The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Worcester, Worcester Cathedral Library F.126
Number 876-1
1.      Bliss and joy
Number 222.8-1
2.   f. 12rb   All the worship thou has of kind
Three kinds of honor, in a Latin prose text — three 6-line stanzas translating a Latin poem
Number 5892-1
3.   f. 12v   Though thou have a fair face
A translation of Virgil, Ecologues II.17-18 — one quatrain (abab)
Number 4947-1
4.   f. 12va   So that mankind through none man no might be redressed
Two couplets, separated by English prose, in a Latin prose text
Number 1222-1
5.   f. 27v   Every cuckolds door standeth an-inne
A song alluded to in a Latin sermon
Number 1176-1
6.   f. 27v   Egg our hearts Lord of might
Translation of a collect (Sunday Advent 2), Excita, Domine, corda nostra — two couplets in a Latin sermon
Number 4307-2
7.   f. 27va   Our gladness of heart is I-went
A translation of Lamentations 5:15-16 — two couplets
Number 5864-1
8.   f. 28   Thou wisdom that creepedest out of Gods mouth
Translation of the Advent antiphon, O Sapientia — two couplets in a Latin prose sermon
Number 264-14
9.   f. 28   Alas alas that I was born
The Sinner’s Lament, a tag usually in the Fasciculus morum, Version A
Number 1498-1
10.   f. 28ra   Gay gay thou art I-hent
Warning against riotous living, in a Latin sermon — three couplets
Number 3510-4
11.   f. 29   Mine hearts joy is went away
Two couplets, translating Lamentations 5:15-16
Number 1217-3
12.   f. 29v   Ever longer the worse
A proverbial couplet
Number 3274-1
13.   f. 29va   Love is friend in mans need
Characteristics of divine love, in an English prose passage within a Latin prose sermon — four couplets
Number 2898-1
14.   f. 31   Jesu She that by Thee stod
The Virgin looks on the Cross — two couplets
Number 6668-1
15.   f. 116   Why hast thou me forsake that made thee of nought
Christ’s lament on the Cross — three lines
Number 6233-2
16.   f. 127v   What is he this that cometh so bright
Christ comes with bloody Garments — three couplets
Number 3328-2
17.   f. 145rb   Maiden in the moor lay
The Maid of the Moor — four rondel-type 7-line stanzas (aabbaac)