The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Skelton, John, Pithy, Plesaunt and Profitable workes of Maister Skelton, ed. J. Stow, T. Marshe [1568]
1.   All matters well pondered and well to be regarded
John Skelton
Printed Book: STC22608 Witness 349-1
2.   Calliope / As ye may se / Regent is she
John Skelton: On his service to Calliope
Printed Book: STC22608 Witness 955-1
3.   Erecting my sight toward the zodiac
John Skelton: garlande of Laurell
Printed Book: STC22608 Witness 1203
4.   Gup Scot
John Skelton: ‘Against Dundas’
Printed Book: STC22608 Witness 1676-1
5.   In autumn when the sun in Virgin / By radiant heat enripened hath our corn
John Skelton: ‘The Bowge of Courte’
Printed Book: STC22608 Witness 2477-2
6.   Lo these fond sots
John Skelton: ‘Agaynst the prowde Scottes’
Printed Book: STC22608 Witness 3157-3
7.   My name is parrot a bird of paradise
John Skelton: ‘Speke, parott’
Printed Book: STC22608 Witness 3644-3
8.   O God that in time all things did begin
John Skelton
Printed Book: STC22608 Witness 3919-7
9.   O radiant luminer eterminable
A prayer to the Trinity — six 8-line stanzas, two stanzas addressed to each person
Printed Book: STC22608 Witness 4038-5
10.   Of all nations under heaven
John Skelton: ‘Agaynst a comely coystrowne’
Printed Book: STC22608 Witness 4135-2
11.   Pla-ce-bo
John Skelton: ‘Phyllyp Sparowe’
Printed Book: STC22608 Witness 4376-2
12.   Rejoice England
John Skelton: ‘How the Douty Duke of Albany…’
Printed Book: STC22608 Witness 4456-1
13.   Tell you I shall
John Skelton: ‘The Tunnyng of Elymour Rummyng’
Printed Book: STC22608 Witness 5126-5
14.   This treatise devised it is
John Skelton
Printed Book: STC22608 Witness 5772-1
15.   This work devised is
John Skelton: ‘Ware the Hauke’
Printed Book: STC22608 Witness 5784-3
16.   Too hasty of sentence / Too fierce for none offence
John Skelton: ‘The Relucent Mirror’
Printed Book: STC22608 Witness 6055-3
17.   Womanhood wanton ye want
John Skelton
Printed Book: STC22608 Witness 6778-2
18.   Your ugly token
John Skelton: Vppon a deedmans hede (Skelton)
Printed Book: STC22608 Witness 6885-2