The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
The Manere of Hawkyng and Huntyng and also of cote armours And of the blasynge of armys [and] The treatyse of fysshynge wyth an angle, de Worde, 1496
1.   A deer broken
List of terms of venery — varying number of lines in rough couplets
Printed Book: STC3309 Witness 31-2
2.   A faithful friend would I fain find
‘Gramercy myn own purse’
Printed Book: STC3309 Witness 34-1
3.   An herd of harts
Terms of venery regarding groupings of animals — varying number of lines in blank verse or rough and irregular rhyme
Printed Book: STC3309 Witness 485-2
4.   Far from thy kin cast thee
A moral saw — four monorhyming lines
Printed Book: STC3309 Witness 1258-4
5.   He that hight him with his kin
Examples of foolish behaviour — three couplets
Printed Book: STC3309 Witness 1864-4
6.   The first year he must learn to feed
Raising a greyhound — 7 couplets from the Boke of St. Albans
Printed Book: STC3309 Witness 5279-2
7.   There be four things full hard for to know
Cordiale quatuor novissimorum’ — six lines introducing prose
Printed Book: STC3309 Witness 5557-3
8.   Thy greyhound must be headed like a snake
The qualities of a good greyhound — varying numbers of couplets or couplets and triplets
Printed Book: STC3309 Witness 5938-4
9.   Two women in one house
Combinations for discord: a saw — two couplets
Printed Book: STC3309 Witness 6095-5
10.   Wheresoever ye fare by frith or by fell
Juliana Berners: Book of Hunting
Printed Book: STC3309 Witness 6507-4
11.   Who that buildeth his house all of sallows
Gnomic verses — four monorhyming lines
Printed Book: STC3309 Witness 6567-5
12.   Who that maketh in Christmas a dog to his larder
Proverbial moral advice — two couplets
Printed Book: STC3309 Witness 6573-5