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Honoured be Thou Holy Ghost on high
Thomas Hoccleve, Song of Angels and All Saints at Pentecost, in the English translation of the Pèlerinage de l’âme — three stanzas rhyme royal
Author(s): Thomas Hoccleve
Title(s): Pèlerinage de l’âme; Song of Angels and All Saints at Pentecost
Subjects: songs; pilgrims/pilgrimage; Whitsunday
Versification: — seven-line — ababbcc

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Bodley 770 (SC 2552), f. 96vb
First Lines:
Honored be þou holy goost on hy
þat vn to puple of so poore astate…
Last Lines:
…fful myȝtily þi lawez to defende
Honoured be þou lord with outen ende
Attributed Title: Song for þe fest of wit sonday (f. 96v)
2.Source: Oxford, Corpus Christi College 237, ff. 132-132v
First Lines:
Honowered be þowe holygooste an hyghe
þat vn to pepull of soo poore asstatte…
Last Lines:
…ffull myghtely þi lawes to defende
honowred be þu lorde with owtyn ende
Note: First two stanzas (on f. 132) written as prose
3.Source: Oxford, University College 181, f. 147
4.Source: Cambridge UK, Gonville & Caius College 124/61, pp. 246-247
First Lines:
honowred be þu holy goost only
þat vn to peple of so pore astate…
Last Lines:
…ful myȝtily þis lawes to defende
honowred be þow lord wiþ owten ende
Attributed Title: the aungeles songe & alle oþer seyntes in þe feste of þe holy Pentecost (f. 246)
5.Source: London, British Library Addit. 34193, f. 95
First Lines:
Honourede be þou holy goste on hye
þat vnto pepull of so poore astate…
Last Lines:
…ffull myghtely þi lawes to defende honorede be
þou ihesu withouten ende
Note: Written as prose.
6.Source: London, British Library Addit. 37049, f. 77
Doty, Brant Lee, ed. “An Edition of British Museum MS Additional 37049: a Religious Miscellany.” Diss. Michigan State, 1969: 424.
7.Source: London, British Library Egerton 615, ff. 102-102v
First Lines:
HOnured be thu holy gost in hie
That vn to poeple of so pore astate…
Last Lines:
…fful myghtly thi law ys to offende
Honured be thu lord with owt ende
Furnivall, Frederick James, ed. “Hoccleve’s Works: The Regement of Princes and fourteen minor poems.” EETS e.s. 72 (1897); repr. 1988: li.
8.Source: Hatfield House, Marquess of Salisbury C.P. 270, unfoliated
9.Source: New York, New York Public Library Spencer 19 [olim Petworth 2], f. 131
First Lines:
Honoured be þu holy goost in hy
That vn to peple of so pore estate…
Last Lines:
…fful myghtily thy lawes to defende
honoured be þu lord with outen ende
Attributed Title: The aungeles song and alle othere seintes in the feste of Pentecost (f. 131)
10.Source: Melbourne, State Library of Victoria *096/G94, f. 209
Note: 2 additional stanzas.

Print Witnesses:
1.Source: STC 6473. Guillaume de Deguileville, Pylgremage of the Sowle, Caxton, 1483
Cust, Katherine Isabella, ed. The booke of the pylgremage of the Sowle. London: Pickering, 1859; repr. New York: AMS, 1973: 80-1.