The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
1.   R shall reach and the P shall preach
DIMEV 4437 Witnesses: 2
Doggerel prognostics and prophesies — ten lines trailing off into prose
2.   Rabbi Moses the good clerk
DIMEV 4438 Witnesses: 2
Spacium de terra ad celum’ — twenty-seven lines in couplets
3.   Rachel that weepeth without consolation
DIMEV 4439 Witnesses: 1
Carol on epiphany, or slaughter of the innocents — two quatrains (abcb) including refrain, ‘Vox in rama audita est’ plus burden: ‘Syng we now þe holy feste / Vox in rama audita est
4.   Ravished was I that well was me
DIMEV 4440 Witnesses: 2
A song on the Princess Mary’s dancing with her father Henry VIII — six quatrains
5.   Rax / and wax / thrive and thee
DIMEV 4441 Witnesses: 1
Proverbial advice for good living — two short couplet phrases
6.   Razed is my mind
DIMEV 4442 Witnesses: 1
An unkind mistress — one cross-rhymed quatrain
7.   Reach me my rock quiet Alfled [Reche me mi rocke quet alfled]
DIMEV 4443 Witnesses: 1
Three monorhyming lines in a Latin sermon
8.   Read distinctly / Pray devoutly
DIMEV 4444 Witnesses: 3
‘A spesiall Glasse to loke in daily’
9.   Read this oft but read it soft
DIMEV 4445 Witnesses: 1
A commendation to the reader — two couplets preceding an extract from Rolle’s Form of Living
10.   Readily without abiding
DIMEV 4446 Witnesses: 1
John Grimestone
11.   Readily withouten letten
DIMEV 4447 Witnesses: 1
Three lines in a Latin sermon — three monorhyming lines
12.   Reason bade I should write
DIMEV 4448 Witnesses: 1
Inscription on a mazer belonging (in 1930) to Major Thorold
13.   Reason me bade and rede as for the best [Resoun me bad and redde as for the best]
See 4029
14.   Resoun me bad and redde as for the best
DIMEV 0.2797 Witnesses: 0
Deleted by Rossell Hope Robbins, and John L. Cutler. Supplement to the Index of Middle English Verse. Lexington, Kentucky: University of Kentucky Press, 1965.
15.   Reason wondereth that wit no tell can [Reson wondrith that witte no tel can]
See 6709
16.   Red rose fair and sweet
DIMEV 4449 Witnesses: 1
Carol or refrain-song, perhaps connected with marriage of Princess Margaret to Janes IV of Scotland, A.D. 1503
17.   Redemptoris mater
Refrain to 608
18.   Redress of sorrowful O Cithera [Redresse of sorweful O Cytherea]
See 275
19.   Refresh the castle of my poor heart
DIMEV 4450 Witnesses: 1
Charles d’Orléans
20.   Refuse me not
Refrain to 1129
21.   Regem regum a maid hath born
DIMEV 4451 Witnesses: 1
A macaronic song of the Nativity — seven quatrains (aaab)
22.   Reges de saba venient / Aurum tus myrram offerent
Burden to 3769
23.   Regina celi and Lady letare
DIMEV 4452 Witnesses: 1
A macaronic hymn to the Virgin Mary — seven 12-line stanzas, including refrain, ‘Maria virgo virginum
24.   Regina celi letare
Burden or refrain to 796, 823, 1486, 2043, 3875, 4033
25.   Regina celi letare / For Christ Thy Son so dear
DIMEV 4453 Witnesses: 1
James Ryman: ‘Regina celi letare ’
26.   Regina celi letare / In whom first this world began
DIMEV 4454 Witnesses: 1
A macaronic hymn to the Virgin Mary — four 8-line stanzas
27.   Regina celi Queen of thy soth
DIMEV 4455 Witnesses: 1
Mystical invitation of the Virgin Mary to man — ten 8-line stanzas with refrain, ‘Maria virgo assumpta est
28.   Rejoice England
DIMEV 4456 Witnesses: 1
John Skelton: ‘How the Douty Duke of Albany…’
29.   Rejoice rejoice all that here be
DIMEV 4457 Witnesses: 1
First song at the end of the Weavers’ Pageant in the Coventry cycle (6822) — two quatrains, abab
30.   Rejoice ye realms of England and France
DIMEV 4458 Witnesses: 1
John Lydgate (?)
