The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
XX Songes, Impryntyd in London at the signe of the Black Mores, 1530
1.   A maid peerless
In praise of the Virgin Mother — three 6-line stanzas (aabccb) with burden (dd): ‘She may be callyd a souerant lady / That ys A mayd and beryth a baby’
Printed Book: STC22924 Witness 105-1
2.   A pretty wench may be pleasure
Spend your money on a pretty wench — two 3-line stanzas (aaa) and nine-line burden: ‘Joly felowe joly / joly felowe joly / Yf thou haue but lytyll mony / Spend it not in foly / But spend yt on a prety wenche / & she shal help the at a pinche / Hey joly felow joly joly / Hey joly felow joly / Hey joly’
Printed Book: STC22924 Witness 146-1
3.   Behold and see how the birds doth fly
Nonsense verses — rhyming irregularly
Printed Book: STC22924 Witness 795-1
4.   By a bank as I lay
A song in praise of Henry VIII — five 11-line stanzas including three-line refrain: ‘blessyd is that lond / of þe Lords own hond / þat hathe a nobull kyng’
Printed Book: STC22924 Witness 919-1
5.   Concordance musical judged by the ear
Praise God for music — one stanza rhyme royal
Printed Book: STC22924 Witness 1068-1
6.   In a dream late as I lay
On the Virgin Mother — two 6-line stanzas with a lullaby burden: ‘[By by lullaby] rockyd I my chyld / [by by by] lullaby rockyd i my child’
Printed Book: STC22924 Witness 2445-1
7.   In faith ye be to blame / for my good will me to defame
Love scorned — three quatrains (aaab) with burden: ‘And wyll ye serue me so / For my kyndnes thus to serue me soo.’
Printed Book: STC22924 Witness 2500-1
8.   Love will I and leve so may befall
A love song — one stanza rhyme royal
Printed Book: STC22924 Witness 3287-2
9.   Mine hearts lust and all my pleasure
A love duet — three 8-line stanzas
Printed Book: STC22924 Witness 3511-1
10.   My heart my mind and my whole pure
A pledge of devotion to his lady — four stanzas rhyme royal
Printed Book: STC22924 Witness 3611-2
11.   Pleasure it is
William Cornish (?)
Printed Book: STC22924 Witness 4381-1
12.   So great unkindness without deserving
‘A falce surmysing’ — three stanzas rhyme royal
Printed Book: STC22924 Witness 4934-1
13.   This lady clear
Man’s soul as his true love — three six-line tail-rhyme stanzas with a secular burden: ‘Who shall haue my fayr lady / who but I who but I who / who shall haue my fayr lady / who hath more ryght therto’
Printed Book: STC22924 Witness 5726-1
14.   This minion is in London
A fine mistress — four 6-line stanzas (aabccb) with burden (cc): ‘Mynyon fo trym go trym / & mynyon go trym go trym’
Printed Book: STC22924 Witness 5732-1
15.   Though poets fain that fortune by her chance
Auxilium meum a Domino’ — two quatrains (aabc) with this refrain (c) and burden (cc): ‘In youth in age both in wealth and woe / Auxilium meum a domino
Printed Book: STC22924 Witness 5882-1
16.   We be maidens fair and gent
The song of the light ladies — one or two quatrains (aaab) and burden (bb): ‘The bell-a the bell-a we maydins beryth the bell-a / we maydins berth the bell-a the bell-a the bell-a’
Printed Book: STC22924 Witness 6162-2
17.   Who is my love
Reflections on the Passion, including prayers — five 12-line stanzas with 3-line burden: ‘And I mankynd / haue not in mynd / my loue that mornyth for me for me’
Printed Book: STC22924 Witness 6551-1
18.   Ye wring my hand so sore
An amorous encounter — six 8-line stanzas and burden: ‘Bewar my lytyl fynger / syr I yow desyre / bewar my lytyl fynger / bewar my lytyl fynger / bewar my lytyl fynger / syr I yow desyre / bewar my lytyl fynger / syr I yow desyre’
Printed Book: STC22924 Witness 6851-1