The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Christmas Carolles, [R. Copland f.] R. Kele, [1545?]
1.   A woman a maid in thought and deed
‘A Carole of the Byrth of Chryst’
Printed Book: STC52045 Witness 191-1
2.   As I went out this ender day / Alone walking
A Planctus Marie carol — five quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘Alone alone alone alone / Sore I sygh and all for one’
Printed Book: STC52045 Witness 636-1
3.   Death began because of sin
We all must die — seven 8-line stanzas (ababcdcd) with ‘Forsothe all we shall dye’ refrain and 4-line burden: ‘Be thou poore or be thou ryche / I rede lyfte vp thyn eye / And se i this we be all lyche / Forsothe all we shall dye’
Printed Book: STC52045 Witness 1101-1
4.   Get thee hence what doest thou here
Farewell to Advent — two quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘Farewell aduent & haue good daye / Chrystmas is come nowe go thy way’.
Printed Book: STC52045 Witness 1505-1
5.   Harken words wonder good / How Jesu Christ was done on Rood
The Complaint of Christ on the Cross
Printed Book: STC52045 Witness 1771-4
6.   His body is wapped all in woe / Hand and foot he may not go
A song of the Passion — eight quatrains and burden: ‘Mary modyr cum and se / Thi son is naylyd on a tre’
Printed Book: STC52045 Witness 2029-2
7.   Holly beareth berries red enough
Holly against Ivy — four monorhyming quatrains and burden: ‘Nay nay ive it may not be iwis / For holy must haue the mastry as the maner is’
Printed Book: STC52045 Witness 2039-3
8.   I shall you tell this ilk night
A carol to St. Stephen — six quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘The holy marter Steuen we pray / To be our socour both myght and day’
Printed Book: STC52045 Witness 2276-2
9.   In this time of Christmas
Mary plays with the Christ Child, a carol — six quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘In the honour of christes byrth / Syng we al with joye and myrthe’
Printed Book: STC52045 Witness 2642-1
10.   It was a maid of brenten arse
‘My ladyes water-myll’
Printed Book: STC52045 Witness 2759-1
11.   Lords and ladies all bedene
‘A new caroll of our lady’ — eight quatrains (abab) and 2-line burden: ‘Nowell nowell nowell nowell / This sayd the aungell gabryell’
Printed Book: STC52045 Witness 3257-1
12.   Mary mother come and see / Thy son is nailed on a tree
Song of the Passion — seven quatrains (aabb, aaaa) and burden: ‘Nowel el…’
Printed Book: STC52045 Witness 3424-3
13.   Most sovereign Lord Christ Jesu
Miserere nobis’: a carol to Christ — five 5-line stanzas (aaabb) with ‘Miserere nobis‘ refrain and burden: ‘Jesu christe fili dei viui mise[rere no]bis / Alleluya
Printed Book: STC52045 Witness 3562-1
14.   My lady went to Canterbury
A nonsense carol — eight quatrains (abab) and 4-line burden: ‘My harte of golde as true as stele / As I me lened to a bough / In fayth but yf ye loue me well / Lorde so robyn lough’
Printed Book: STC52045 Witness 3620-1
15.   Now in Bethlehem that holy place
James Ryman
Printed Book: STC52045 Witness 3761-2
16.   O blessed John the Evangelist
A carol to St. John — five quatrains (aaab) and 2-line burden: ‘Pray for vs to god on hye / Blyssed saynt johan and our lady’
Printed Book: STC52045 Witness 3839-1
17.   Psallemus cantantes / Domino noua cantica dantes
A hymn to St. John the Evangelist — eleven 8-line stanzas (aabbbcc) including refrain, ‘Amice cristi Iohannes’ (cf. burden to 3909), the first stanza wholly in Latin, the first English, ‘My hert is set to syng / That all this worlde shall ryng…’
Printed Book: STC52045 Witness 4421-1
18.   Sinful man thou art unkind
The Appeal of Christ to the sinner — six 7-line stanzas (ababccd) with 4-line burden: ‘Blow þe winde styl & blow nat so shyl / My blode man I shed for þe al at wyl / Blowe þe winde styl & blowe nat so shyll / Þis paine to suffre is my fathers wil’
Printed Book: STC52045 Witness 4852-1
19.   The holy ghost is to thee sent
An Annunciation carol — six quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘Hayl mary ful of grace / Moder in virginite’
Printed Book: STC52045 Witness 5335-3
20.   The name of Johan well prays I may
Carol to St. John the Baptist — five 8-line stanzas (ababcdcd) with refrain, ‘It is a name of pryce’ and 4-line burden: ‘If thou be johan I tell it the / Ryght with a good aduyce / Thou may be glad johan to be / It is a name of pryce’
Printed Book: STC52045 Witness 5416-1
21.   The nun walked on her prayer
Inducas inducas / In temptationibus’ — 4 macaronic quatrains (abab) with this burden
Printed Book: STC52045 Witness 5426-1
22.   There was one Octavian
‘A carol of the Innocentes’
Printed Book: STC52045 Witness 5602-1
23.   This voice both sharp and also shrill
Uenite ad iudicium’ — eight quatrains (aaab) with refrain, ‘Uenite ad iudicium’ and two-line burden: ‘A voyce from heuen to erth shall com / Uenite ad iudicium
Printed Book: STC52045 Witness 5774-1
24.   When that my sweet son was thirty winter old
A song of the Passion by the Virgin Mary — five monorhyming quatrains and burden: ‘O my harte is woo mary she sayd so / For to se my dere son dye & sonnes haue I no mo’
Printed Book: STC52045 Witness 6423-2