31.   Religious people lieven in holiness
DIMEV 4459 Witnesses: 1
On the Evils of the Age — seven 7-line stanzas (ababbcc) with refrain
32.   Remember John this that shineth bright [Remembre John this þat shineth bright]
See 5633
33.   Remember man the great preeminence
DIMEV 4460 Witnesses: 1
Reminder to mankind to be grateful to God — one 8-line stanza
34.   Remember man the pain and smart
DIMEV 4461 Witnesses: 1
A remembrance of the Passion — two 10-line stanzas
35.   Remember man the pains and smart [Remember man the paines and smarte]
DIMEV 0.2806 Witnesses: 0
Formerly 2806; deleted since not verse
36.   Remember man thou art but worms meat [Remember man thow art but wormes mete]
Refrain to 4004
37.   Remember that there be in hell
DIMEV 4462 Witnesses: 1
Warning to amend life before death — two couplets
38.   Remember well thou man mortal
DIMEV 4463 Witnesses: 1
James Ryman
39.   Remember with reverence the Maker of mankind
DIMEV 4464 Witnesses: 1
On the Recovery of the Throne by Edward IV
40.   Remember your promise made in baptism [Remembre youre promys made yn baptym]
See 1808
41.   Remember your promise and bring it to an end [Remembre your promesse & bryng ytt to an ende]
See 6727
42.   Remembered by scriptures we find and read
DIMEV 4465 Witnesses: 1
The Monk of Paris
43.   Remembering on the great unstableness
DIMEV 4466 Witnesses: 1
John Lydgate
44.   Remord thine eye inwardly
DIMEV 4467 Witnesses: 1
Wresill proverbs — 135 lines in couplets
45.   Renounce your god and come to me [Renunce ȝour god and cum to me]
Refrain to 5739
46.   Renowned royal right reverend and serene
DIMEV 4468 Witnesses: 1
William Dunbar: ‘Welcum to Bernard Stewart, Lord of Aubigny, May, 1508’
47.   Repaireth ay [Repeyreth ay]
See 6716
48.   Rest after great travailing
DIMEV 4469 Witnesses: 1
Christ’s Ascension, in a Latin sermon de ascensione domini, explicating Mk. 16.19 — one couplet
49.   Rest and refuge to folk disconsolate
DIMEV 4470 Witnesses: 5
John Lydgate
50.   Retain refuse no friend no foe
DIMEV 4470.5 Witnesses: 1
Roger North
51.   Return for shame return return again
DIMEV 4471 Witnesses: 1
Charles d’Orléans
52.   Revert revert revert revert / O sinful man give me thine heart [Reuert reuert reuert reuert / O synfull man geve me thyn hert]
Burden to 1810
53.   Revertere
Refrain to 2453
54.   Revertere revertere / The queen of bliss and of beauty [Reuertere reuertere] / The quene of blysse & of beaute]
Burden to 817
55.   Rex glorie king omnipotent
DIMEV 4472 Witnesses: 1
The Digby Play of the Conversion of St. Paul
56.   Rex I sit and look about [Rex I sitt and loke about]
See 2998
57.   Rex regum rich kirk
DIMEV 4473 Witnesses: 1
A Latin and English rhymed inscription naming the donor of a book — five lines
58.   Rex salamon summus of sapience
DIMEV 4474 Witnesses: 2
An aureate prayer to the Virgin Mary — in macaronic 8-line stanzas with refrain, ‘Sonet vox tua in auribus
59.   Rib ne reel ne spin I ne may [Wybbe ne rele ne spynne yc ne may]
Burden to 393
60.   Rich and poor young and old
DIMEV 4475 Witnesses: 4
Hendyng: Proverbs of Hendyng
