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DIMEV 2286
IMEV 1367.5
NIMEV 1367.5
I sleep and my heart wakes / Who shall to my leman say
Three rhyming lines in Rolle’s Ego Dormio
Note: For other verse in the same text, see 3617, 3651.
Author(s): Richard Rolle
Title(s): Ego Dormio
Subjects: Christ, love of
Versification: — three-line — aab
Bibliographic Ghosts: Paris, Bibliothèque Mazarine 514: not in this MS; Cambridge UK, Magdalene College Pepys 2125: not in this copy of Ego Dormio; Oxford, Bodleian Library Eng. poet. a.1 (SC 3938) [Vernon MS]: the phrase, ‘I slepe and myn herte wakeþ’ occurs on f. 338ra in Ego Dormio, but not as part of verse; London, British Library Egerton 3245 [olim Gurney]: not in this MS

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Rawlinson A.389 (SC 11272), f. 95v
I slepe & myn herte wakeþ
muche loue he sheweþ þat neuer is wery of loue but etc
Note: Variant, written as prose.
2.Source: Cambridge UK, Cambridge University Library Dd.5.64, Part III, ff. 27v-28
I slepe and my hert wakes
wha sall tyll my leman say
for hys lufe me langes ay
Horstmann, Carl, ed. Yorkshire Writers. 2 vols. London, Sonnenschein; New York: Macmillan, 1895-96: 1.59.
Allen, Hope Emily. English Writings of Richard Rolle. Oxford: Clarendon, 1931: 70.
Kaiser, Rolf, ed. Alt- und mittelenglische Anthologie. Berlin, 1954; 3rd ed.; trans. as Medieval English: a Old English and Middle English Anthology Berlin West, 1958: 203.
3.Source: London, British Library Addit. 22283 [Simeon], f. 151rb1
I slepe and myn herte wakeþ
Ho schal to myn lemmon say
þat for his loue me longeþ ay
Note: Two-column format. Written as prose
Digital Facsimile of British Library MS Add. 22283 (‘Simeon’). 2014;
4.Source: London, British Library Addit. 37790, f. 135
I slepe & my herte wakes
wha schalle til my lefman saye
for his loue me langes aye
Note: Written as prose.
5.Source: Hereford, Hereford Cathedral Library P.1.9, f. 147v
I slepe & myn herte wakeþ
Note: First line only given, written as prose, as reference to the whole.
6.Source: London, Westminster School 3 [olim Westminster School], f. 230
I slepe and my hert wakes
who schal to my leman say
þat for his loue me longeþ ay
Note: Written as prose.
7.Source: Longleat, Marquess of Bath MS 29, f. 43v
I slepe & my hert waketh
Mich loue he sheweth þat neuer is wery to loue
Note: Written as prose.
Ogilvie-Thomson, J. S., ed. Richard Rolle: Prose and Verse. EETS 293 o.s. 293 (1988): 26.
8.Source: Paris, Bibliothèque Ste Geneviève 3390, f. 95v
I slepe & myn eiȝe wa herte wakeþ
Note: First line only, followed by prose.
9.Source: Dublin, Trinity College, Dublin 155, p. 1
I slepe & my herte wakes
Note: First line only, introduced by ‘In þe boke of loue I fynde wrytyn þes wordes’ and followed by prose.
10.Source: New Haven, Yale University, Beinecke Library, Takamiya Deposit 66 [olim Bradfer-Lawrence 10], f. 28v
I slepe & my herte waketh
Who xal to my leman say
for his loue me longith ay
Note: Written as prose.