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DIMEV 1014
IMEV 621.5
NIMEV 621.5
Christ that died upon the cross for salvation of mankind
A prayer for grace at death, at the beginning of Lavynham’s Tretis — three long monorhyming lines
Author(s): Richard Lavynham
Title(s): Litel Tretise
Subjects: prayers, at time of death
Versification: — monorhyme — aaa
Bibliographic Ghosts: London, British Library Harley 1288: this verse item does not appear in this manuscript, as the initial 10 lines of the text are missing.

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Douce 60 (SC 21634), f. 193
Crist that dyed on the crosse for saluacioun of all man kynde
graunte vs grace so to eskape the sly askinges of the fende
pat we be not y lost for oure syn in oure last ende
Note: Written as prose.
2.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Laud misc. 23 (SC 655), f. 23
Crist þat deide for þe saluacion of man kynde up on þe cros
graunt vs grace to ascape þe sliȝe ensailing of þe fend
Þat we ne be na lost for synne at our laste ende
3.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Rawlinson C.288 (SC 12146), f. 1
Crist þat deyde vp on þe cros for saluacion of mankende
Graunte vs grace so to asskape þe scleyty ensaylynges of þe fend
þat we be nought for synne lorn in our laste ende
Note: Written as prose; not Oxford, Bodleian Library Rawlinson C.85 (SC 12145), as listed in Brown and Robbins (1943).
4.Source: Cambridge UK, Cambridge University Library Ff.6.31, Part II, f. 11
Crist that deide up on þe crois for the saluacion of mankynde
Graunte us grace so to esckape þe sleigh assailing of the fende
Þat we be not for synne lost in oure laste ende
5.Source: Cambridge UK, Trinity College B.14.19 (305), f. 243
Cryst þat deyed on cros ffor saluacioun of mankend
graunt vs grace slyely to a skape the sly ensaunple of ffals ensaylyng of þe fende
that we be not for sinne lost in owre last ende
Attributed Title: A Treatise on the seven deadly sins (added by later hand, f. 243)
6.Source: London, British Library Harley 211, f. 35
CRist þat deyde vp on þe crosse for sauacion of mankynde
Grawnt vs grace so to skapyn þe sley ensaylinge of þe fende
That we be not for synne lost in owr last ende
Note: ‘Pryde’ written as heading to this portion of Lavynham’s treatise in upper margin of this folio (f. 35).
Attributed Author: Reuerendus Magister ffrater Ricardus Lauynham Ordinis Beatissime Dei Genitritis Marie De Mount Carnack (by scribe, red-highlighted, below end of Treatise, f. 46v)
Attributed Title: Explicit Tractatus De Septem Peccatis Mortalibus Quem Composuit Reuerendus Magister ffrater Ricardus Lauynham Ordinis Beatissime Dei Genitritis Marie De Mount Carnack (by scribe, red-highlighted, below end of Treatise, f. 46v)
Zutphen, Johannes P. W. M. van, and Julius Zupitza. A Litel Tretys by Lavenham. Rome: Inst. Carmelitarum, 1956: 1.
7.Source: London, British Library Harley 1197, f. 9
8.Source: London, British Library Harley 2383, f. 65
[C]Ryste that dyyd one the Rode tree to save makynd
graunte vs þe blysse at owre last endyng Amen
Note: Written as prose. Space left for enlarged ornamental ‘C’, which was left blank.
9.Source: London, British Library Royal 8 C.I, f. 144
10.Source: Leeds, Leeds University Library Brotherton 501 [olim Horton Hold Hall, Maggs Bros. Sale Cat. No. 580, Item 450], f. 68
Cryst that deyde on þe tre for redempcion of mankynde
Graunte vs grace to scape þe sly Sleyghtis of the fende
That we be not for senne lost at oure deth without ende
Attributed Title: Here begynnyth a notabyll tretys of the seven dedly synnys & of her braunchis (f. 68)
11.Source: London, Dr Williams’s Library Anc. 3, f. 133va
Criste that dyed apon the crosse for the saluacuyon of mannes kynde
grawnte vs grace to skape þe sly enseylynge of the fende
That we be not for syn loste when we schall hense wende
Note: Written as prose.
12.Source: London, Society of Antiquaries 687 [olim Bright, Sotheby’s Sale, 1924, Lot 378; Hope Allen Addit. MS. VI], p. 383
Crist þat dyed vp on þe cros for saluacioun of mankynde
graunte vs grace so to aschape þe slyȝe asskynges of þe fende
þat we be not for synne loste in oure laste ende
13.Source: Norwich, Norwich Castle Museum 158.926 (4g-5) [olim St Peter Hungate Museum 48 158.926], f. 31
Crist þat deyde on the tre for þe sauacioun of mankende
Graunte vs grace for to skape the sleye fleyt of þe fende
That we be noch for synne lost at oure deth with outyn ende