61.   Rich mans rifler
DIMEV 4476 Witnesses: 1
On Death — four rhyming lines
62.   Rich of goods strong in virtue in triumph clear shining
DIMEV 4477 Witnesses: 1
Epitaph of King Clodoveus, in Part V of Fabyan’s Chronicle, Part V, cap. 99, translating Latin verse which precedes it — two stanzas rhyme royal
63.   Richard Brasier for a good intent this lectern gave
DIMEV 4478 Witnesses: 1
Note of the donor on a lectern — two couplets
64.   Richard Halter is my name
DIMEV 4479 Witnesses: 1
Scribe’s self-identification — one couplet
65.   Richard King Henry son to England come [Richard kyng henri sone to engelond com]
See 1193
66.   Richard Nordell lieth buried here
DIMEV 4480 Witnesses: 1
Epitaph — 16 lines in couplets
67.   Richard though thou be ever trichard [Richard þah þou be euer trichard]
Refrain to 4922
68.   Richard went again well still [R[ichard went agayn] wel stille]
See Edinburgh, National Library of Scotland, Advocates’ 19.2.1 [Auchinleck MS] copy of 3231
69.   Riches are gotten with labor holden with fear
DIMEV 4481 Witnesses: 1
A moralizing couplet
70.   Riding all alone with sorrow sore encumbered
DIMEV 4482 Witnesses: 1
‘Epitaffe of the moste noble & valyaunt Iasper late duke of Beddeforde’
71.   Right as all strings are ruled in an harp
DIMEV 4483 Witnesses: 6
‘De regimene principum bonum consilium’
72.   Right as atween torment and delices [Ryght as atwene turment and delyces]
Section heading, ‘wolfe & lambe’ to 6701
73.   Right as I heard this other day tofore
DIMEV 4484 Witnesses: 1
Charles d’Orléans
74.   Right as man may see [Rith as man may se]
See 2566
75.   Right as poverty causeth soberness
DIMEV 4490 Witnesses: 9
On the Evils of Prosperity — eight lines
76.   Right as small floods increase to waters fell [Right as smale flodes encrece to watres feele]
See 3084
77.   Right as the angel told it is [Right as the aungell tolde it is / That nowe is borne the king of blis]
Burden to 5441
78.   Right as the crab goeth forward [Riȝt as the crabbe goth forward]
Refrain to 5792
79.   Right as the dawing ere the day spring
DIMEV 4491 Witnesses: 1
Christ as light to the world, in a Latin sermon — one couplet
80.   Right as the rose excelleth all flowers inter ligna floriga
DIMEV 4492 Witnesses: 1
On good wine — thirteen long macaronic couplets
81.   Right as the star of day began to shine
DIMEV 4493 Witnesses: 3
William Dunbar: The Golden Targe
82.   Right best beloved and most in assurance
DIMEV 4494 Witnesses: 1
The Faithful Mistress — nine stanzas rhyme royal
83.   Right early on Ash Wednesday
DIMEV 4495 Witnesses: 4
William Dunbar: ‘The twa cummeris’
84.   Right fain would I my acquaintance make
DIMEV 4496 Witnesses: 3
‘Sir Penny’
85.   Right fresh flower whose I been have and shall [Right fresshe flour whos I ben haue and shal]
Litera Troili’: see 5248
86.   Right gentle heart of green flowering age
DIMEV 4497 Witnesses: 1
To his obdurate mistress — 19 rhyme royal stanzas, including a ‘Woo worth’ anaphora
87.   Right goodly flower to whom I owe service
DIMEV 4498 Witnesses: 1
William de la Pole (attrib.)
