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IMEV 654
Considerance is taken at prudence
Palladius on Husbondrie, in twelve books — rhyme royal stanzas
Note: For Latin texts see Singer (1928), 2.649-51.
Author(s): Palladius
Title(s): Palladius on Husbondrie
Subjects: agriculture
Versification: — seven-line — ababbcc
Bibliographic Ghosts: Oxford, Bodleian Library Arch. Dd.1 (SC 31502) [photographic facsimile (1893) of Oxford, Bodleian Library Duke Humfrey d.2 [olim Earl Fitzwilliam]]: see BodEngPoed27.

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Addit. A.369 (SC 29620) [olim Colchester], ff. 14v-121v
First Lines:
Consideraunce is taken atte prudence
What mon me moost enfourme and husbondrie
No Rethorik doo teche or eloquence
As sum haue doon hemself to magnifie…
Last Lines:
…Doon in and dreynt a cruste vpon it make
And fille it to the brinke vntil it take
Note: Begins with the table of contents entitled ‘Tabula’; the title page and part of the table of contents are missing; the text of the poem starts on f. 14v; ends imperfectly due to loss of folios at end.
Attributed Title: De precepis rei Rustice (f. 14v)
Lodge, Burton, and S. J. Herrtage, eds. Palladius on Husbondrie. EETS o.s. 52, 72 (1872, 1879); repr. 1988.
2.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Duke Humfrey d.2 [olim Earl Fitzwilliam], ff. 1-118v
First Lines:
COnsideraunce is taken at prudence
What man me must enfourme And husbondrie…
Last Lines:
…Thy self in hym to se yit treste y crie
Thy lande And his honour eft precouise
Note: With an introduction, for which, see ‘Agriculture…’, and a table of contents, ff. ix-xviiiv and two-stanza envoy; photographic facsimile is Oxford, Bodleian Library Arch. Dd.1 (SC 31502) [photographic facsimile (1893) of Oxford, Bodleian Library Duke Humfrey d.2 [olim Earl Fitzwilliam]], ff. 19-260v, made in 1893 as ‘Earl Fitzwilliam MS of Palladius on Husbondrie’.
Liddell, Mark Harvey, ed. The Middle-English translation of Palladius de re rustica. Berlin: Ebering, 1896.
De la Mare, A. C. “Duke Humfrey’s English Palladius (MS. Duke Humfrey d.2).” Bodleian Library Record 12, no. 1 (Oct., 1985): 39-51, figs 1-4: 39-51, figs 1-4.
3.Source: London, British Library Harley 116, f. 154
Note: Translated by Nicholas Bollarde.
4.Source: Glasgow, Glasgow University Library Hunterian 104 (T.5.6), ff. 7-64v
First Lines:
…Vche graffe and grayne is good but aftir preef
Do sowe or graffe And seedis newe eschewe…
Last Lines:
…Yit lond so lute & lene if hit be softe
Wol bere gresse if hit be wattred ofte…
Note: Preceded by list of contents, ff. 1-6v; begins and ends imperfectly (in September) due to loss of folios at beginning and quires at end; catchword ‘This tyme is to’ bottom f. 64v.