The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
New Haven, Yale University, Beinecke Library 365 [olim Ipswich County Hall deposit, Hillwood; prior Brome Hall, Suffolk]
Number 5318-1
1.   f. 1   The hart loveth the wood the hare loveth the hill
Satirical proverbs on women — 8 short lines, abcbdbeb (or four long lines, aaaa)
Number 3360-2
2.   f. 1   Man in mirth hath measure in mind
Moral advice: ‘Mesure is tresure’ — twenty-six lines
Number 99-1
3.   f. 1v   A lord god mercy qui verba cuncta creasti
Prayer to God for mercy — one macaronic couplet
Number 560-12
4.   f. 1v   Arise early / Serve god devoutly
Precepts in -ly; the texts show much variation — 16 lines in most witnesses, monorhyming
Number 5111-1
5.   f. 1v   Take three clatterers [?clateras]
Riddle on women — ten irregular lines
Number 61-2
6.   f. 1v   A hart harboreth
A list of proper terms
Number 5854-3
7.   ff. 2-3   Thou that has cast three sixes here
Divination by means of dice — in quatrains, one for each possible combination of three dice
Number 383-15
8.   ff. 5-14v   All that willen of wisdom lere / Listen to me and ye shall hear
The ‘Legend of Ipotis’ — in couplets
Number 1294-1
9.   ff. 15-22   Father of heaven omnipotent
The Brome Play of Abraham and Isaac — 466 lines, mostly in cross-rhymed quatrains
Number 3000-7
10.   ff. 23-26v   King of grace and full of pity / Lord of Heaven I-blessed thou be
The Fifteen Signs before the Day of Judgment, prefaced by a short invocation of nine couplets
Number 2921-1
11.   ff. 28-38   Jesu that is most of might
‘Owayne Miles’, a couplet version of St. Patrick’s Purgagory — 341 couplets
Number 4249-2
12.   ff. 39-44   Old and young that here be
The Life of St. Margaret (later version)
Number 5952-4
13.   f. 79v   Tidings true there become new
A song of the Annunciation — 4 stanzas, 1st and last with 6 lines (abbccc and abcbdd), middle two with 8 lines (abcbdbeb) plus burden (ff): ‘Newell newell newell newell / This ys þe salutacion of Gabryell’
Number 939-7
14.   f. 80v   By sapience temper thy courage / Of hasty ire…
Seven Wise Counsels
Number 4990-14
15.   f. 80v   Some time this world was so steadfast and stable
Geoffrey Chaucer, ‘Lak of Stedfastnesse’ — four stanzas rhyme royal, including one-stanza Envoy
Number 5411-9
16.   f. 81   The more I go the farther I am behind
The first stanza (ababbcc) of ‘Tyed with a Line’ (5410), standing alone or directly following 5534.
Number 3067-4
17.   f. 81   Lex is laid a-down / And veritas is but small
Evils of the Time — four lines (aabb)
Number 2287-1
18.   f. 81   I stand as still as any stone
God amends all — one quatrain