The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
1.   Cadwallader shall Owen call
DIMEV 952 Witnesses: 1
A prophecy of Merlin — eight lines
2.   Caesars triumphs were not so much to praise
DIMEV 953 Witnesses: 1
Henry of Huntingdon’s verse in praise of Elfleda, in Part VI of Fabyan’s Chronicle, Part VI, cap. 180 — two couplets
3.   Calais men now may ye care
DIMEV 954 Witnesses: 1
Laurence Minot: The Siege of Calais
4.   Call to me the rushes green [Colle to me the rysshys grene]
Burden to 1375
5.   Calliope / As ye may se / Regent is she
DIMEV 955 Witnesses: 1
John Skelton: On his service to Calliope
6.   Can I not sing but hoy [Can I not syng but hoy]
Burden to 5459.4
7.   Can tell where conscience is become [Can tell where Conscyens ys become]
Refrain to 4964
8.   Can the fleur-de-lis [Can the flowr de lyce]
Refrain to 1358
9.   Can ye dance the shaking of the sheets
DIMEV 956 Witnesses: 1
The dance of death — 11 seven-line stanzas
10.   Candlemass is a feast high and holy through all thing
DIMEV 957 Witnesses: 1
South English Legendary
11.   Caput apri Refero / Resonens laudes domino
Burden to 5220
12.   Card lie down and wheel stand still [Card lye down and whele stond styll]
Refrain to 1894
13.   Care away away away
Burden to 371, 2130
14.   Care not too much for any thing [Care not to myche for ony thynge]
Lines 61-62 of London, British Library Harley 2252 copy of 712
15.   Caro dat lust and liking that lasts but awhile
DIMEV 958 Witnesses: 1
Macaronic lines on the gifts of the flesh, the world, the devil, and God in the Latin Sermones 13, sermon on ‘Seruire’ — two couplets
16.   Cassamus rose after this talking
DIMEV 959 Witnesses: 1
Voeux du Paon (extract)
17.   Catesby the cat and Lovel the dog [Catesby the cat and Lovel the dogge / Rule all England under the hog]
See 5229
18.   Caton says that soothfast thing is
DIMEV 960 Witnesses: 1
Scottish Legendary
19.   Causer of my joy health and comfort
DIMEV 961 Witnesses: 1
An acrostic on St Katherine — one stanza rhyme royal
20.   Cecelia is as much to say
DIMEV 962 Witnesses: 1
Osbern Bokenham
21.   Cedir þu be noumbre whateuer þing þu couetiste to be prouid…
Mistranscription of ‘Gedir þu be noumbre…’, mistakenly claimed as six lines of verse in York, York Minster Library XVI.E.32, f. 7 by N. R. Ker, and A. J. Piper, eds. Medieval Manuscripts in British Libraries. 4 vols. London: Oxford UP, 1969-92, 4.702.
22.   Celestial goddess that wieldest frith and wood
DIMEV 963 Witnesses: 1
Brute’s address to Diana in Lergesia, translating Latin verse which precedes it, in Fabyan’s Chronicle, Part I, cap. 2 — one stanza rhyme royal
23.   Celestial Princess thou Blessed Virgin Mary
DIMEV 964 Witnesses: 1
Epitaph, A.D. 1486, for Margaret Cantelowe of Streatham, Surrey — one 8-line stanza
24.   Certes far extendeth my Reason
DIMEV 965 Witnesses: 2
‘The X Commaundments of love’
25.   Change this name thou man of pride
DIMEV 966 Witnesses: 1
Admonition to almsgiving — two couplets
26.   Change thy law if thou would well speed
DIMEV 967 Witnesses: 1
English lines in a friar sermon — one quatrain
27.   Charitable people that shall look up this stone
DIMEV 968 Witnesses: 1
Epitaph for John Marsham of Norwich, d. 1525 — ten lines, ababcdcdee
28.   Charity chastity pity aren waxen all cold
DIMEV 969 Witnesses: 1
The Evils of the Time — four 3-line stanzas
29.   Charity is bright of word
DIMEV 970 Witnesses: 1
John Grimestone
30.   Charity is chased all about
DIMEV 971 Witnesses: 1
The absence of charity — two couplets in a Latin sermon by Friar Nicholas Philipp
31.   Charity is no longer cheer [Charite is no lengor Cheere]
Refrain to 6658
32.   Charles doughty knights ta le as they a wayward sped
DIMEV 972 Witnesses: 1
Sir Firumbras
33.   Chastize your children while they been young
DIMEV 973 Witnesses: 12
Hendyng (attrib.)
