The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
1.   Jack Dawe thou havest blasphemed and reason hast
DIMEV 2778 Witnesses: 1
Jack Upland’s Rejoinder
2.   Jack Miller asketh help to turn his mill aright
DIMEV 2779 Witnesses: 1
Jack Miller’s Song
3.   Jack of Norfolk be not too bold
DIMEV 2780 Witnesses: 1
A traditional couplet in early chronicles, a warning, A.D. 1485, to John Howard, Duke of Norfolk
4.   Jack Shep Trench Sovereign Tom Miller Tyler Jack Straw
DIMEV 2781 Witnesses: 1
A satirical rhyme from the Peasants’ Revolt — one long couplet among similar rhyming lines in Latin
5.   Jack Trueman doth you to understand
DIMEV 2782 Witnesses: 2
Epistle on the Abuses of the Age
6.   Jangler cum jasper lepper galper quoque dragger
DIMEV 2783 Witnesses: 1
Three macaronic lines on Tutivillus
7.   Jankin by name
DIMEV 2784 Witnesses: 1
A Book tag — four lines
8.   Jankin of London
DIMEV 2785 Witnesses: 1
A dance-refrain — two lines
9.   Jerusalem in English is / As mickle to say as sight of peace
DIMEV 2786 Witnesses: 10
Northern Homily Cycle
10.   Jerusalem rejoice for joy
DIMEV 2787 Witnesses: 1
On the Navity
11.   Jesu after our baptism ever thou us keep
DIMEV 2788 Witnesses: 1
A prayer on the Seven Sacraments — one stanza rhyme royal
12.   Jesu almighty and Mary maiden free
DIMEV 2789 Witnesses: 1
A prayer for defence against enemies — one stanza rhyme royal
13.   Jesu almighty king of bliss [Ihesu almighty kyng of blys / Assumpsit carnem virginis]
Burden to 589
14.   Jesu and His disciples dear
DIMEV 2790 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
15.   Jesu as Thou art king of bliss
DIMEV 2791 Witnesses: 1
A simple prayer — six monorhyming lines
16.   Jesu as Thou art our savior
DIMEV 2792 Witnesses: 1
A song to Christ — five quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘Jhesu jhesu jhesu jhesu / Saf vs alle thorw thi vertu’
17.   Jesu as Thou may do Thy will
DIMEV 2793 Witnesses: 1
A prayer for Christ’s protection — three cross-rhymed quatrans
18.   Jesu as Thou me made and bought
DIMEV 2794 Witnesses: 1
A prayer to Jesus — one monoryming quatrain
19.   Jesu at morrow as Thou were take
DIMEV 2795 Witnesses: 1
The Hours of the Cross — eight 6-line stanzas
20.   Jesu be Thou my joy all melody and sweetness
DIMEV 2796 Witnesses: 2
Richard Rolle: English Psalter
21.   Jesu by Thee my soul [Jhesu by the my sowle]
DIMEV 0.1666 Witnesses: 0
Formerly 1666; reassigned to 2861
22.   Jesu by Your speed
DIMEV 2797 Witnesses: 1
Verses on injustice against Laurence Saunders at Coventry (1496) — four 6-line stanzas (aabccb)
23.   Jesu called together him self / All his Apostles twelve
DIMEV 2798 Witnesses: 1
Northern Homily Cycle
24.   Jesu came out of Galilee
DIMEV 2799 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
25.   Jesu Christ all this worlds read
DIMEV 2800 Witnesses: 3
Hendyng: The Proverbs of Hendyng
26.   Jesu Christ and all mankind
DIMEV 2801 Witnesses: 1
John Grimestone
27.   Jesu Christ behot thee richesse hance and play [I[h]c behote þe richesse hance & play]
Third couplet of 2401
28.   Jesu Christ fulfilled of grace / In the temple up he raise
DIMEV 2802 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
29.   Jesu Christ full of pity
DIMEV 2803 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
30.   Jesu Christ Gods Son of heaven
DIMEV 2804 Witnesses: 1
The Fifteen O’s
31.   Jesu Christ Gods son of heaven [Ihesu criste goddes sone of heuen]
See 1391
32.   Jesu Christ Gods son
DIMEV 2805 Witnesses: 1
Dialogue between St. Peter Dominican and the Crucifix — six and eight lines in couplets
33.   Jesu Christ have mercy on me
DIMEV 2806 Witnesses: 1
A Prayer to Jesus — three couplets
34.   Jesu Christ heaven king / All us grant good ending
DIMEV 2807 Witnesses: 2
Arthour and Merlin
35.   Jesu Christ heaven king / and His Mother that sweet thing
DIMEV 2808 Witnesses: 1
Canticum de creatione — two hundred 6-line stanzas.
