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DIMEV 2198
IMEV 1320.5
NIMEV 1320.5
I heard men upon mold make much moan
The Song of the Husbandman — six 12-line alliterative stanzas (ababababcdcd)
Title(s): Song of the Husbandman
Subjects: political poems; evils of the time; contemporary conditions; laments; taxation
Versification: — twelve-line — ababababcdcd

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: London, British Library Harley 2253, f. 64
First Lines:
Ich herde men vpo mold make muche mon
Hou he beþ itened of here tilyynge…
Last Lines:
…Þer wakeneþ in þe world wondred ant wee
Ase god is swynden anon as so forte swynke
Note: Written two lines of verse per line in the MS.
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