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God that died upon a tree
The Siege of Rouen, ascribed to John Page, sometimes inserted into the prose Brut — in couplets
Note: Ringler Jr. (1992), TM 490; prose chronicles ending at 1419 give only a prose paraphrase; those continuing to 1430 give fuller prose paraphrase with last part in verse; only complete text is London, British Library Cotton Galba E.VIII; each MS shows considerable variants
Author(s): John Page (attrib.)
Title(s): The Siege of Rouen
Subjects: Rouen, siege of; Henry V
Versification: — two-line — aa
Bibliographic Ghosts: Oxford, Bodleian Library e Musaeo 63 (SC 3652): see Oxford, Bodleian Library e Musaeo 124 (SC 3562); San Marino, CA, Henry Huntington Library HM 131 [olim Buccleuch, Quaritch Cats. 303, 304]: see Urbana, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 116 [olim Duke of Buccleuch; olim Lord Amherst of Hackney; olim Harmsworth, Sotheby Sale Oct. 15, 1945, lot 1951].

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library e Musaeo 124 (SC 3562), ff. 28-42v
First Lines:
God that deyede vppon the rode tre
And bouȝt vs alle with hys blode so fre…
Last Lines:
…ffor þow þe stormes were neuere so grete
Drye vnder hede þey myghte þer trede
Note: Lines 1-946 only; ends imperfectly due to loss of folio.
Conybeare, John Josias. “Poem, entitled The Siege of Rouen: written in the Reign of Henry the Fifth.” Archaelogia 21 (1827): 43-78: 48-78.
2.Source: Oxford, Balliol College 354, pp. 261-282
First Lines:
God that dyed vpon a tree
& bowghte vs with his blode so free…
Last Lines:
…That for vs dyed vpon a tre
Say we all amen for Charyte
Attributed Title: The Siege / of Rone (p. 261); Here endith þe Sege of Rone (p. 282)
Early Manuscripts at Oxford University: Facsimile of Oxford, Balliol MS 354. (
3.Source: Cambridge UK, Cambridge University Library Hh.6.9, ff. 158v-161
First Lines:
And more they shulde vndertake
A castell for oure d kyng doo make…
Last Lines:
…That for vs died vpon a tre
Amen sey we all for charitee
Note: 76 couplets.
4.Source: Cambridge UK, Trinity College O.9.1 (1413), ff. 195v-197
First Lines:
…And more thei shall vndertake
A Castell for oure kyng to make…
Last Lines:
…þat for vs deied vpon a tree
Amen say we all for charite
Note: 75½ couplets.
5.Source: London, British Library Addit. 27879, pp. 523-525
Note: Badly damaged; lines 1-119; 176-202, 226-85, 349-76 of the copy in London, British Library Egerton 1995.
Hales, John Wesley, and Frederick James Furnivall, eds. Bishop Percy’s Folio Manuscript: Ballads and Romances. 3 vols. London: Trübner, 1867-68: 3.533.
6.Source: London, British Library Cotton Galba E.VIII, ff. 140-143v
First Lines:
And at Warwike that Erle so fre
We callid ofte it wold not be…
Last Lines:
…That for vs deid vpon atree
Amen sey we alle pur charite
7.Source: London, British Library Egerton 1995, ff. 87-109v
First Lines:
GOd that dyde a pon A tre
And bought vs with hys blode soo fre…
Last Lines:
…That for vs dyde vppon a tree
Say amen for Charyte. Amen
Attributed Title: Explicit þe sege of Rouen (f. 109v)
Gairdner, James, ed. Historical Collections of a Citizen of London. Camden Society n.s. 17 (1876): 1.
Brie, Friedrich, ed. The Brut, or the Chronicles of England. EETS o.s. 131 (1906), 136 (1908); repr. 1987: 404.
Huscher, Herbert, ed. John Page’s Siege of Rouen. Kölner Anglistische Arbeiten 1. Leipzig: Tauchnitz, 1927: 1.138 (crit. ed.).
8.Source: London, British Library Harley 266, ff. 136v-142v
First Lines:
…ffor he ys mercyfull yn syȝt
And askyþe nothyng but hys ryȝt…
Last Lines:
…vnto þat way god ham wysse
that they mowe come to hys blysse
Note: Couplets occasionally inserted into prose narrative account of the siege; last cited couplet followed by ‘Amen’ (f. 142).
Attributed Title: A verie large Chronicle from the beginning of E. I perfect to anno quo H. 6 (added by sixteenth-century hand to top margin, f. 1)
9.Source: London, British Library Harley 753, ff. 177-182v
Note: Twentieth-century transcript is London, British Library Egerton 2257, ff. 17-19 (82 lines only).
10.Source: London, British Library Harley 2256, ff. 189-193v
Madden, Frederick. “Old English Poems on the Siege of Rouen, AD 1418.” Archaelogia 22 (1829): 350-98: 361 (collated with London, British Library Harley 753).
11.Source: London, Lambeth Palace Library 331, ff. 107v-112
First Lines:
Atte Warwick þe erle so fre
We called oft it wold not be…
Last Lines:
…Þat for vs dide on a tree
Amen seid all for charitee
Note: Written as prose.
12.Source: Chicago, IL, University of Chicago Library 254 [olim Holkham Hall 670], ff. 124v-126v
First Lines:
…And at Warwyk þe Erle so fre
We called ofte it wolde nat be
And at the Erle Marchall we were
þere was no wyght þat wolde vs answere…
Last Lines:
…for a worde wronge out of warde
myght make you to fare full harde
Therfore of wordes loke ye be wise
And sey no thing…
Note: Lines 637-773 only: Begins and ends imperfectly; verse begins without indication in midst of prose account of the siege, ends imperfectly at end of page (further folios missing?); written as prose in the prose Brut. 68 x 2 (last couplet incomplete).
13.Source: Untraced, Present whereabouts unknown olim Charlemont, f. 23
14.Source: Urbana, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 116 [olim Duke of Buccleuch; olim Lord Amherst of Hackney; olim Harmsworth, Sotheby Sale Oct. 15, 1945, lot 1951], ff. 189-195v
First Lines:
…Atte Warwyk the erle so ffre
We callid ofte it wolde nat be
And at þe erle Marchall we were
there was no wyght þat wolde vs answere…
Last Lines:
…To blysse Cryst you brynge
þat for vs deyde on a tre
Amen seyde Alle ffor charyte
Note: Written as prose; for provenance, see De Ricci (1906), 357 (MS 58).