36.   Jesu Christ heaven king / Be at my beginning
DIMEV 2809 Witnesses: 1
Robert Grosseteste: Chateau d’Amour
37.   Jesu Christ heaven king / Give us all good ending
DIMEV 2810 Witnesses: 1
A prayer to Jesus — four 6-line stanzas (aabccb), with three extra lines prefacing stanza 1
38.   Jesu Christ heavens king [Iesu chryste hevynnis kyng / Grant vs all his blissyng]
See 2867
39.   Jesu Christ I beseech Thee for the cleanness of Thine incarnation
DIMEV 2811 Witnesses: 1
A simple prayer — eleven lines
40.   Jesu Christ I Thee beseech
DIMEV 2812 Witnesses: 1
A morning prayer to God, Christ, the Virgin Mary, St. Michael, etc. — seven 6-line stanzas
41.   Jesu Christ in Trinity / Only God and persons three
DIMEV 2813 Witnesses: 4
The Earl of Toulous
42.   Jesu Christ keep our lips from pollution
DIMEV 2814 Witnesses: 2
A prayer to Jesus — six 8-line stanzas
43.   Jesu Christ le fiz Marie [Ihesu crist le fiz marie / cil ke tut le munde fist]
See 3191
44.   Jesu Christ Lord of heaven king [Jhesu criste lorde of hevene kynge / Graunte…]
See 1934
45.   Jesu Christ loved thou be
DIMEV 2815 Witnesses: 1
Scottish Legendary
46.   Jesu Christ Marys son
DIMEV 2815.5 Witnesses: 1
A chrysom brass inscribed with 2 English verses
47.   Jesu Christ most merciful
DIMEV 2816 Witnesses: 1
A simple prayer to Christ — three monorhyming lines
48.   Jesu Christ most of might
DIMEV 2817 Witnesses: 2
Epitaph of John le Wenlock, c. A.D. 1480, formerly in Wenlock Chapel on the north side of the choir in the parish church of Luton, Bedfordshire — four couplets
49.   Jesu Christ my leman sweet that diedest on the Rood-Tree
DIMEV 2818 Witnesses: 5
A prayer of the Five Wounds — one long monorhyming quatrain
50.   Jesu Christ my soul boot [Iesu Crist my soule bote]
The opening of the single stanza of the Balliol text of 5078
51.   Jesu Christ of mights most / Father and son and holy ghost
DIMEV 2819 Witnesses: 1
The Founding of the Feasts of All Saints and All Souls
52.   Jesu Christ of Nazareth / That died on cross with wounds wide
DIMEV 2820 Witnesses: 1
A popular prayer to Jesus — one quatrain
53.   Jesu Christ of Nazareth / That for us all sufferedest
DIMEV 2821 Witnesses: 2
A prayer of the Five Wounds — one 6-line stanza (aabccb)
54.   Jesu Christ our heaven king
DIMEV 2822 Witnesses: 2
‘A mery iest of the mylner of Abyngton with his wyfe and his doughter and two poore scholers of Cambridge’
55.   Jesu Christ our Lord so sweet
DIMEV 2823 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
56.   Jesu Christ our savior
DIMEV 2824 Witnesses: 6
Libeaus Desconus
57.   Jesu Christ rightful Justice / King and lord over all kings
DIMEV 2825 Witnesses: 1
‘An holy meditaciun and the Sauteer of Crystis Passiun’
58.   Jesu Christ Saint Mary son
DIMEV 2826 Witnesses: 1
A prayer to Jesus — twenty quatrains (abab)
59.   Jesu Christ that died on tree
DIMEV 2827 Witnesses: 1
A Prayer to Christ — three 12-line stanzas
60.   Jesu Christ that died on tree / To buy mans soul…
DIMEV 2828 Witnesses: 1
John Lydgate: Stans puer ad mensam
61.   Jesu Christ that is so free / To mans soul speaketh he
DIMEV 2829 Witnesses: 2
‘A luytel tretys of loue, of Godes passyon’
62.   Jesu Christ that suffered
DIMEV 2829.5 Witnesses: 1
Carved memorial — eight lines
63.   Jesu Christ to whom we call / Said to his disciples all
DIMEV 2830 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
64.   Jesu christe fili dei viui mise[rere no]bis / Alleluya
Burden to 3562
65.   Jesu Christs mild Mother / Stood beheld her son o rood