34.   Child I was and child I am
DIMEV 974 Witnesses: 1
Words of Jesus as redeemer in a Latin sermon — one couplet
35.   Child of discipline incline to me thy ear
DIMEV 975 Witnesses: 27
George Ripley: The Twelve Gates
36.   Children and young men that come to this City
DIMEV 976 Witnesses: 1
Moral advice to Apprentices — eight 6-line stanzas
37.   Children been little bright and sheen and eath for to fillen
DIMEV 977 Witnesses: 1
John Grimestone
38.   Children of Eve both great and small
DIMEV 978 Witnesses: 1
James Ryman (?)
39.   Children profit and liquor failing
DIMEV 979 Witnesses: 3
Riddles concealing names of ladies — in couplets
40.   Christ and Saint Mary so on shamble me I-led
DIMEV 980 Witnesses: 4
Reginald: Vita S. Godrici
41.   Christ as he vouched safe himself
DIMEV 981 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
42.   Christ buyer of all I-coren
DIMEV 982 Witnesses: 1
William Herebert: ‘Christe redemptor omnium’
43.   Christ Christian king that on the cross tholed
DIMEV 983 Witnesses: 1
‘Death & Liffe’
44.   Christ cried in cradle moder ba ba / The children of Israel
DIMEV 984 Witnesses: 1
In die sanctorum Innocencium
45.   Christ cried when He prayed forgiveness of our sin
DIMEV 985 Witnesses: 1
John Grimestone
46.   Christ cross me speed ABC
DIMEV 986 Witnesses: 1
‘How þe gosyps made a royal feest’
47.   Christ cross me speed and Saint Nicolas
DIMEV 987 Witnesses: 1
An ABC poem on the Passion — six stanzas rhyme royal
48.   Christ crowned king that on the cross diedest
DIMEV 988 Witnesses: 1
The Crowned King
49.   Christ enjoined[?] us to a work of kindly compassion
DIMEV 989 Witnesses: 1
John Waldeby
50.   Christ for cleanness of Thine incarnation [Crist for clenesse of thin incarnacion / þe merit of thi woundes]
DIMEV 0.605.5 Witnesses: 0
Ghost reference from Rossell Hope Robbins, and John L. Cutler. Supplement to the Index of Middle English Verse. Lexington, Kentucky: University of Kentucky Press, 1965: French verse only; Cf. ghost reference to 1018
51.   Christ give us grace to love well Holy Church
DIMEV 990 Witnesses: 2
Love Holy Church and its Priests — two 12-line stanzas, ababcdcdcdcd, followed by five 8-line stanzas, abababab
52.   Christ God me speed now in my little treatise
DIMEV 991 Witnesses: 1
John Marion
53.   Christ had rest at His need
DIMEV 992 Witnesses: 1
On Christ’s rewards for suffering, in a Latin sermon, de ascensione domini — one couplet
54.   Christ hath cancelled the writing of all mans debt
DIMEV 993 Witnesses: 1
‘Short Charter of Christ’
55.   Christ hath made His complaint
