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DIMEV 2091
IMEV 1265
NIMEV 1265
How should I with that old man
A fragment of a love song, reconstructed as the first English carol — perhaps one 5-line stanza (aabba) (cf. Greene (1952), 506) and burden: ‘Alas hou shold y synge / Yloren is my playnge’
Note: Utley (1944), 18.
Subjects: carols; love lyrics; women, as speakers/narrators
Versification: — five-line — aabba

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Dublin, Representative Church Body Library, Dublin D11.1.2 [olim Kilkenny, St Canice’s Library; Red Book of Ossory], f. 71va
Hou shold y wiþ þat olde man
To leuen and let my lemman
Swettist of al þinge
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