DIMEV 2831 Witnesses: 1
‘Stabat iuxta Christi crucem’
66.   Jesu descended for to come
DIMEV 2832 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
67.   Jesu do me love Thee so
DIMEV 2833 Witnesses: 1
Rubric heading to Latin prose text of The Fifteen O’s of St. Bridget — four lines, monorhymed
68.   Jesu doth him bemean / and speaketh to sinful man
DIMEV 2834 Witnesses: 1
Appeal of Christ to Man — forty lines in irregular stanzas
69.   Jesu fili dei [Ihesu fili dei]
Burden to 1523
70.   Jesu fili virginis [Iesu fili virginis / miserere nobis]
Burden to 2883
71.   Jesu for Thee mourn I may
DIMEV 2835 Witnesses: 1
A Song of Love to Jesus — two 6-line stanzas (aabccb)
72.   Jesu for them I Thee beseech [Jhesus for hem I the beseche / that wrathen þe in any wyse]
See Longleat, Marquess of Bath MS 30 and San Marino, CA, Henry Huntington Library HM 142 [olim Bement] copies of 2869
73.   Jesu for Thine precious blood
DIMEV 2836 Witnesses: 4
A prayer by the Seven Times Christ shed His Blood, linked as Remedies against the Deadly Sins — seven 6-line stanzas
74.   Jesu for Thy blissful blood
DIMEV 2837 Witnesses: 1
A simple prayer to Jesus — four lines
75.   Jesu for Thy blood Thy bleddest
DIMEV 2838 Witnesses: 4
A prayer by the Seven Times Christ shed His Blood — eight 6-line stanzas
76.   Jesu for Thy bloody head [Ihesu for þi blodi heued / þat al wit thornes &c.]
DIMEV 0.1702 Witnesses: 0
Formerly 1702; see 2836
77.   Jesu for Thy clemency of Thy incarnation
DIMEV 2839 Witnesses: 1
A prayer to Jesus — one quatrain
78.   Jesu for Thy holy name / And for Thy bitter Passion
DIMEV 2840 Witnesses: 26
The popular prayer by the Holy Name — four lines, frequently followed by two more varying lines
79.   Jesu for thy holy name
DIMEV 2841 Witnesses: 1
A Litany to Christ, the Virgin Mary, Angels and Saints
80.   Jesu for thy holy name / Save me from deadly sin and worldly shame
DIMEV 2841.5 Witnesses: 1
Prayer for Jesus’s guidance or protection. Written as prose. Added to the lower margin by hand of early sixteenth century (“per me Thomas Goodenystone,” a Girdler of London, d. 1542)
81.   Jesu for Thy mercy endless [Jhesu for thy mercy endelesse / Saue thy pepill and sende vs pesse]
Burden to 2849
82.   Jesu for thy mickle might / Thou give us of thy grace
DIMEV 2842 Witnesses: 1
A Meditation on the Passion — five 10-line stanzas (ababccdeed)
83.   Jesu for thy much might
DIMEV 2843 Witnesses: 1
Thomas Hoccleve: De Regimine Principum
84.   Jesu for Thy precious blood
DIMEV 2844 Witnesses: 1
A simple prayer to Christ — one quatrain
85.   Jesu for Thy precious blood
DIMEV 2845 Witnesses: 1
Prayer for salvation — one couplet
86.   Jesu for Thy precious blood
DIMEV 2846 Witnesses: 1
‘Here men mai see hou Oure Lord Ihu Crist schadde his precious blood VIJ tymes aȝens þe VII deedli synnes’
87.   Jesu for Thy precious blood
DIMEV 2847 Witnesses: 1
‘XV Articuli Passionis Ihesu Christi’
88.   Jesu for thy wounds five
DIMEV 2848 Witnesses: 1
A prayer by the Passion — four lines
89.   Jesu for Thy wounds five
DIMEV 2849 Witnesses: 1
Pray for Peace (c. 1499) — one stanza (ababcc) with four-line burden: ‘Jhesu for thy mercy endelesse / Saue thy pepill and sende vs pesse (repeated), ten lines in all’
90.   Jesu for Thy wounds wide
DIMEV 2850 Witnesses: 1
A simple prayer — three rhyming lines
91.   Jesu for your many [Jhesu fore yowre manie / Yblessid mot yowre body be]
Burden to 5604
92.   Jesu full of all virtues / Said to the people of the Jews
