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DIMEV 2130
IMEV 1280
NIMEV 1280
I am sorry for her sake
A Lover’s sad plight — three quatrains (abab) and 4-line burden: ‘Care away, away, away / Murnynge away / Y am forsake another ys take / No more murne yc may’
Note: For a similar burden cf. 371.
Subjects: carols, amorous; lover’s lament
Versification: — four-line — abab

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Lincoln College Lat. 130, f. i
yhc iam so sory for here [?sake (hole in the MS)]
y may welle ete drynke
wan i slepe i may nat wake
So miche on ir i þenke
Care awey
Ic am i brot in siche bale [torn away] siche pu[edge]
Wan ic arise up of mi bed m[torn away] ol to d[edge]
Yc ham i brut in sich a tu[hole in MS] ibrot
Wan i hane ryt[hole in MS]ud win mi lyc dryc no
Care way awey awey mor nyg awa
Note: Number 14; with burden: ‘Care awey awey awey stylle(?) murnyg awey
ic am for sake anoþir i tak [ hole ] awey mornig awey’.
2.Source: Cambridge UK, Gonville & Caius College 383/603, p. 68b
First Lines:
I am sory for her sake
þat may wel ete & drynke…
Last Lines:
…Wanne yc haue rythe god wyne
me liste drynk non ale
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