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DIMEV 1033
IMEV 631.8
Chronicles and annual books of kings
House of Percy: Metrical Chronicle by William Peeris — in rhyme royal stanzas
Note: Ringler Jr. (1992), TM 313; cf. prose chronicle in Bodl. Rolls (SC 2986), roll.
Author(s): William Peeris
Title(s): House of Percy: Metrical Chronicle
Subjects: Percy, house of; chronicles
Versification: — seven-line — ababbcc

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Dodsworth 50 (SC 4192), ff. 119-128rb
First Lines:
Chronickles & Annuall bookes of Kinges
Of Ancient Lordes & estatos royall…
Last Lines:
…Ingram Pearcy the second the third sone which hath graces manifould
god grant them to bee his seruantes good men & ould
Note: Missing 19 stanzas at f. 123.
Attributed Title: Here followeth þe Coppy of an ould Parchment booke deuided into Seauen lines & Seauen of the Pedegrees liues & Deathes of the Percies from fower discents afore the Conquest to þe Earles sone þat was kild by the Commons at Thirsk in Henry the vij-th his tyme. It is in ffolio & conteines eight leaues of Parchement wherof the first word is (here) and the first letter beeinge (H) is a greate Red letter & is in length from þe ffirst line to the Seauenth line. Now followeth þe booke conteininge 76 Deuisions of Seuen lines. Here beginneth the Prologue of this litle treatis followinge which is þe discent of the Lord Percies made & compiled briefely be mee Willam Peeris Clerce & Priest. Secretary to the Right noble Earle Henry the v-th Earle of the Northumberland (f. 119); Hitherto are the wordes of the aforede Parchment booke truly copied ffinis Historia Perciorum (f. 128rb)
B[esly], John. A Collection of Antiquarian Tracts relating to the North of England. Newcastle: Richardson, 1845; repr. 1847: 1.9.
2.Source: London, British Library Royal 18 D.II, ff. 186-195
First Lines:
Cronykillis And annuall bookis of kinges.
Of Auncient lordes and estates Riall.
Declarithe the discent withe many notable thingis.
Their ffatall endes and theire actes marshall.…
Last Lines:
…Beholde and consyder the honorable discente.
Of this v.thErle marke it wele in dede.
His progenytoures in youre mynde yf that ye enprente.
It shall appere clere And also Evidente.
That descendid he is of þe noble blode of Inglande.
Lancasters marches Arundell & Westmorlande.
Note: 679 lines in 97 rhyme royal stanzas.
Attributed Author: …william peeris clerke & preste secretory to the right nobill Erle henry the vth. Erle of Northumbrelande. (f. 186)
Attributed Title: Here begynnethe the prolouge of this litle treatyse folowinge whiche is the discente of the lorde percis made and compilede breuely by me william peeris clerke & preste secretory to the right nobill Erle henry the vth. Erle of Northumbrelande. (f. 186)
Digital Facsimile of British Library MS Royal 18 D II. 2015;
3.Source: Alnwick Castle, Duke of Northumberland MS 79, a roll
Note: 53 stanzas.
Attributed Title: a tretes of the noble pedegrew of the lords perses
4.Source: Alnwick Castle, Duke of Northumberland MS 82, ff. 1-8
Note: 651 lines in couplets, 11-line stanzas, Monk’s Tale stanzas, and rhyme royal.
Attributed Title: tretice…of the descente of the lordes percis maid and compiled by me William Perrs clerke and secretary to the right noble erle Henry of northumberland (f. 1)
5.Source: New Haven, Yale University, Beinecke Library Osborn fa.19, ff. 1-11