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DIMEV 1756
IMEV 1082.5
Hail stern supern hail in eterne
William Dunbar, ‘Ane ballat of Our Lady’ — seven aureate 12-line stanzas (ababababcbab) with Latin bob: ‘Aue Maria Gratia plena
Note: Ringler Jr. (1992), TM 516.
Author(s): William Dunbar
Title(s): ‘Ane ballat of Our Lady’
Subjects: Virgin Mary, hymns to; hymns, to Virgin Mary
Versification: — twelve-line — ababababcbab
Macaronic: Latin

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Edinburgh, National Library of Scotland 16500 [formerly Acc. 4233; Asloan MS], ff. 303-304v
First Lines:
Hale sterne superne hale In eterne
In godis sicht to schyne…
Last Lines:
…ffra fall mortall originall
Ws raunsomid on þe rude
Note: Nineteenth-century transcript by Chalmers in Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Library La.III.450/1 [olim Laing 450], ff. 54-55v.
Attributed Author: Quod Dunbar (f. 304v)
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