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DIMEV 1194
IMEV 727
England is right good I ween it is land best
Robert of Gloucester’s Chronicle, B text — in couplets
Note: For the A text, see 1193; for the C text see 1195.
Author(s): Robert of Gloucester
Title(s): Chronicle
Subjects: chronicles
Versification: — two-line — aa

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Digby 205 (SC 1806), ff. 9-124
First Lines:
[E]Nglond is ryȝt good I wene hit is londe best
Œn one ende hit is ysette of þe worlde al in þe west…
Last Lines:
…That of walsche londe clenliche al owte
He wan þe Signorie were þei neuer so prowte
Attributed Author: Robert of Gloster the Author of this booke (f. 9, added by later hand)
2.Source: Cambridge UK, Cambridge University Library Ee.4.31, ff. 53-200v
First Lines:
Inglond ys ryght good I wene hyt ys lond best
In one ende hyt ys ysette of the Worlde all in the West…
Last Lines:
…That of Walsshe lond clenliche al oute
He wanne the signorye were they neuere so proute
Note: 10600 lines; folios 201-202 missing; note on f. 53 by a seventeenth-century hand, ‘This is found to be the Work, which by Mr Selden is ascribed to Robert of Glocester, who wrote about the time of King Edward the first. See Titles of Honor pag. 498 edit 1672’; nineteenth-century transcript is Oxford, Bodleian Library Rawlinson poet. 13 (SC 14506), pp. 1-308.
3.Source: Cambridge UK, Magdalene College Pepys 2014, ff. 36-62v
First Lines:
But ȝif þei se nede þat ne made tareyng noune
Kyng Arthure him blessed and boldelyche y nowe…
Last Lines:
…That of þe walsshe londe clenlyche al out
he wanne þe signorye were þei neuer so prout
Note: Equivalent of lines 4216-5811 of the text of London, British Library Cotton Caligula A.XI.
Attributed Title: part of Robert of Gloucester’s Poem (added by later hand) (f. 36)
4.Source: Cambridge UK, Trinity College R.4.26 (655), ff. 2v-159
First Lines:
Engelond is swiþe goud ich wene hit is lond best
In on ende hit is iset of þe worlde al in þe west…
Last Lines:
…Þat of þe welische londe clanliche al out
I wan þe seignoriȝe nere hi no so prout
5.Source: London, British Library Sloane 2027, ff. 98-169v
Note: Begins imperfectly.
6.Source: London, University of London MS 278 [olim Mostyn Hall 259] , ff. 1-147
First Lines:
INglonde ys ryght a merye lond of alle oþere on with þe best
I sette in þe on ende of þe worlde as here al in þe west…
Last Lines:
…Þat of þe welische londe clonliche al out
Y wan þe seygorye nere hou no so prouȝt
7.Source: San Marino, CA, Henry Huntington Library HM 126 [olim Essex], ff. 1-135
First Lines:
ENgelond is swithe good I wene hit is lond best
In oon ende hit is yset of þe world al in þe west…
Last Lines:
…Edward his sone was þo man of grete pris
At Westmynstre i crouned strong king & wis
Þat of þe walische londe clanlich al out
He wan þe seignorye nere hi no so prout
Note: 10280 lines.