The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
1.   Kandidus wroth went oway / And no com ogain
See Edinburgh, National Library of Scotland, Advocates’ 19.2.1 [Auchinleck MS] copy of 1131
2.   Karissima in deliciis / Iam veni coronaberis
Burden to 1048
3.   Katherine of Cata which is all to sayen
DIMEV 2982 Witnesses: 1
Osbert Bokenham: Life of St. Katherine
4.   Katherine the courteous of all that I know
DIMEV 2983 Witnesses: 1
Richard Spaldyng
5.   Katherine with glorious Margaret
DIMEV 2984 Witnesses: 2
‘De tribus Virginibus Katerina Margareta & Magdalena’
6.   Keep and save and thou shall have [Kype and save and thou schall have]
See 4811
7.   Keep thee fro care
DIMEV 2985 Witnesses: 1
A proverbial couplet
8.   Keep thy part for cause of good rewarding
DIMEV 2986 Witnesses: 1
Reasons for morality — one couplet in a Latin sermon
9.   Keep thy sight fro vanity
DIMEV 2987 Witnesses: 6
‘The Five Bodyly Wyttys’
10.   Keep thy tongue thy tongue thy tongue [Kep thi tunge thi tungue thi tunge / Thi wykyd tunge werkit me w[o]]
Burden to 5583
11.   Keep well my sight the gate of my life
DIMEV 0.1816 Witnesses: 0
‘Kepe wel my sight…’ is the third line of the second rhyme royal stanza of 2323-1; it is not a separate item, but the last five lines of 2323
12.   Keep well ten and flee from seven / spend well five and come to heaven
DIMEV 2988 Witnesses: 6
Number rhymes — a single couplet
13.   Keep well this in wed
DIMEV 2989 Witnesses: 1
Four couplets on the conveyance of the book as a pledge to a brother and sister-in-law.
14.   Keep well thy counsel as treasure in chest
DIMEV 2990 Witnesses: 1
Keep silence: friends may become foes — six lines (abcbca)
15.   Kindly is now my coming
DIMEV 2991 Witnesses: 1
On the Vanity of Life
16.   King Arthur lives in merry Carlisle
DIMEV 2992 Witnesses: 1
The Marriage of Sir Gawaine
17.   King be thou ready watch and wake
DIMEV 2993 Witnesses: 1
Death besieges the castle of the soul — three couplets in a Middle English sermon
18.   King counsel-less / Bishop loreless
DIMEV 2994 Witnesses: 16
The Abuses of the Age: rhyming lines ending in -les
19.   King Edward when thou havest Berwick [King Edward wanne þu hauest Berwic]
See 6261 (Riley, Henry Thomas. Willelmi Rishanger, quondam Monachi S. Albani, et quorundam anonymorum, Chronica et Annales Regnantibus Henrico Tertio et Edwardo Primo, A.D. 1259 - 1307. Rolls Series 28b (1865); repr. Kraus, 1983 [listed as ‘Rishanger’ in Rossell Hope Robbins, and John L. Cutler. Supplement to the Index of Middle English Verse. Lexington, Kentucky: University of Kentucky Press, 1965])
20.   King Hart in his comely castle strong
DIMEV 2995 Witnesses: 1
Gavin Douglas (attrib.): King Hart
21.   King Henry is dead beauty of the world for whom great dole
DIMEV 2996 Witnesses: 2
22.   King highest of all kings that havest none ending
DIMEV 2997 Witnesses: 1
William Herebert: ‘Eterne rex al tissime’
23.   King I sit and look about
DIMEV 2998 Witnesses: 13
The Vicissitudes of Life, a tag in the Fasciculus morum — four couplets, translating Latin lines, each spoken by a king on the Wheel of Fortune
24.   King Jamy Jomy your joy is all go
DIMEV 2999 Witnesses: 1
John Skelton (attrib.): ‘A ballade of the scottysshe kynge’
25.   King of grace and full of pity / Lord of Heaven I-blessed thou be
DIMEV 3000 Witnesses: 7
The Fifteen Signs before the Day of Judgment, prefaced by a short invocation of nine couplets
26.   King of land redeless [Kyng of lond redles / Bysschope wytles]
See 2994
27.   Kingdoms are but cares
DIMEV 3001 Witnesses: 1
Henry VI (attrib.)
28.   Kings state if thou will lead
DIMEV 3002 Witnesses: 2
John de Fordun: Scotichronicon
29.   Kinrick well I-dight
DIMEV 3003 Witnesses: 1
Irregular rhyming lines on the things which make a well-ordered kingdom
30.   Kiss ere thou sleep
DIMEV 3004 Witnesses: 1
Take care — three rhyming lines
31.   Kitt she wept I asked why so
DIMEV 3005 Witnesses: 1
An erotic carol — five quatrains and ten-line burden: ‘Kytt hathe lost hur key hur key / Goode Kytt hath lost hure key / She ys soo sory for the cause / She wottes nott what to say / She ys soo sory fore the cause / She wott not what to say to say / Goode Kytt good Kytt / She ys soo sory for the cause / She wot not [what] to say to say / Good Kytt’
32.   Kneel down man let for no shame
DIMEV 3006 Witnesses: 2
Be not ashamed to worship Jesus — two couplets
33.   Kneeling alone right thus I make my will
DIMEV 3007 Witnesses: 1
A Compleynt, a testament bequeathing the lover’s heart and will — three stanzas rhyme royal
34.   Knight in travail for to serve
DIMEV 3008 Witnesses: 1
‘A pure balade of love’
35.   Know ere thou knit and then thou mayest slake
DIMEV 3009 Witnesses: 2
A proverbial couplet on marriage included in a list of six (6621.7)
36.   Know ere thou knit Prove ere thou praise it
DIMEV 3010 Witnesses: 4
Against hasty marriage — five long lines (abbaa)
37.   Know well ere thou knit too fast / For often rape rueth at last
DIMEV 3011 Witnesses: 1
Admonitory couplet
38.   Knowen all men that are and shall been
DIMEV 3012 Witnesses: 1
Carta Dei
39.   Knoweth that beth and shall be
DIMEV 3013 Witnesses: 1
Inscription over the entrance to Cowling Castle, near Rochester, Kent (late fourteenth century) — four lines
40.   Knowledge acquaintance resort favor with grace
DIMEV 3014 Witnesses: 1
John Skelton
41.   Kyrie so kyrie [Kyrie so kyrie / Iankyn syngyt merie / with aleyson]
Burden to 635
42.   Kyrieleyson
Refrain to 635
43.   Kyrieleyson Cristeleyson
DIMEV 3015 Witnesses: 1
‘Salvum fac regem domine’
44.   Kyrieleyson have mercy good Lord
DIMEV 3016 Witnesses: 2
A Litany — twenty-five 8-line stanzas