DIMEV 994 Witnesses: 1
A prophecy — 96 lines in quatrains
56.   Christ honoured mote Thou be [Crist honoured mote þou be]
Refrain to 1164
57.   Christ is offered for mans sake
DIMEV 995 Witnesses: 1
John Grimestone
58.   Christ is wounded for our wickedness
DIMEV 996 Witnesses: 1
‘We buþ ful heled of oure siknesse’ in a Latin sermon translating ‘Ipse vulneratus propter iniquitates nostras’ (Isaiah 53:5) — one couplet
59.   Christ keep us all as He well can / a solis ortus cardine
DIMEV 997 Witnesses: 1
A macaronic carol of the Nativity — four quatrains (abab) and burden: ‘Now syng we syng we / Gloria tibi domine
60.   Christ lay an loud grede
DIMEV 998 Witnesses: 1
John Grimestone
61.   Christ made man in this manner of wise
DIMEV 999 Witnesses: 1
‘Quid ultra debuit facere’
62.   Christ made to man a fair present / His bloody body with love I-brent
DIMEV 1000 Witnesses: 3
A song of the Love of Christ — 44 lines mostly in 4-line stanzas but also couplets, six-line monorhyming stanzas, and six-line stanzas rhyming aabaab
63.   Christ mote us speed
DIMEV 1001 Witnesses: 1
Prayer for Christ’s blessing or aid — a single couplet inscribed on a font
64.   Christ of the thief which on Thy right hand was
DIMEV 1002 Witnesses: 2
Epitaph for Richard I, translating Latin verses which precede it, in Part VII of Fabyan’s Chronicle, Septima Pars, Richardi I — three stanzas rhyme royal
65.   Christ on cross his blood that bled
DIMEV 1003 Witnesses: 1
Treatise on the Birth and Prophecy of Merlin
66.   Christ that again has made free
DIMEV 1004 Witnesses: 1
James Ryman: ‘Christe redemptor omnium’
67.   Christ that art both day and light
DIMEV 1005 Witnesses: 2
John Lydgate: ‘Criste qui lux es et dies’
68.   Christ that art both day and light
DIMEV 1006 Witnesses: 1
Criste qui lux es et dies
69.   Christ that art both light and day
DIMEV 1007 Witnesses: 1
‘Criste qui lux es et dies’
70.   Christ that art light and day also
DIMEV 1008 Witnesses: 2
James Ryman: ‘Criste qui lux es et dies’
71.   Christ that art light and day so bright
DIMEV 1009 Witnesses: 1
James Ryman: ‘Criste qui lux es et dies’
72.   Christ that art light clearness and day
DIMEV 1010 Witnesses: 1
James Ryman: ‘Criste qui lux es et dies’
73.   Christ that bread broke
DIMEV 1011 Witnesses: 5
Grace before supper — six or eight lines
74.   Christ that day art and light
DIMEV 1012 Witnesses: 1
‘Criste qui lux es et dies’
75.   Christ that died on the rood
DIMEV 1013 Witnesses: 10
A tag in the Fasciculus morum — one couplet freely translating 1 Cor. 5.7.
