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DIMEV 1953
IMEV 1193
NIMEV 1193
Here beginneth the sooth to say / A noble book with out nay
The Pricke of Conscience with ten prefatory lines prefixed to the usual beginning
Note: For the other MSS see 5398 and 5399; for an abridged and altered text see 788.
Title(s): Pricke of Conscience
Subjects: treatises, devotional; instruction, religious
Versification: — two-line — aa
Bibliographic Ghosts: London, British Library Arundel 57: Begins at line 802 according to Lewis (1981).

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Douce 156 (SC 21730), ff. 1-172
First Lines:
HEre bigynneþ þe soþ to say
A noble book wiþ out nay …
Last Lines:
…þe fire þere is of siche poustee
þat hit may neuer slakis be
Attributed Title: At the begining: ‘Ihesus assit principo sancta Maria meo’. Ends imperfectly because of the loss of folios.
2.Source: Oxford, Trinity College 16B, ff. 3-114
3.Source: Manchester, John Rylands Library Eng. 50 [MS 45388; olim Quaritch Sale Cat. 328, Item 584], p. 1
H[ ]eth þe [ ]
A nobil book wiþoute [ ]
The w[ ] is cald of [ ]
To [ ]nful þt her e [ ]
Note: First page badly damaged from damp.
Attributed Title: Stimulus Concientie (added top, f. 1, partly cropped); The Prologe (rubric)
4.Source: Holkham Hall, Earl of Leicester MS 668, ff. 1-ultv
First Lines:
Here bygynneþ [ ]
All bel book [ ]
Þe whiche is cald of confessioun…
Last Lines:
…To þe whiche place he us alle brynge
Þat for oure [ ] on roode con [ ]
Note: Unnumbered folios; dirt obscures some text on folio 1 and again on folio ultv.
Attributed Title: Stimulus conscientie (added by post-medieval hand, f. 1); Explicit tractatus qui dicitur Stimulus consciencie Deo gracias (ultv)
5.Source: New Haven, Yale University, Beinecke Library Osborn a13 [formerly Osborn 31; olim Phillipps 8343]
Note: Begins at line 38 (see Lewis (1981)).
6.Source: Oxford, Trinity College 16A
Note: With 22 prefatory lines instead of the usual 10 (see Lewis (1981)).
7.Source: Oxford, Trinity College 16B
Note: See Lewis (1981).