DIMEV 2851 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
93.   Jesu God and Gods son / That were a babe I-born
DIMEV 2852 Witnesses: 1
A Miracle of the Virgin Mary, a Lost Foot Restored — thirty-seven couplets or monorhyming quatrains
94.   Jesu God is becomen man
DIMEV 2853 Witnesses: 1
John Grimestone
95.   Jesu God Son Lord of magesty / Send will to my heart only to covet Thee
DIMEV 2854 Witnesses: 2
Richard Rolle (attrib.): A Song of Love-longing to Jesus
96.   Jesu God Son of mights most
DIMEV 2855 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
97.   Jesu great love moved Thee
DIMEV 2856 Witnesses: 1
A ‘mourning song’ of the Passion — eleven 6-line stanzas (the lines somewhat disarranged)
98.   Jesu have mercy on me [Ihesu haue mercy on me]
Refrain to 433
99.   Jesu have mercy upon us and this English nation
DIMEV 2857 Witnesses: 1
Prayer for England as part of Christendom — one couplet in long lines
100.   Jesu heaven king grant us grace
DIMEV 2858 Witnesses: 1
Prayer for grace — four lines in short couplets
101.   Jesu Jesu mercy I cry [Ihesu Ihesu mercy I cry / myn huge synnes þou me forgyf]
See 2875
102.   Jesu king in throne [Ihesu kyng in trone / Lord in mageste]
See 684
103.   Jesu king of heaven and hell / Man and woman I will thee tell
DIMEV 2859 Witnesses: 8
The ‘Long Charter’ of Christ
104.   Jesu king of high heaven above
DIMEV 2860 Witnesses: 10
Guillaume Deguileville: Pèlerinage de l’âme
105.   Jesu light my soul with Thy grace
DIMEV 2861 Witnesses: 1
‘A prayer aȝeen dispeyre or mysbeleue: Illumina’
106.   Jesu Lord blessed Thou be
DIMEV 2862 Witnesses: 2
A morning prayer — seven quatrains
107.   Jesu Lord for Thy holy circumcision
DIMEV 2863 Witnesses: 10
John Lydgate: ‘Kalendar’
108.   Jesu Lord in Trinity / That was and is and ay shall be
DIMEV 2864 Witnesses: 1
Miracle of the Virgin Mary, the Wicked Knight and the Friar
109.   Jesu Lord of might
DIMEV 2865 Witnesses: 1
A simple prayer — one couplet
110.   Jesu lord of mights most / Father and son and holy ghost
DIMEV 2866 Witnesses: 5
‘Visio Tundali’
111.   Jesu Lord our heaven king / Grant us all…
DIMEV 2867 Witnesses: 9
Syr Egyllamore of Artas
112.   Jesu Lord our heavenly king
DIMEV 2868 Witnesses: 1
The founding of a mythical fraternity of drinkers — in six-line tail-rhyme stanzas
113.   Jesu lord that madest me / And with thy blessed blood hast bought
DIMEV 2869 Witnesses: 25
Richard de Caistre
114.   Jesu Lord Thy blessed life
DIMEV 2870 Witnesses: 5
One couplet as conclusion to Wycliffite trans. of St. Bonaventure, Speculum Vite Christi
115.   Jesu Lord welcome Thou be / In form of bread as I Thee see
DIMEV 2871 Witnesses: 6
A prayer at the ‘Leuacion’ — in couplets
116.   Jesu Lord well of all goodness [Iesu lord well of all godnes]
See 2345
117.   Jesu mercy and grant mercy
DIMEV 2872 Witnesses: 1
A prayer tag to be used with the Psalter of Jesus — four monorhyming lines
118.   Jesu mercy for my misdeed [Ihesu mercy for my mysdede]
Refrain to 2875
119.   Jesu mercy how may this be
DIMEV 2873 Witnesses: 1
A song of the Incarnation — five quatrains
120.   Jesu mercy Lady help
DIMEV 2874 Witnesses: 1
For my dog ([Cutt] name illegible) — one couplet
121.   Jesu mercy mercy I cry
DIMEV 2875 Witnesses: 2
‘A deuoyt meditacione’
122.   Jesu most sweetest of any thing / To love Thou I have great longing
DIMEV 2876 Witnesses: 1
‘A song of loue to owre lorde Iesu Criste’ — seventy monorhyming quatrains
123.   Jesu my lief Jesu my love Jesu my coveting
DIMEV 2877 Witnesses: 1
Richard Rolle (?)
