The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Geoffrey Chaucer, Workes, Thynne, 1532
1.   A thousand stories I could me rehearse
John Lydgate: ‘Balade in Commendation of Our Lady’
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 176-3
2.   A thousand times have I heard men tell
Geoffrey Chaucer: Legend of Good Women
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 177-13
3.   All tho that list of women evil to speak
A praise of women — twenty-five stanzas rhyme royal
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 397-2
4.   An doly season to an careful ditty
Robert Henryson: The Testament of Cresseid
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 477-5
5.   Consider well with every circumstance
John Lydgate (attrib.): A wikked tong wol alway deme amis
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 1070-9
6.   Cupido unto whose commandment
Thomas Hoccleve; Christine de Pisan: Lespistre de Cupide
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 1092-12
7.   Flee from the press and dwell with sothfastness
Geoffrey Chaucer: Truth
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 1326-29
8.   Gladeth ye fowls of the morwe gray
Geoffrey Chaucer: Compleynt of Mars
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 1518-10
9.   Go forth king rule thee by sapience
John Lydgate: Instructions to the Estates
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 1526-3
10.   God grant us all therein to be friended
Testament of Love
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 1558-1
11.   God turn us every dream to good
Geoffrey Chaucer: House of Fame
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 1620-6
12.   Half in a dream not fully awaked
Roos Roos (??): La Belle Dame sans Mercy
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 1761-9
13.   I have great wonder by this light
Geoffrey Chaucer: The Book of the Duchesse
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 2181-4
14.   I have none English convenient and digne
To My Soverain Lady
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 2186-1
15.   If all the earth were parchment scribable
The Remedy of Love
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 2346-3
16.   In February when the frosty moon
John Lydgate: The Floure of Curtes
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 2501-1
17.   In May when Flora the fresh lusty queen
John Lydgate: The Complaint of the Black Knight (Lydgate)
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 2541-11
18.   In September at the falling of the leaf
Geoffrey Chaucer (attrib.): ’The Boke called Assemble de Damys’
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 2575-4
19.   It falleth for every gentleman
Speak no evil behind a friend’s back — short poem, accompanied by Latin
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 2711-5
20.   Lo here this noble poet of Britain
Tribute to Geoffrey Chaucer — rhyme royal
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 3150-1
21.   Many men say that in swevenings
Geoffrey Chaucer; Guilliame de Lorris; Jean de Meun: The Romaunt of the Rose
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 3403-3
22.   Mother of nurture best beloved of all
To his lady Margaret — eight stanzas rhyme royal and 8-line Envoy
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 3571-1
23.   My master Bukton when of Christ our king
Geoffrey Chaucer: Envoy de Chaucer a Bukton
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 3640-4
24.   My noble sons and eke my lords dear
‘Moral Balade’
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 3645-7
25.   O lewd book with the fool rudeness
Balade with Envoy to Alison — three stanzas rhyme royal and 6-line Envoy (ALISON)
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 3954-3
26.   O worthy noble King Henry the fourth
John Gower: In Praise of Peace
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 4100-2
27.   Pity that I have sought so yore ago
Geoffrey Chaucer: Compleynt unto Pite
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 4375-10
28.   Plunged in the waw of mortal distress
John Lydgate (attrib.): ‘The Lamentatyon of Mary Magdaleyne’
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 4383-3
29.   Seeing the manifold inconvenience
The Remedy of Love
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 4801-1
30.   Some time in Greece that noble region
Ausonius: ‘Septem Sapientium Sententiae’
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 4978-4
31.   Some time this world was so steadfast and stable
Geoffrey Chaucer: Lak of Stedfastnesse
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 4990-16
32.   The double sorrow of Troilus to tellen
Geoffrey Chaucer: Troilus and Criseyde
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 5248-25
33.   The first stock father of gentilesse
Geoffrey Chaucer: ‘Gentilesse’
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 5277-13
34.   The God of love A benedicite
John Clanvowe: Book of Cupid
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 5299-6
35.   The life so short the craft so long to learn
Geoffrey Chaucer: Parlement of Foules
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 5373-18
36.   The plowman plucked up his plow
The Plowman’s Tale
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 5436-2
37.   There nis so high comfort to my pleasance
Geoffrey Chaucer; Oton de Graunson Sir: Complaint of Venus
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 5590-11
38.   This work who so shall see or read
‘Fle þe mys-woman’
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 5785-2
39.   This wretched worlds transmutation
Geoffrey Chaucer: Balade of Fortune
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 5803-15
40.   Thou fierce god of arms Mars the red
Geoffrey Chaucer: Anelida and Arcite
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 5823-11
41.   To-broken been the statutes high in heaven
Geoffrey Chaucer: ‘Lenvoy de Chaucer à Scogan’
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 5965-5
42.   To you my purse and to none other wight
Geoffrey Chaucer: Complaynt to his Empty Purse
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 6044-15
43.   To you well of honour and worthiness
Thomas Hoccleve: ‘Balade au tres noble Roy H[enri] le quint’
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 6045-3
44.   When faith fails in priests saws
Geoffrey Chaucer (attrib.); Merlin (attrib.)
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 6299-27
45.   When that April with his showers soot
Geoffrey Chaucer: Canterbury Tales
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 6414-71
46.   Ye lords eke shining in noble fame
Thomas Hoccleve: Balade au tres honourable compaignie du Garter
Printed Book: STC5068 Witness 6826-3