76.   Christ that died upon the cross for salvation of mankind
DIMEV 1014 Witnesses: 13
Richard Lavynham: Litel Tretise
77.   Christ that died upon the rood
DIMEV 1015 Witnesses: 1
A political poem blaming magnates for the loss of Normandy — 118 lines in 3-line stanzas (aab)
78.   Christ that was crowned with caitifs unkind [Cryst þat was crowned with caytyfes vnkynde]
See 1016
79.   Christ that was crucified for sinners unkind
DIMEV 1016 Witnesses: 4
The Lady who buried the Host
80.   Christ that was crucified on the cross for our sins sake
DIMEV 1017 Witnesses: 1
John Audelay: The Hours of the Cross
81.   Christ that was in Bethlehem born
DIMEV 1018 Witnesses: 16
A charm to staunch blood — varying number of lines and rhyme
82.   Christ that was of infinite might [Crist that was of infynyt myght]
See 2873
83.   Christ that would all men redeem and buy
DIMEV 1019 Witnesses: 1
‘Criste redemptor omnium’
84.   Christ to His apostles said these saws
DIMEV 1020 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
85.   Christ unto his disciples dear / Told this tale…
DIMEV 1021 Witnesses: 2
Gospel for the Saturday following the 15th Sunday after Trinity, in the ‘expanded’ Northern Homily Cycle — in couplets
86.   Christ was done on a tree
DIMEV 1022 Witnesses: 1
A charm against ‘heuyll’ by the wounds of Christ — six lines
87.   Christ was I-bore in Bethlehem [Crist was i-bore in bedlehem]
See 1018
88.   Christ was of the virgin Mary born
DIMEV 1023 Witnesses: 1
A charm for staunching blood — one quatrain
89.   Criste qui lux es et dies
DIMEV 1024 Witnesses: 3
A macaronic hymn — seven 8-line stanzas
90.   Christian men thou learn of love
DIMEV 1025 Witnesses: 1
Appeal of Christ to sinner, comparing Christ on the cross to a ‘bok of loue’ — nine 6-line stanzas
91.   Christo paremus cantica / In excelsis gloria
Burden to 6283
92.   Christs blood cleanseth and keepeth mens souls fro deadly sin
DIMEV 1026 Witnesses: 1
Disputacio de sanguine Christi
93.   Christs blood the high of life three things it hath undone
DIMEV 1027 Witnesses: 1
John Grimestone
94.   Christs body melts
DIMEV 1028 Witnesses: 1
John Grimestone
95.   Christs courteous cleping
DIMEV 1029 Witnesses: 1
Phrases describing grace in a Latin sermon — four monorhyming phrases
96.   Christs cross be my speed [Crystys crosse be my spede]
One-couplet introduction to Aristotle’s ABC; see 6054
97.   Christs evangelist Saint Lucas
DIMEV 1030 Witnesses: 1
Scottish Legendary
98.   Christs Mother mild Saint Mary
DIMEV 1031 Witnesses: 1
‘On god ureisun of ure lefdi’ — 171 lines
99.   Chroniclers the truth can record
DIMEV 1032 Witnesses: 1
‘Book of Howth’
100.   Chronicles and annual books of kings
DIMEV 1033 Witnesses: 5
William Peeris: House of Percy: Metrical Chronicle
101.   Church going
DIMEV 1034 Witnesses: 1
Phrases describing profitable works, in a Latin sermon — four monorhyming phrases
102.   Circumstantly three kings came by night
DIMEV 1035 Witnesses: 3
Mnemonic verses on the saints’ days in each month, adapted from the French — twelve quatrains
103.   Clangat tuba martir Thoma
Burden to 4334
104.   Cleanness whoso kindly could commend
DIMEV 1036 Witnesses: 1
105.   Clearness of understanding
DIMEV 1037 Witnesses: 1
John Grimestone
106.   Clim clam cat leap over dam
DIMEV 1038 Witnesses: 3
Nicholas Bozon: Contes moralisés
107.   Climb not too high / Lest chips fall in thine eye
DIMEV 1039 Witnesses: 1
Proverbial saying on the theme of overreaching — one couplet
108.   Cloister of Christ rich recent fleur-de-lis
DIMEV 1040 Witnesses: 1
Walter Kennedy: ‘Ane Ballat in Praise of Our Lady’
109.   Close thy heart from envy
DIMEV 1041 Witnesses: 1
Friar Nicholas Philip
110.   Come follow me my friends unto hell
DIMEV 1042 Witnesses: 1
‘A vysion of saules þat war dampned’
111.   Come here my cousin Gawain so gay
DIMEV 1043 Witnesses: 1
King Arthur and the King of Cornwall
112.   Come home again [Com home agayne / Come hom agayne / Min owine swet]
Burden of a carol on Christ’s call to Mankind: see 3394
113.   Come home dear heart from tarying
DIMEV 1044 Witnesses: 1
A love cycle — fifty-one lines in four groups each of three stanzas of 5, 3, and 5 lines.