124.   Jesu my Lord welcome Thou be / In flesh and blood I Thee see
DIMEV 2878 Witnesses: 1
A prayer to be said between Agnus Dei and the ‘Levacion’ — nineteen couplets, with four monoriming introductory lines assuring pardon
125.   Jesu my love my joy my rest
DIMEV 2879 Witnesses: 1
On the Wounds of Christ — six lines (aaaabb)
126.   Jesu my lover and my delight
DIMEV 2880 Witnesses: 2
A prayer by the Passion for Chastity — fourteen couplets
127.   Jesu my spouse good and true
DIMEV 2881 Witnesses: 1
Prayer of a virgin to the crucifix (6 lines) and lament of the devil (4 lines) — five couplets
128.   Jesu my sweet which that all thing has wrought
DIMEV 2882 Witnesses: 1
John Grimestone
129.   Jesu of a maid Thou wouldest be born
DIMEV 2883 Witnesses: 3
A song of Jesus the Saviour — five quatrains (aabb) with ‘Miserere nobis’ refrain and four-line burden: ‘Iesu fili virginis / miserere nobis’ (repeated)
130.   Jesu of His mother was born
DIMEV 2884 Witnesses: 1
‘Verbum caro factum est’
131.   Jesu of Nazareth
DIMEV 2890 Witnesses: 1
A prayer for mercy by the Five Wounds — six lines
132.   Jesu of Nazareth the king of Jews
DIMEV 2891 Witnesses: 1
‘Magna carta libertatis & remissionis generalis’
133.   Jesu of whom all true love springs
DIMEV 2892 Witnesses: 1
A prayer of love to Jesus — one 8-line stanza (ababcbcb)
134.   Jesu our ransom
DIMEV 2893 Witnesses: 1
William Herebert: ‘Ihesu nostra redempcio’
135.   Jesu receive my heart
DIMEV 2894 Witnesses: 1
A prayer to Jesus — five 6-line stanzas (aabccb), some disarranged (one 7 ll., one 9 ll.)
136.   Jesu rested in a may / Forty weeks and a day
DIMEV 2895 Witnesses: 1
A Christmas carol — three quatrains (aaab) with ‘Nowell ell ell’ refrain and burden: ‘Nowell nowell ell ell / Iwys yt ys a wunder nowell’
137.   Jesu said these words meek / To his disciples whan spake
DIMEV 2896 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
138.   Jesu seeing peoples coming him till
DIMEV 2897 Witnesses: 2
A paraphrase of the Beatitudes — thirteen couplets
139.   Jesu She that by Thee stod
DIMEV 2898 Witnesses: 1
The Virgin looks on the Cross — two couplets
140.   Jesu sweet is the love of Thee / nothing so sweet may be
DIMEV 2899 Witnesses: 3
Iesu dulcis memoria
141.   Jesu sweet Jesu lord mine
DIMEV 2900 Witnesses: 1
On the Passion — forty monorhyming lines in quatrains
142.   Jesu sweet now will I sing [Jesu swete now wyll I syng]
See 5077
143.   Jesu sweet son dear [Ihesu suete sone dere / In porful bed þu list…]
Lines 7-30 of 3043; begins top of f. 126ra
144.   Jesu that all this world has wroght
DIMEV 2901 Witnesses: 3
A Meditation on the Passion — eight 8-line stanzas with refrain: ‘ffor þus þou sched þi blood for me’
145.   Jesu that all this world hath wrought
DIMEV 2902 Witnesses: 1
A prayer to Jesus for mercy occurring in a Latin homily — thirty-six lines in irregular stanzas, possibly a round
146.   Jesu that all this world hath wrought
DIMEV 2903 Witnesses: 1
147.   Jesu that are our best leech [Jhu that ar oure best leche / Of helthe we the beseche]
See 5977
148.   Jesu that art gentle for joy of Thy Dame
DIMEV 2904 Witnesses: 1
Ballad of a tyrannical husband — twenty-eight monorhyming quatrains (imperfect at end)
149.   Jesu that art heaven king / Soothfast God and man also
DIMEV 2905 Witnesses: 5
A prayer to Jesus — eight quatrains
150.   Jesu that art Lord of might
DIMEV 2906 Witnesses: 1
A prayer of the Five Wounds — five 8-line stanzas
151.   Jesu that art of might most / Father and son and holy ghost
DIMEV 2907 Witnesses: 1
