The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Chaucer, Geoffrey, The workes of Geffrey Chaucer, newlie printed, with diuers addicions, whiche were neuer in print before: with the siege and destruccion of the worthy citee of Thebes, compiled by Ihon Lidgate, Monke of Berie. As in the table more plainly doeth appere, [Imprinted at London: By Ihon Kyngston, for Ihon Wight, dwellyng in Poules Churchyarde], 1561
1.   Half in a dream not fully awaked
Roos Roos (??): La Belle Dame sans Mercy
Printed Book: STC5075 Witness 1761-10
2.   I have a lady whereso she be
‘The Discryuyng of a fayre lady‘
Printed Book: STC5075 Witness 2169-3
3.   If it befall that God thee list visit
Balade de bone counseyle
Printed Book: STC5075 Witness 2371-3
4.   If no love is O God what feel I so
Geoffrey Chaucer: Song of Troilus
Printed Book: STC5075 Witness 2379-3
5.   Look well about ye that lovers be
Beware of deceitful women — six stanzas rhyme royal with refrain: ‘Bewar therfor the blynde etith many a flye’
Printed Book: STC5075 Witness 3184-5
6.   Madame for your newfangleness
Geoffrey Chaucer [?]: Against Women Inconstant (?Chaucer)
Printed Book: STC5075 Witness 3312-4
7.   Master Geoffrey Chaucer that now lieth in grave
John Lydgate
Printed Book: STC5075 Witness 3442-3
8.   My noble sons and eke my lords dear
‘Moral Balade’
Printed Book: STC5075 Witness 3645-8
9.   O lewd book with the fool rudeness
Balade with Envoy to Alison — three stanzas rhyme royal and 6-line Envoy (ALISON)
Printed Book: STC5075 Witness 3954-4
10.   O merciful and O merciable
A lover pleading for mercy from his beloved, a pseudo-Chaucerian lyric, but apparently made up of scraps of other poems — thirteen stanzas rhyme royal including 3-stanza envoy
Printed Book: STC5075 Witness 3989-2
11.   O Mossy Quince hanging by your stalk
A scurrilous balade against his mistress — three stanzas rhyme royal.
Printed Book: STC5075 Witness 4006-2
12.   Of their nature they greatly them delight
A balade on hypocritical women — four stanzas rhyme royal
Printed Book: STC5075 Witness 4225-2
13.   Prefulgent in preciousness O Synope the Queen
Geoffrey Chaucer (attrib.): ‘The ix ladyes worthy’
Printed Book: STC5075 Witness 4398-2
14.   Seeing the manifold inconvenience
The Remedy of Love
Printed Book: STC5075 Witness 4801-2
15.   Some time in Greece that noble region
Ausonius: ‘Septem Sapientium Sententiae’
Printed Book: STC5075 Witness 4978-5
16.   Some time this world was so steadfast and stable
Geoffrey Chaucer: Lak of Stedfastnesse
Printed Book: STC5075 Witness 4990-17
17.   Son of Priamus gentle Paris of Troy
The Judgement of Paris — four stanzas rhyme royal
Printed Book: STC5075 Witness 4997-3
18.   The double sorrow of Troilus to tellen
Geoffrey Chaucer: Troilus and Criseyde
Printed Book: STC5075 Witness 5248-26
19.   The first stock father of gentilesse
Geoffrey Chaucer: ‘Gentilesse’
Printed Book: STC5075 Witness 5277-14
20.   The plowman plucked up his plow
The Plowman’s Tale
Printed Book: STC5075 Witness 5436-4
21.   There been four things causing great folly
Four things that make man a fool — one stanza rhyme royal
Printed Book: STC5075 Witness 5558-4
22.   There been four things that make a man a fool
Four things that make a man a fool — one stanza rhyme royal
Printed Book: STC5075 Witness 5559-3
23.   There nis so high comfort to my pleasance
Geoffrey Chaucer; Oton de Graunson Sir: Complaint of Venus
Printed Book: STC5075 Witness 5590-12
24.   This world is full of variance
John Lydgate: ‘Beware of Doublenesse’
Printed Book: STC5075 Witness 5793-5
25.   With timorous heart and trembling hand of dread
The Courte of Love — 1422 lines in rhyme royal stanzas
Printed Book: STC5075 Witness 6756-2