114.   Come home sweet heart come home come home
DIMEV 1045 Witnesses: 1
Love song — four 6-line stanzas
115.   Come Lord our maker Holy Ghost
DIMEV 1046 Witnesses: 1
Veni Creator Spiritus
116.   Come Maker of Ghost Thou art
DIMEV 1047 Witnesses: 1
‘Veni Creator Spiritus’
117.   Come my dear spouse and lady free
DIMEV 1048 Witnesses: 1
James Ryman: ‘Iam Veni Coronaberis’
118.   Come my sweet come my flower
DIMEV 1049 Witnesses: 1
Verses incorporated in a sermon for the feast of the Assumption — two couplets in Mirk’s Festial
119.   Come no more at our house
DIMEV 1050 Witnesses: 1
Song of which only a reference to its burden(?) or refrain(?) survives — two lines
120.   Come now good Lord come now our Saviour
DIMEV 1051 Witnesses: 1
‘Veni redemptor gentium’
121.   Come over the burn Bessey [Come over the burne Besse]
Burden to 5227
122.   Come over the woods fair and green
DIMEV 1052 Witnesses: 1
An amorous dialogue with gathering flowers imagery — ten 8-line Monk’s Tale stanzas with refrains, ‘for conforth ys non alone to be’ and ‘alone’
123.   Come Shaper Holy Ghost offset our thoughts
DIMEV 1053 Witnesses: 1
William Herebert: ‘Veni Creator Spiritus’
124.   Come thou man ne dread thee nast
DIMEV 1054 Witnesses: 1
Bidding of the Virgin to man — one 6-line stanza
125.   Come to Bethlehem and ye shall see [Come to Bethleem and ye shal se / Puer natus est hodie]
Burden to 191
126.   Come wind come rain
DIMEV 1055 Witnesses: 1
Proverbial couplet translating ‘Ventus cum pluuia &c.
127.   Cometh near ye folks tempted in dreeness
DIMEV 1056 Witnesses: 1
William Billyng
128.   Cometh ye children me for to hearen
DIMEV 1057 Witnesses: 1
John Grimestone
129.   Comfort and I thus went in hands twain [Comfort and y thus went in hondis twayn]
See 6424
130.   Comfort the sick that sorry is and sad
DIMEV 1058 Witnesses: 1
‘The works of mercy bodily’
131.   Coming the great time of mercy
DIMEV 1059 Witnesses: 2
Robert of Brunne: Meditations on the Soper
132.   Command me what ye will in every wise
DIMEV 1060 Witnesses: 1
Charles d’Orléans
133.   Commit thy body to the grave [Comitt thy body to the graue]
See 2190
134.   Compatience pierces ruth and mercy stands
DIMEV 1061 Witnesses: 3
‘The Passioun of Christ’ — eight 8-line stanzas
135.   Complain I may
DIMEV 1062 Witnesses: 1
‘Dame Pitiles’
136.   Complain I may wheresoever I go
DIMEV 1063 Witnesses: 2
The forsaken lover — three stanzas rhyme royal
137.   Complain I may wherever I go [Complayne I may whereuyr I go]
DIMEV 0.649.5 Witnesses: 0
Formerly 649.5; see London, British Library Addit. 5465 [the Fairfax manuscript] copy of 1732
138.   Complain I would wist I whom til
DIMEV 1064 Witnesses: 2
William Dunbar: ‘A Complaint to the King’
139.   Complain ne could ne might mine heart never
DIMEV 1065 Witnesses: 1
‘A Balade of Compleynte’
140.   Complain we may much is amiss
DIMEV 1066 Witnesses: 1
On the wickedness of the world — sixteen cross-rhymed quatrains
141.   Conceived man how may that by reason brought about
DIMEV 1067 Witnesses: 2
