yorkish Lords (c. 1460) — twenty-four couplets
Number 826-1
14.   ff. 70-70v   Beseechen benignly every creature
A grace before meat to SS. Katherine, Mary and Margaret — four quatrains
Number 6148-1
15.   f. 70v   W Wisdom monstrat et adventus
An acrostic on the virtues of the Earl of Warwick — six lines
Number 2301-1
16.   ff. 70v-72   I warn you everyone for ye should understand
The Rose of Rouen, a political carol on the Battle of Towton, Yorkshire (1461) — fifteen 5-line stanzas (aaaab) with refrain, ‘Blessid be þe tyme þat euer god sprad þat floure’ and burden: ‘Now is the rose of rone growen to a gret honoure / Therfore syng we euerychone I blessid be that floure’
Number 1163-2
17.   ff. 72-73r   Early in a summerstide / I saw in London as I went
These Lettres XII shall save Mery Englond
Number 4145-1
18.   ff. 74v-76; ff. 77v-81   Of all thing that ever was I am the beginner
The Dublin Play of Abraham and Isaac — 369 lines in cross-rhymed quatrains