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IMEV 653
Consider well with every circumstance
‘A wikked tong wol alway deme amis’, sometimes attributed to John Lydgate — nineteen rhyme royal stanzas with this refrain.
Note: Ringler Jr. (1992) TM 331; Ringler Jr. (1988) TP 327.5.
Author(s): John Lydgate (attrib.)
Title(s): A wikked tong wol alway deme amis
Subjects: tongue, desctructive power of; advice, moral
Versification: — seven-line — ababbcc
Bibliographic Ghosts: London, Lambeth Palace Library 344: not in this MS.

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Bodley 686 (SC 2527), ff. 191v-193
First Lines:
Considere wel with euery circumstaunce
Of what estate euer þat þou be…
Last Lines:
…Chastiseth þe revers and of wysdom doth þis
Voydeth youre heryng from al þat sey amys
Attributed Title: Here endeth a sotil compiled reson of þe Crabbe And here begynneþ a resoun de fallacia mundi (f. 191v)
2.Source: Cambridge UK, Cambridge University Library Ff.1.6 [Findern MS], ff. 147-150
First Lines:
Considre wel wiht euerry circumstaunce
Of what estat euer that thow be
Riche stronge myghty or puissance
Pruden or wyse discrete or a vised…
Last Lines:
…Chastyce the reuerce and of wysdomme dothe this
Wydeth youre hering from all that deme amys
Beadle, Richard, and Alfred E. B. Owen. The Findern Manuscript: Cambridge University Library MS. F.1.6. London: Scolar Press, 1977.
3.Source: Cambridge UK, Trinity College R.3.20 (600), pp. 15-19
First Lines:
Considere weel with euery circumstaunce
Of what estate euer þat þou be
Ryche stronge or mighty of puissaunce
Prudent or wyse discreet or avysee…
Last Lines:
…Chastyseþe þe reuers of wisdame depe þis
Woydeþe your hering frome all þat deeme amysse
Attributed Author: by daun Johan þe Monk of Bury cleped Lydegate (p. 15)
Attributed Title: Lo my lordes here begynneþe a balade of gode counseyle translated out of verses in latyn in to englisshe by daun Johan þe Monk of Bury cleped Lydegate (p. 15); A morale balade made by Lidegate (RT)
4.Source: London, British Library Addit. 29729, ff. 149v-151v
First Lines:
Consider well with euery circumstaunce
off what estat euer that thou be…
Last Lines:
…chasteseth the reuers of wisdome doth this
wydinge your heringe from allþat deme amysse
Note: First word of last line originally written (?)‘wydinge’ but altered by writing over to (?)‘widin’.
Attributed Author: dane Iohn monke of berye cleped lidgate (f. 149v)
Attributed Title: Lo my lordes here beginneth a balad of good counsayle translated out of vercis in latine into engelisshe by dane Iohn monke of berye cleped lidgate (f. 149v)
5.Source: London, British Library Harley 2251, ff. 151-152v
First Lines:
COnsidre wele with euery circumstaunce
Of what estate euer that thow be…
Last Lines:
…Chastice the Revers and of wisdom do this
Voydeth your heryng from alle that deme amys
6.Source: San Marino, CA, Henry Huntington Library EL 26.A.13 [olim Bridgewater], ff. 15-17
First Lines:
COnsidere welle with eueri circumstaunce
Of what estate euer that thowe be…
Last Lines:
…Chastiseth the reuers & of wisdom dothe this
Voideth ȝowre heryng from al that sey a mys
Attributed Title: A resoun de fallacia mundi (f. 15)
MacCracken, Henry Noble, ed. John Lydgate: The Minor Poems, Vol. II: Secular Poems. EETS o.s. 192 (1934); repr. 1961: 839-44.
7.Source: Rome, English College AVCAU MS 1405, f. 76

Print Witnesses:
1.Source: Geoffrey Chaucer, Workes, Thynne, 1532 , ff. 382va-383ra
First Lines:
Consyder wel euery cyrcumstaunce
Of what estate soeuer thou be…
Last Lines:
…Chastyse the reuerse and of wysdome do this
Withdrawe your heryng from al þat sayn amys
Note: After end, ‘Et sic est finis’ (f. 383ra), then ‘Thus endeth the workes of Geffray Chaucer Printed at London by Thomas Godfray The yere of our lorde M.D.xxxii Cum priuilegio a rege indulto (sic) (f. 383rb.
Skeat, Walter William, ed. The Complete Works of Geoffrey Chaucer. 7 vols. Oxford: Clarendon, 1894-7: 7.285-90.