On the mystery of the Incarnation — five quatrains in long lines and two-line burden: ‘Mervell nothyng joseph that mary be with child / She hath conceyved vere god and man and yet she undefiled’
142.   Concordance musical judged by the ear
DIMEV 1068 Witnesses: 1
Praise God for music — one stanza rhyme royal
143.   Conditor alme syderum
Burden to 2044
144.   Confide fili thy sins but forgive
DIMEV 1069 Witnesses: 1
Christ in his mercy appeals to Man — ten 8-line stanzas
145.   Consider well with every circumstance
DIMEV 1070 Witnesses: 8
John Lydgate (attrib.): A wikked tong wol alway deme amis
146.   Considerance is taken at prudence
DIMEV 1071 Witnesses: 4
Palladius: Palladius on Husbondrie
147.   Considering effectually the great diversity
DIMEV 1072 Witnesses: 2
The difficulty of choosing a profession in religion — twenty-one
8-line stanzas, with refrain, ‘Allas quid eligam ignoro
148.   Constraint of pain thought and heaviness
DIMEV 1073 Witnesses: 1
Charles d’Orléans
149.   Continuance / Of remembrance / without ending
DIMEV 1074 Witnesses: 1
The Lover’s Plaint
150.   Controversies pleas and all discord
DIMEV 1075 Witnesses: 17
John Lydgate: Hors, Goose and Shepe
151.   Convertimini ye commons [Conuertimini ye comons]
Refrain to 1497
152.   Corruption of sin
DIMEV 1079 Witnesses: 1
John Waldeby
153.   Counsel is a thing needful and holy
DIMEV 1080 Witnesses: 1
Take counsel — one stanza rhyme royal
154.   Counsel the redeless and thee will
DIMEV 1081 Witnesses: 1
‘þe gostly werkis of mercy’
155.   Courteous Caton
DIMEV 1082 Witnesses: 1
On Cato, pagan yet Christian — five tail-rhyme stanzas of 6 short lines
156.   Coveteous hath me I-shent
DIMEV 1083 Witnesses: 1
‘Contra Auariciam’
157.   …credence
Refrain phrase to 1255
158.   Credo in deum
DIMEV 1084 Witnesses: 1
A statement of belief and assurance of the bliss that is its reward — ten lines in a cross-rhymed quatrain (perhaps the burden?) and a tail-rhymed 6-line stanza
159.   Credo Peter began to say
DIMEV 1085 Witnesses: 1
How the Apostles made the Creed — five 12-line stanzas
160.   Crist
See ‘Christ’
161.   Criste qui lux es et dies / Noctis tenebras detegis
Burden to 1008, 1009, 1010
162.   Criste redemptor omnium / Ex patre patris vnice
Burden to 1004
163.   Cross and courteous Christ this beginning speed
DIMEV 1086 Witnesses: 4
Pierce the Ploughmans Crede
164.   Cross of Jesu Christ be ever our speed
DIMEV 1087 Witnesses: 1
‘þe ABC of deuocion’
165.   Cross was made all of red [Crosse was made all of red]
See 26
166.   Crown of thorn so sharp and keen
DIMEV 1088 Witnesses: 1
Fragment of a poem on Christ’s passion and pleading — six lines in couplets
167.   Cry to Christ and not blin
DIMEV 1089 Witnesses: 1
A couplet in a prose sermon
168.   Cuius contrarium verum est
Refrain to 2497
169.   Cum sola sis spes hominum
Burden to 3847
170.   Cunne to speak worship is
DIMEV 1090 Witnesses: 1
John Grimestone
171.   Cunning and virtue is not set by
DIMEV 1091 Witnesses: 1
Moral precepts — one stanza rhyme royal
172.   Cupido unto whose commandment
DIMEV 1092 Witnesses: 11
Thomas Hoccleve; Christine de Pisan: Lespistre de Cupide