88.   Right goodly fresh flower of womanhood
DIMEV 4499 Witnesses: 1
H. Bowesper
89.   Right is dead and that is ruth [Right is deed and þat is rewþe]
See 3471
90.   Right mighty Prince and it be your will
DIMEV 4500 Witnesses: 7
John Lydgate
91.   Right mighty Prince and redoubted Sovereign [Ryght myghty prynce and redoubted souerayne]
Dedication to King Henry VII in The Passetyme of Pleasure: see 6391
92.   Right nigh my heart with[in] my bosom lo
DIMEV 4501 Witnesses: 1
Charles d’Orléans
93.   Right noble and blessed father to whom of excellence
DIMEV 4502 Witnesses: 1
Poem addressed to William Waynflete as Bishop of Winchester, c. 1451 — 128 lines in eight-line stanzas
94.   Right noble lord and prelate dear
DIMEV 4503 Witnesses: 5
William Bolosse: ‘The Marrow or Pithe of Alkymy’,
95.   Right well beloved prentice
DIMEV 4504 Witnesses: 1
A humorous letter ‘send by R. W. to A. C.’ — twenty-seven couplets
96.   Right youngly fair replete with goodlihood
DIMEV 4505 Witnesses: 1
Charles d’Orléans
97.   Rightful doom is over cast
DIMEV 4506 Witnesses: 1
On the Evils of the Times — four lines
98.   Riseth up all Christs I-chosen leveneth in Our Father
DIMEV 4507 Witnesses: 2
A tag heard in a dream by Bishop Bartholomew of Exeter (1161)
99.   Robert Were priest und[er] this stone lieth
DIMEV 4507.5 Witnesses: 1
Not extant; monumental brass for priest in mass vestments with inscription in 4 English verses; c. 1430.
100.   Robin Hood in Barnesdale stood
DIMEV 4508 Witnesses: 2
John Rastell
101.   Robin Hood in Sherwood stood
DIMEV 4509 Witnesses: 1
A fragment of a Robin Hood ballad — four lines only
102.   Robin lieth in green wood bounden [Robynn lyth in grene wode bowndyn]
See 2194
103.   Robin sat on good green hill
DIMEV 4510 Witnesses: 1
Robert Henryson: ‘Robene and Makyne’
104.   Roll up thy reason and grave it in thy mind
DIMEV 4511 Witnesses: 1
Advice to live well and to be prepared for death — one rhyme royal stanza
105.   Rolling in my remembraunce
DIMEV 4512 Witnesses: 3
‘The Variance of Court’
106.   Rome no thing is peer to thee
DIMEV 4513 Witnesses: 14
John Trevisa; Ranulph Higden: Polychronicon
107.   Rome remember of thy foundation [Rome remember of þy fundacion]
An extract from Lydgate’s Fall of Princes (Bk. 2, ch. 31; 19 st.) occurring separately: see 1904
108.   Rorate celi desuper
DIMEV 4514 Witnesses: 1
William Dunbar
109.   Rose Mary most virtue virginal
DIMEV 4515 Witnesses: 4
William Dunbar: ‘Ane ballat of our lady’
110.   Round in shaping
DIMEV 4516 Witnesses: 9
On the Host (6 lines, aaaabb), a tag in the Fasciculus Morum translating a Latin divisio of six physical qualities of the Host
111.   Row the boat Norman
DIMEV 4517 Witnesses: 2
Fragment of a popular song made by the watermen of Thames to John Norman, mentioned in early chronicles
112.   Royal banners unrolled of the King
DIMEV 4518 Witnesses: 1
John Lydgate: ‘Vexilla regis prodeunt’
113.   Royal Prince Arthur
DIMEV 4519 Witnesses: 1
‘Balet song at þe Crosse’
114.   Ruth made God on maiden to light [Reuthe made God on mayden to lithte]
Alternative incipit to 3281
115.   Rutterkin is come unto our town
DIMEV 4520 Witnesses: 1
John Skelton (?)