Reinbrun Gy Sone of Warwike
152.   Jesu that born was of a may / I amendment of mankind
DIMEV 2908 Witnesses: 3
Stanzaic Exposition of the Life of Christ and the Feasts of the Church
153.   Jesu that died on the rood for the love of me
DIMEV 2909 Witnesses: 2
A prayer to Jesus for mercy — one monorhyming quatrain
154.   Jesu that died upon a tree
DIMEV 2910 Witnesses: 1
A simple prayer against ‘þe Fendis myȝt’ — one quatrain
155.   Jesu that died upon the rood
DIMEV 2911 Witnesses: 1
Life of St. Thomas of Canterbury
156.   Jesu that diedest on the rood
DIMEV 2912 Witnesses: 1
Grace after meat — one 6-line stanza
157.   Jesu that diedest upon the tree / And tholedest death for me
DIMEV 2913 Witnesses: 2
An Orison of the Five Wounds — eight 6-line stanzas
158.   Jesu that for us would die
DIMEV 2914 Witnesses: 1
On the Deadly Sins, Ten Commandments, Pater noster, Creed, Ave Maria, and the Hours of the Cross — 308 lines in couplets
159.   Jesu that hast me dear I-bought
DIMEV 2915 Witnesses: 11
A meditation on the Passion — 154 lines in couplets
160.   Jesu that He bread broke [Jhesus that he bred brac…]
See 1011
161.   Jesu that heaven and earth began
DIMEV 2916 Witnesses: 1
Tale of an incestuous daughter — twenty-four 6-line stanzas
162.   Jesu that is full of disport / Gave his disciples their comfort
DIMEV 2917 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
163.   Jesu that is heaven king
DIMEV 2918 Witnesses: 1
The Kyng and the Hermit
164.   Jesu that is heaven king [Jhesu þat is heuyn king / Geue vs al good endyng]
Sir Eglamour of Artois (Cotton and Egerton texts): see 2867
165.   Jesu that is heaven king / To His disciples said this thing
DIMEV 2919 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
166.   Jesu that is king in throne
DIMEV 2920 Witnesses: 1
167.   Jesu that is most of might
DIMEV 2921 Witnesses: 1
‘Owayne Miles’
168.   Jesu that is most of might
DIMEV 2922 Witnesses: 1
A letter to his Mistress — fourteen quatrains (abab)
169.   Jesu that of this earth madest me
DIMEV 2923 Witnesses: 1
Prayers for ‘Mercy’ and ‘Thankyng’ following Richard of Caister’s Metrical Prayer (2869) — two 6-line stanzas, monorhyming
170.   Jesu that sprung of Jesse root
DIMEV 2924 Witnesses: 1
‘Be my Coumfort Crist Ihesus’ — seven 12-line stanzas with this refrain
171.   Jesu that suffered at the hour of prime of the day
DIMEV 2925 Witnesses: 1
On the Hours of the Cross — ends incompletely
172.   Jesu that suffered bitter passion and pain
DIMEV 2926 Witnesses: 1
Epitaph, A.D. 1487, for John Chamberleyn and his wives — eight lines
173.   Jesu that sufferedest wounds smart
DIMEV 2927 Witnesses: 1
A general Prayer — five monorhyming quatrains
174.   Jesu that was born of Mary free
DIMEV 2928 Witnesses: 1
‘Þat Pese may stond’
175.   Jesu that was fulfilled of grace
DIMEV 2929 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
176.   Jesu that was in Bethlehem born [Iesu þat was in bedlem born / baptysud was in flum iordan]
See 1018
177.   Jesu that was with spear I-stung / And for us…
DIMEV 2930 Witnesses: 1
Octavian (Southern version)
178.   Jesu that would after midnight / Thy sweet face that was so bright
DIMEV 2931 Witnesses: 3
The Hours of the Cross — in 6-line stanzas(aabccb)
179.   Jesu that would for us die / and was born of maid Mary
DIMEV 2932 Witnesses: 1
‘þe seuen dedly sinnes’
180.   Jesu that wouldest for mans sake
DIMEV 2933 Witnesses: 2
Friar Nicholas Philip
181.   Jesu the royal ruby most high of renown
DIMEV 2934 Witnesses: 1
Legend of the Life of Joseph of Arimathea
