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Hector of Troy through hard fightings
‘Ane Ballet of the Nine Nobles’, translating Longuyon’s Voeux du Paon — an extract of ten 6-line stanzas (aabbcc) from Fordun’s Chronicle
Note: Compare Laing (1831), 402-6; and 6821; first English printing 1722, ed. Thomas Hearne (ESTCT96011); lists copy in printing of Scotichronicon by Law in 1521.
Author(s): Lonuyon; John de Fordun
Title(s): Voeux du Paon
Subjects: Worthies, Nine; chronicles, verse in; translations
Versification: — six-line — aabbcc

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Edinburgh, Scottish Record Office GD 5/26/48 (on deposit from Brechin Castle, Earl of Dalhousie), f. 420va-c
First Lines:
[H]ectour of troye trow harde fechyngis
In half thirde ȝeris slew xix kyngis…
Last Lines:
…Ande sum thyme wes set so harde
At had nocht sex til hym towart [ ]
Ȝe gud men þat thir balletis redis
Deme quhay dowchtiast wes [in dedis]
Note: Part of page torn away at gutter, with loss of text at end of line.
2.Source: Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Library 186, f. 343ra-b
First Lines:
Hectour of troy throu hard feichthyngis
In half thrid ȝeris slew xix kyngis…
Last Lines:
…At sum tyme wes set so hard
At hat nocht say till hym toward
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