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Guk guk good day sir gape while ye get it
Robert Henryson, ‘Sum practysis of Medecyne’ — ninety lines in seven stanzas
Author(s): Robert Henryson
Title(s): ‘Sum practysis of Medecyne’
Subjects: medicine
Versification: — irregular — irregular

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Edinburgh, National Library of Scotland, Advocates’ 1.1.6 [Bannatyne MS], f. 141v-142v
First Lines:
Guk guk gud day schir gaip quhill ȝe get it
Sic greting may gane weill gud laik in ȝour hude…
Last Lines:
…It is ane mirk mirrour
ane vþir manis erss
Note: Second occurrence in MS; used as introduction to first part of MS, ‘contenand ballattis of theoligie’ (f. 43); here just the one stanza alone in centre of page, facing first folio of MS.
Attributed Author: quod maister robert Henrysone (f. 142v)
Attributed Title: Sum practysis of medecyne (f. 141v)
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