182.   Jesu the son of Mary mild
DIMEV 2935 Witnesses: 1
A meditation on the Passion — twenty stanzas rhyme royal
183.   Jesu Thou do me love Thee so
DIMEV 2936 Witnesses: 1
A prayer to Christ — 34 lines
184.   Jesu Thy name honored might be
DIMEV 2937 Witnesses: 2
A prayer to Jesus — five 8-line stanzas (abababab)
185.   Jesu thy sweetness who so might it see
DIMEV 2940 Witnesses: 20
A Song of Love to Jesus — fourteen 8-line stanzas (abababab)
186.   Jesu to His disciples said / As it is here in scripture laid
DIMEV 2941 Witnesses: 1
Northern Homily Cycle
187.   Jesu to his disciples told / Words good for to hold
DIMEV 2942 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
188.   Jesu upon a time he bade / His disciples as they were stead
DIMEV 2943 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
189.   Jesu was born in Bethlehem Iudea / Of maid Mary thus find we
DIMEV 2944 Witnesses: 2
A carol for Epiphany — eleven quatrains (aaab) and burden: ‘The sterre hym schon bothe nyght & day / To lede thre kynges ther our lord lay’
190.   Jesu was of Mary born / For sinful man that was forlorn
DIMEV 2945 Witnesses: 5
A Dialogue between Christ and Man — 76 lines in couplets
191.   Jesu welcome mote Thou be
DIMEV 2946 Witnesses: 1
A prayer to Christ in the eucharist — four couplets
192.   Jesu whom ye serve daily
DIMEV 2947 Witnesses: 1
A prayer for John Talbot — six couplets
193.   Jesu with heart to Thee I plain [Ihesu wiþ herte to þe I pleyne]
See 2825
194.   Jesus wounds so wide
DIMEV 2948 Witnesses: 1
On the Wound in the Side of Christ — two quatrains (abab)
195.   Jewels precious can I none find to sell
DIMEV 2949 Witnesses: 1
A Greeting on New Years’ Morning — four stanzas rhyme royal and concluding couplet
196.   Jews hateth our Lady much and Her sweet Son also
DIMEV 2950 Witnesses: 9
South English Legendary
197.   Jews woned in sere country [Iewis wonid in sere cuntre / which was clepid…]
See 5347
198.   Jhesus autem hodie / Regressus est a jordane
Burden to 6358
199.   Job down the hill he set
DIMEV 2951 Witnesses: 1
A charm for chancre, with Latin instructions for its use — four lines
200.   Job in a dunghill lay
DIMEV 2952 Witnesses: 1
Charm to rid worms — four roughly-rhyming couplets
201.   Johan the Miller hath I-ground small small small
DIMEV 2953 Witnesses: 1
John Ball
202.   John and Paul brethren were in the borough of Rome
DIMEV 2954 Witnesses: 1
South English Legendary
203.   John Baker of Bridgewater / Christ help thee
DIMEV 2955 Witnesses: 1
A blessing on John Baker and Dame Katherine Moleyns, Prioress of Kingston St Michael (Wilts.) — two couplets
204.   John Ball greeteth you well all
DIMEV 2956 Witnesses: 1
John Ball
205.   John Ball Saint Mary priest
DIMEV 2957 Witnesses: 1
John Ball
206.   John Baptist as ghostly leech
DIMEV 2958 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
207.   John Barton lieth under here / Sometimes of London
DIMEV 2959 Witnesses: 1
Epitaph, A.D. 1460, of John Barton and his wife at St Michael Basinghall, London — four couplets
208.   John blesses them all that this book readen
DIMEV 2960 Witnesses: 1
Eighteen lines of verse accompanying the Latin text of the Apocalypse
209.   John Bury of care beware I rede thee of Clare
DIMEV 2961 Witnesses: 1
A scribe’s demand for promised payment — one monorhyming quatrain
210.   John Clerk of Torrington I dare avow
DIMEV 2962 Witnesses: 1
Against John Clerke of Torrington, an English flyting — six cross-rhymed quatrains and a single six-line stanza, with burden: ‘Synge and blow, blow wel blow / Synge wen so Y blow’
