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DIMEV 2278
IMEV 1364.5
NIMEV 1364.5
I shall you tell without leasing
The Emblematical Scroll, attributed to George Ripley, on preparing the Philosopher’s Stone — in groups of couplets describing illustrations
Note: All these MSS are rolls. Texts vary, and sometimes incorporate sections of 4210; for others formerly listed under this item number, see 4274, 5107, 2623, 5211.
Author(s): George Ripley (attrib.)
Title(s): The Emblematical Scroll
Subjects: alchemical poems; illustrations, verses accompanying
Versification: — two-line — aa
Bibliographic Ghosts: Oxford, Bodleian Library Ashmole Rolls 40 (SC 8447): contains 2623, 4274 and 5211 only; Oxford, Bodleian Library Ashmole 8 (SC 8465A): contains 5746 only, though cited in edition Ashmole (1652), 375-9.

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Bodley Rolls 1 (SC 2974), roll
Note: 137 lines.
2.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Ashmole 52 (SC 6936), sixth item on roll
First Lines:
I shall you tell without leysiinge
who & what is my generachen…
Last Lines:
…And make him all but one
Loo here is the Phyllosyfeer Stone
Note: 16 couplets.
3.Source: Cambridge UK, Fitzwilliam Museum 276*, roll
First Lines:
I shall you telle wythout lessynge
Who and what is my generachen
Omo Ienie is my father
And maguessya is my mother…
Last Lines:
…And make him all but one
Loo here is the phyllosyfeer stone
Note: Nineteen couplets, beneath an illustration of ‘The sarpene of arabi’; ‘I shall you tell without lessinge’ follows 5211.
4.Source: London, Wellcome Historical Medical Library 693, roll
Note: Ca. A.D. 1600.
5.Source: New Haven, Yale University, Beinecke Library Mellon 41, roll
6.Source: Princeton, Princeton University Library 93, sixth item
First Lines:
I shalle yew tell with ovt lessyng
Who and what ys my generasyon…
Last Lines:
…And make them all bvt on
loo here ys the philosoffor stone
Note: 19 couplets, written in four columns, alternating red and black.
7.Source: San Marino, CA, Henry Huntington Library HM 30313 [olim Dyson Perrins, Sotheby’s Dec. 1958, lot 42; Sotheby’s Sale, 29 Nov. 1960, Lot 147; Kraus Cat. 100, item 32], fourth item on roll
First Lines:
I Shall Now tell without Leesinge
hou & what is My Generation…
Last Lines:
…And make them all thre but one
Loe here is the philosephers Stone
Note: 38 lines, fourth among four under this number.