The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
1.   V and I (refrain)
See Oxford, University College 33 copy of 6529
2.   Vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitas
Refrain to 4101
3.   Veins there be thirty and two [Veynes þer be XXX-ti and two]
DIMEV 0.3848 Witnesses: 0
Formerly 3848; see 5395.
4.   Veni coronaberis
Refrain to 5413
5.   Veni redemptor gencium [Ueni redemptor gencium]
Refrain and burden to 5798
6.   Venite ad iudicium [Uenite ad iudicium]
Refrain to 5774
7.   Verbum caro factum est
Burden to 1307, 5729.7, 5740
8.   Verbum patris hodie / Processit ex virgine
Burden to 5477
9.   Verbum superuum prodieris / A patre olim exieris…
Burden to 4050
10.   Verily / And truly
DIMEV 6138 Witnesses: 1
A balade protesting devotion and fidelity — three 6-line tail-rhyme stanzas
11.   Veritas de terra orta est
Refrain to 596
12.   Versificator is of four letters make thou a verse
DIMEV 6139 Witnesses: 1
Three macaronic lines on ‘Ivi munivi vinum minimum munuivi
13.   Versioun treason
DIMEV 6140 Witnesses: 1
Admonitory lines on treason, dread and mede, in a Latin sermon — three couplets
14.   Vice through violence putteth virtue unto flight [Vice through violence puttyth vertue vnto flyte]
Refrain to 2455
15.   Vices be wild and virtues lame
DIMEV 6141 Witnesses: 2
A song on the Abuses of the Age — six quatrains (aaab) plus burden (bb): ‘God þat sittith in trinite / Amend this world yf thy will be’
16.   Victorious christian Prince our lord sovereign
DIMEV 6142 Witnesses: 1
Thomas Hoccleve
17.   Victorious King our lord full gracious
DIMEV 6143 Witnesses: 2
Thomas Hoccleve
18.   Vid
See under ‘With’
19.   Virgin Mary Queen of bliss […virgyn marie quene of blis]
Refrain element to 4338
20.   Virgo rosa virginum tuum precare filium
Burden to 410
21.   Virtue of virtues O noble patience
DIMEV 6144 Witnesses: 1
22.   Virtues and good living is cleped hypocrisy
DIMEV 6145 Witnesses: 1
On the Evils of the Times — thirty-one irregular unrhyming lines
23.   Vita dulcedo et spes / Nostra maria tu es
Burden to 4358
24.   Vita noua
Refrain to 1485
25.   Vital was a noble mon in the land of Rome
DIMEV 6146 Witnesses: 1
South English Legendary
26.   Vite quam duxit the life that he led
DIMEV 6147 Witnesses: 1
An exemplum — four macaronic lines
27.   Vonefreda
See under ‘Winifred’
28.   Vox clara ecce intonat
Burden to 792
29.   Vox in rama audita est
Refrain to 4439