The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
1.   Quan, Quhat, Qwhay, etc.
See under ‘When’, ‘What’, ‘Who’
2.   Quant homme deit parleir videat que verba loquatur
DIMEV 4427 Witnesses: 6
On the Evils of the Times — thirty-six macaronic lines in Latin, French and English
3.   Queen of heaven blessed mote Thou be [Qvene of hevyn blessyd mott þu be]
See 410
4.   Queen of heaven for Thee
DIMEV 4428 Witnesses: 1
‘Regina celi letare’
5.   Queen of heaven make Thou mirth
DIMEV 4429 Witnesses: 3
‘Regina celi letare’
6.   Queen of heaven mother and may
DIMEV 4430 Witnesses: 2
‘Fonde euermore to Say the Beste’
7.   Queen of heaven of hell eke empress
DIMEV 4431 Witnesses: 10
John Lydgate
8.   Queen of parage paradise repaired I-wis
DIMEV 4432 Witnesses: 1
An orison to the Virgin Mary — two 3-line monorhyming stanzas with medial rhyme
9.   Quem meruisti portare
One of two refrain lines to 3875
10.   Quem meruisti portare
See 4033
11.   Queramus ergo istum puerum
DIMEV 4433 Witnesses: 1
Christ’s singularity in a Latin sermon in natali domini — ten lines, alternating Latin and English
12.   Quhirl [whorl? whirl?] in the queue go lightly
DIMEV 4434 Witnesses: 1
Proverbial sayings — one couplet with Latin equivalent: ‘Gira in algore leniter / Quum fui juvenis ita feci
13.   Qui creauit celum lully lully lu
DIMEV 4435 Witnesses: 1
The processional song for the nuns of Chester, entirely in Latin except for alternating English Lullay refrains: ‘Lully lully lu’ and ‘Byby byby by’
14.   Qui hodie natus es nobis
Refrain to 946
15.   Qui natus est de virgine / Saluum me fac domine
Burden to 1277
16.   Qui natus fuit hodie
Refrain to 5152
17.   Qui plus expendit then his plough may till a twelvemonth
DIMEV 4436 Witnesses: 1
Proverbial statement about expending too much — one long macaronic couplet
18.   Quia amore langueo
See 6482
19.   Quia amore langueo
Refrain to 2464; burden to 2461
20.   Quid petis O fili
Burden to 5414
21.   Quid ultra debuit facere
Burden to 999; refrain to 3032
22.   Quod tu in cinerem reverteris
Refrain to 3464