The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Chaucer, Geoffrey, Canterbury Tales, [Westminster, William Caxton, 1476]
1.   A merchant whilom dwelled at Saint-Denis
Geoffrey Chaucer: Shipman’s Tale
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 120-55
2.   A poor widow somedeal stoop in age
Geoffrey Chaucer: Nun’s Priest’s Tale
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 142-52
3.   A prentice whilom dwelt in our city
Geoffrey Chaucer: Cook’s Tale
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 145-47
4.   At Trumpington not far fro Cantebridge
Geoffrey Chaucer: Reeve’s Tale
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 724-55
5.   At Sarai in the land of Tartary
Geoffrey Chaucer: Squire’s Tale
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 725-54
6.   By that the Manciple had his tale all ended
Geoffrey Chaucer: Parson’s Prologue
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 941-44
7.   Experience though none auctoritee
Geoffrey Chaucer: Wife of Bath’s Prologue
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 1242-55
8.   Ho quod the Knight good sir no more of this
Geoffrey Chaucer: Nun’s Priest’s Prologue
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 2033-47
9.   I will bewail in manner of tragedy
Geoffrey Chaucer: Monk’s Tale
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 2316-52
10.   In Armorica that called is Brittany
Geoffrey Chaucer: Franklin’s Tale
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 2476-54
11.   In Flanders whilom was a company
Geoffrey Chaucer: Pardoner’s Tale
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 2502-54
12.   In Syria whilom dwelt a company
Geoffrey Chaucer: Man of Law’s Tale
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 2587-61
13.   In the old days of King Arthur
Geoffrey Chaucer: Wife of Bath’s Tale
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 2618-55
14.   Listen lords in good entent
Geoffrey Chaucer: Sir Thopas
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 3097-54
15.   Lordings quod he in churches when I preach
Geoffrey Chaucer: Pardoner’s Prologue
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 3251-53
16.   Lordings there is in Yorkshire as I guess
Geoffrey Chaucer: Sommoner’s Tale
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 3255-56
17.   No more of this for Gods dignity
Geoffrey Chaucer: ‘Thopas-Melibee Link’
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 3700-49
18.   O hateful harm condition of poverty
Geoffrey Chaucer: Man of Law’s Prologe
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 3929-53
19.   O Lord Our Lord Thy name how marvelous
Geoffrey Chaucer: Prioress’s Prologue
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 3970-60
20.   Our Host gan to swear as he were wood
Geoffrey Chaucer: ‘Physician-Pardoner Link’
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 4314-46
21.   Our Host saw well that the bright sun
Geoffrey Chaucer: Introduction to the Man of Law’s Tale
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 4315-54
22.   Our Host upon his stirrups stood anon
Geoffrey Chaucer: ‘Epilogue’ of the Man of Law’s Tale
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 4316-33
23.   Sir Clerk of Oxenford our Host said
Geoffrey Chaucer: Clerk’s Prologue
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 4860-55
24.   The Cook of London while the Reve spake
Geoffrey Chaucer: Cook’s Prologue
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 5238-46
25.   The minister and nourice unto vices
Geoffrey Chaucer: Second Nun’s Prologue
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 5405-56
26.   There is at the west side of Italy
Geoffrey Chaucer: Clerk’s Tale
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 5573-62
27.   There was as telleth Titus Livius
Geoffrey Chaucer: Physician’s Tale
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 5599-53
28.   There was in Asia in a great city
Geoffrey Chaucer: Prioress’s Tale
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 5601-62
29.   These old gentle Bretons in their days
Geoffrey Chaucer: Franklin’s Prologue
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 5617-47
30.   This maiden bright Cecilia as her life sayeth
Geoffrey Chaucer: Second Nun’s Tale
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 5729.4-55
31.   This Summoner in his stirrups high stood
Geoffrey Chaucer: Sommoner’s Prologue
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 5756-51
32.   This worthy Clerk when ended was his tale
Geoffrey Chaucer: ‘Clerk’s Endlink’
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 5801-24
33.   This worthy limiter this noble Friar
Geoffrey Chaucer: Friar’s Prologue
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 5802-51
34.   Weeping and wailing care and other sorrow
Geoffrey Chaucer: Merchant’s Prologue
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 6185-23
35.   Well said by corpus dominus quod our Host
Geoffrey Chaucer: ‘Shipman-Prioress Link’
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 6206-51
36.   When ended was my tale of Melibee
Geoffrey Chaucer: Monk’s Prologue
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 6295-48
37.   When ended was the life of Saint Cecilia
Geoffrey Chaucer: Canon’s Yeoman’s Prologue
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 6296-47
38.   When folk had laughen at this nice cas
Geoffrey Chaucer: Reeve’s Prologue
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 6307-51
39.   When Phoebus dwelled here in this earth adown
Geoffrey Chaucer: Manciple’s Tale
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 6390-50
40.   When said was all this miracle every man
Geoffrey Chaucer: Prologue to Sir Thopas
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 6401-49
41.   When that April with his showers soot
Geoffrey Chaucer: Canterbury Tales
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 6414-66
42.   When that April with his showers soot
Geoffrey Chaucer: General Prologue
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 6415-50
43.   When that the Knight had thus his tale I-told
Geoffrey Chaucer: Knight-Miller Link
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 6427-55
44.   Whilom as old stories tellen us
Geoffrey Chaucer: Knight’s Tale
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 6530-57
45.   Whilom there was dwelling in Lombardy
Geoffrey Chaucer: Merchant’s Tale
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 6535-51
46.   Whilom there was dwelling in my country
Geoffrey Chaucer: Friar’s Tale
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 6536-55
47.   Whilom there was dwelling in Oxenford
Geoffrey Chaucer: Miller’s Tale
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 6537-55
48.   Wit ye not where there stands a little town
Geoffrey Chaucer: Manciple’s Prologue
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 6711-45
49.   With this chanon I dwelt have seven year
Geoffrey Chaucer: Canon’s Yeoman’s Tale
Printed Book: STC5082 Witness 6753-48