211.   John Coppyn of Whitstable in great devotion
DIMEV 2963 Witnesses: 1
Rhymed inscription, A.D. 1446
212.   John is sick and ill at ease [Jhoone is sike & ill at ease]
Introductory burden to 2744
213.   John John pick a bone
DIMEV 2964 Witnesses: 1
A proverbial couplet tr. Latin
214.   John of Damascene telleth us the story / of Barlaam…
DIMEV 2965 Witnesses: 1
South English Legendary
215.   John oft revolve in thine remembrance [John ofte reuolue in thyn rememberance]
See 5633
216.   John sayeth here in this gospel / Thing that we should like well
DIMEV 2966 Witnesses: 1
Northern Homily Cycle
217.   John Wells of London grocer and mayor
DIMEV 2967 Witnesses: 1
Inscription on a sword
218.   John witnesseth in this place / Much goodness of Gods grace
DIMEV 2967.5 Witnesses: 1
Northern Homily Cycle
219.   Jolif te Jolif te
DIMEV 2968 Witnesses: 1
A tag, the first two lines of a popular song, quoted in a Latin exemplum De Guloso, introduced with ‘Quadam autem die sic comedit,et postea versus silvam ivit, incipiens istum cantum
220.   Jolly fellow jolly jolly fellow [Joly felowe ioly ioly felowe ioly]
Burden to 146
221.   Jolly fellow jolly [Joly felowe, joly]
Burden to 146
222.   Jolly shepherd of Askledown [Ercildoune?]
DIMEV 2969 Witnesses: 1
A love poem — originally perhaps about two 7-line stanzas
223.   Joseph and Mary maiden good / Had mickle marvel…
DIMEV 2970 Witnesses: 2
Northern Homily Cycle
224.   Joseph was born in Bethleham in the land of Judea [Ioseph was bore in Bethleem in þe londe of Iudee]
DIMEV 0.1801 Witnesses: 0
Section heading to 6380; formerly 1801
225.   Joseph would have fled fro that maid
DIMEV 2971 Witnesses: 1
James Ryman
226.   Joy and bliss withouten ending
DIMEV 2972 Witnesses: 1
Gloria laus et honor
227.   Joy and grace peace love faith and charity
DIMEV 2973 Witnesses: 1
John Capgrave: Life of St. Norbert
228.   Joy blessed Lady with pure virginal flower
DIMEV 2974 Witnesses: 1
Gaude flore virginali
229.   Joy health and every deal [Ioie helthe and euery delle]
An extract (lines 439-505), occurring separately (London, British Library Sloane 1212) from Supplicacio Amantis: see 275
230.   Joy in God whose grace is best [Ioye in god whoes grace is beste]
DIMEV 0.1806 Witnesses: 0
Formerly 1806 [Moral exhortations in Cambridge UK, Cambridge University Library Ii.6.2, f. 100v, by E. Robertȝ — two quatrains]; deleted by Rossell Hope Robbins, and John L. Cutler. Supplement to the Index of Middle English Verse. Lexington, Kentucky: University of Kentucky Press, 1965
231.   Joy thou Mary with virgin flowers
DIMEV 2975 Witnesses: 1
Gaude flore virginali
232.   Joy Thou Virgin as it is right
DIMEV 2976 Witnesses: 1
Gaude virgo mater
233.   Joy Winifred virgin pure
DIMEV 2977 Witnesses: 1
A ‘himme’ to St Winifred, preceded and followed by prose prayers — seven quatrains (aaab)
234.   Jubal was father and finder of song [Iubal was fadyr & fynder of song]
See 5788 (stanza 10)
235.   Judas was a lither bird that Jesu sold to rood
DIMEV 2978 Witnesses: 12
South English Legendary
236.   Judge as ye list I am content
DIMEV 2979 Witnesses: 1
Prayer of Jesus — four lines (abab)
237.   Juice of leeks with goats gall [Juce of lekes with gotes galle]
DIMEV 0.1810 Witnesses: 0
Formerly 1810; see 4171
238.   Justice look thou steadfast be [Justyce loke thu stedfast be]
DIMEV 0.1811 Witnesses: 0
Former 1811: see 4924
239.   Justice now is dead
DIMEV 2980 Witnesses: 1
John Skelton: ‘En Parlament à Paris’
240.   Justly be ye loveth
DIMEV 2981 Witnesses: 1
One couplet